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Overview The gangs ruled Cantilucca. Guns were the only law, and there was no lack of guns. It was hard to imagine matters getting worse. Product Details About the Author. Short essays in Hammer's Slammers provide details of the political, social, economic, and technological conditions in the Hammerverse. The contents of the first five books of the main series were repackaged and republished, with some additional stories.

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  • Drake has said that this is his preferred order and edition. The Complete Hammer's Slammers : is a three volume set from Night Shade Books that contains all Hammer's Slammers fiction, including three new stories written for this set. Volume 1 was released in January , and features an introduction by Gene Wolfe.

    Hammer's Slammers

    These are works set in the Slammers universe, and involving members of the Slammers, or former members, but not directly featuring the Slammers as an organization. While the setting and themes of the novel are similar to those of the Hammerverse, Drake has confirmed that this novel is not part of the series. A Hammer's Slammers board wargame was produced under license by Mayfair Games.

    Two sets of miniatures rules have been produced by Pireme Publishing. A role playing supplement using the Traveller rules by Mongoose Publishing became available in June In the Hammer universe, a powergun is a weapon which projects high energy copper plasma toward its target.

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    This plasma is created by inducing an electrical field in a precisely aligned group of copper atoms; the atoms' alignment causes a resonance which greatly amplifies the field energy and ionizes the atoms. The resulting plasma is directed by a firing chamber and barrel made of refractory metal, such as iridium ; the chamber and barrel are cooled between shots by injected gas typically nitrogen.

    The copper atoms are stored as individual charges, with the atoms held in the correct alignment by a plastic matrix which is mostly consumed by the firing. All the parts of a powergun require extremely precise machining and advanced materials, which makes powerguns very expensive; only the most successful mercenary units or technologically advanced planets can afford large numbers of powerguns.

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    Powerguns are easily identified by the extremely bright cyan color of their plasma bolts; the electrical field also generates a broadband radio frequency discharge which can be picked up by the appropriate equipment. A powergun's recoil is far lower than a projectile weapon of equivalent size or firepower, as the copper atoms have low rest mass ; the primary limit for powergun rate of fire is its ability to dissipate heat. Many smaller rapid fire powerguns use a multibarrel configuration, either a rotary gatling or a multi chamber mitrailleuse the latter called a "calliope" in Slammers military slang.

    Powerguns are line of sight weapons.

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    • As a general rule, if you can see it, you can hit it. The upper limit of their range is not known. However, the plasma projected has one failing: the energy in the plasma will expend itself on the first object it hits, whether that is a leaf or an enemy soldier. Precision in aiming is key when using a powergun. The operating characteristics and tactical employment of powerguns were chosen by the author, David Drake, to be roughly equivalent to the firearms he was familiar with; specifically, the M14 rifle , the MA1 Thompson submachine gun , the MA1.


      This allowed him to easily translate his experiences in Vietnam to a science fiction context. The specifics of the powergun are inspired by Drake's interest in Fortean phenomena; the mechanism by which powerguns produce destructive plasma is similar to the working of a Tesla coil , and the destructive power of copper plasma is said in the Slammers universe to have resulted in the deaths of thousands in the eruption of Mount Pelee.

      In reality, this was the result of a pyroclastic surge.