Leadership: Helping Others to Succeed

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Creating and surrounding yourself with a team of experts will result in the ability to work more efficiently, with extra help readily available when needed.

The Fastest Way To Achieve Success Is To First Help Others Succeed

Take the time to acknowledge wins — this will keep your team happy. Being a good leader isn't just about celebrating your own successes, it's about recognizing the efforts and hard work of your team. Perhaps this is the next step for you? Creating A Collaborative Culture.

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Lisa Martin International is a boutique leadership development firm with global scope. We help organizations unlock people potential and catapult business results.

Successful leaders grow others

Helping others in a way that is not intended to be self-serving may put you in a position of greater influence, and thereby, leadership. We see this played out time after time in various domains whether politics, business, or society.

Emerging leaders are not the ones who discredit others or hold others back in order to maintain their own position. This kind of leadership can make the difference in your field.

After all, the ultimate goal of a great leader is to motivate and inspire a team for a common goal. He has had several important leadership positions in risk management services for Gallagher.

Leadership is about helping other people to succeed -

He is a conscientious and knowledgeable professional and also a great teammate. He would do his very best and always encouraged and helped our co-workers to do their best and succeed. George received undergraduate degrees in political science and economics from Illinois State and his masters in clinical psychology from DePaul University.

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I believe George is a natural leader for a lot of reasons, especially for his genuine care about his team members and also his character, his personal integrity, honesty and commitment to always do what is best, the right things. And, no surprise, George has a wonderful family, his wife, Jennifer, and a young son and daughter.