The Day the Preacher Was Silenced

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Who are the apostles to obey — God or man? They chose to obey God, knowing it would bring harsh punishment upon them. This Life: I love that! Their message concerned Life — the very life of God given us through Jesus Christ. Indeed, the Christian life is a passing from spiritual death to spiritual life through the powerful operation of the Holy Spirit. Not only were they to speak to the people about receiving the Life of Jesus, they were also to speak about living a new kind of life, in obedience to Jesus in the power of the Spirit.

They were preaching and teaching at daybreak! It has been said that the greatest nation on earth is Procrasti-nation. We are disobedient when the Lord has commanded us to do something, and we promise to get around to it some day. When our children were little we tried to teach them First Time Obedience. When we told them to do something, we expected them to do it the first time we told them, and to do it immediately. That is what God expects. Is there something the Lord has told you to do that you are putting off? Maybe it is humbling yourself before someone you have sinned against, witnessing to a neighbor or co-worker, or starting each day with Jesus.

Start obeying today! The men whom you put in prison are standing in the temple and teaching the people.

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Here these great religious leaders all gather. The high priest gives the order to have the prisoners brought before them. The officers return sheepishly, and report that the prison doors were locked and the guards standing at the doors, but there was no one inside! These apostles, without sound systems, church buildings, telephones, computers, TVs, radios, or internet, had filled Jerusalem with the teaching of Jesus.

May God help us to do the same in our city! Notice ; ; Peter is about to do it again! However, this should not have bothered them. If we obey this mission, we should expect opposition from the world. It will come. When we start proclaiming the truth, we will face opposition.

We will be called narrow-minded, intolerant, and bigots. When that happens, what will we do? Will we turn tail and run, or will we continue to faithfully proclaim the truth? No wonder they reacted in rage!

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Peter was insinuating that the religious leaders were not obeying God, while the apostles were. They were also insisting that they possessed the Holy Spirit, while the religious leaders did not! And from this exalted sovereign position, Jesus now gives repentance and forgiveness of sins. He upholds the universe by the word of His power. All authority in heaven and earth has been given to Him.

He is building His church. Application for us at The Bridge :. Jesus not only Accomplishes Salvation, He Applies it too! In His crucifixion, He was a Suffering Savior. In His resurrection and ascension He is a Sovereign Savior. In His death, He accomplished Redemption. In His resurrection, He applies it. How so? By pouring out the Holy Spirit who regenerates all His elect. But His heavenly work continues. He is still interceding that the worth of His righteous life and substitutionary death will be applied to those the Father has given Him.

One of the greatest doctrinal errors in our day is the teaching that Jesus can be your Savior without being your Lord. If you take Jesus, you have to take all of Him. When you receive Him, you not only receive the Savior part of Him, you also get the Lord part of Him.

This needs to be made clear to those we preach the gospel to. True faith includes repentance. Faith is a turning to God. A faith without repentance is not saving faith! I never knew you. It is a gift of grace that comes from Jesus, Himself. He is under no obligation to give repentance to any, and does not give it to everyone. For Job, God's silence was also a result of the depth of their relationship. In trust, God chose Job. God's silence isn't a license for us to turn our backs on Him.

Instead, it's an invitation to press forward and seek Him even more diligently. The psalmists modeled crying out to God. Job also continually cries out to God, asking Him to answer. For pages of the Book of Job, God is silent. But in chapter 38, God answers — and questions Job. God is in control and has been all along. He heard Job's cries for help. In trust, He waited for the perfect time to speak.

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