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Creatives in particular, he says, struggle with authority.

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For Maeda, learning to be a creative leader has been a process of experimentation within these two roles, leading to a balance that enables him to be tough and also to be nurturing, depending on what the moment and the audience demands. What Maeda is saying is that most of us are much more complex than we give ourselves credit for. That we tend to restrict ourselves unnecessarily — and sometimes harmfully — to one very narrow end of our personal range.

They need to take the reins of power and learn to be decisive when decisiveness is called for. Overly traditional, authoritarian leaders, on the other hand — especially those tasked with spurring innovation or managing creatives — could benefit from spending more time out of the executive chair, listening to those they lead. Whatever your starting place, the result is likely to be the same: a more complete you, and the true, balanced leadership your organization needs.

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