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First, you will learn how to use all four fingers on the right hand in an up and down movement. You will learn how to place your fingers after they plucked a string. With a lot of examples and exercises, you will be able to explore all your harp with your four fingers, making sure to play steady. Second, you'll discover an easy harmony line that follows the rhythm of the dance with some original ideas on the left hand. Before proceeding to the next step, take time to work out the first steps and play with regularity on the right hand and with agility on the left hand.

Harp | Anna Sikorzak-Olek | Polish Harp Music

Want to to further? We suggest you continue to learn more about Celtic harp with the following lessons:.

Gwenllian Llyr plays Scriabin: Prelude from Op. 9 for the left hand

Celtic Harp beginners Log in. In he settled in Paris, taking French citizenship in His work, which has been awarded many times in Polish and foreign composition competitions, is extremely rich and diverse. Alongside grand vocal-instrumental works, concertos and chamber pieces, his catalogue contains music for radio, theatre, film and television.

Piotr Moss has won numerous composition competitions and his works have been performed in many concert halls around the world. Fortunately for us, in addition to the harp duet competition, they also have a premiere competition there. So, I wrote a song for the left hand so that Emilka could go with us to Cieszyn. A piece like that for the left hand is useful in any case. All the more so because I enriched it with a percussion part that can be played by another child or a parent, or by the harpist herself if she attaches bells to her legs.

Harp Practice Techniques

Charlie Chaplin played the violin left handed and,when he could afford it had left handed violins made,previously he had played a normal instrument with the strings reversed. It seems that at least on here there are a lot of left handed percussionists, I totally avoid playing on anyone elses instruments as I have mine set up left handed and in exactly the right places for me, also it makes a difference how mine are set up as I am short, my right foot has no hope of being able to keep up the constant beat on the bass so my own set up is essential.

Some one has said on this forum being left handed will either make you excell or fail miserably, I failed miserably on the piano and my hand writing is really the worst, the piano failure was due to not being able to get my right hand to work correctly, but my hand writing failure is totally due to the school teachers I had who would not let me even hold my pen for a moment in my left hand, so because my grip in my right hand was poor the pencil or pen went everywhere by the time they finally gave up it was to late for me to learn to write with my left hand either I was so far behind it was impossible.

Thank God for the typewriter and now the computer! And excell yes in anything to do with being creative, art ,design, sewing I learnt to think outside the square very early for even sewing machines are right handed. Logn live the lefty percussionists. Long live left handed female percussionists!!! I never had any trouble learning any instrument either way. I was first taught guitar by my right-handed father He made sure I was comfortable with it first though. The same was with playing an actual guitar…I dont know many left handed people who can play right handed besides me, so it was nice to see there are others….

I also cant use left handed scissors! I tried, all it does is bend the paper lol it wont cut…So I just use right handed….. Over the years i thought about swopping to a left handed, but like you the time put in as a right hander would be wasted. The advantage on guitar though, especially electric is the dominant hand is on the fingerboard, especially for solo lines. Keyboard players can do basslines very easily. Now, with all the info. Hi, I love music and had no problems learning the recorders nor the clarinet.

However when I came to learn the piano I was fine except for the over-loud bass, but when a piece got difficult and I had to really concentrate, then without any conscious thought, my left hand would play the treble clef and my right hand the bass clef — woops. I really struggled doing drum rolls on the timpani- until I started the roll with my left and hand not my right. For some reason I could not cope with playing the harp at all. Singing is non-handed but I do not seem to be able to pitch accurately and realiably. Any other lefties have problems with singing in tune reliably? I have really enjoyed learning that there are a lot more left-handers that are drummers in the world.

I learned to play right-handed with the traditional grip used for sticks but now I try to used a matched grip whenever possible. I was very lucky growing us as eventhough my mother wanted to change me into a righty, God Bless my first grade teacher Mrs. Caldwell who flatly told her NO! Also, as mentioned, time constraints also are sometimes prohibitive.

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Now, 52, I am so used to being left-handed in a righty world, a lot of times it would now be more diffifult to do certain tasks as a true left-hander. But, if I had a child who was a lefty, I would encourage them to be a lefty to the max. In my area in Eastern KY, a school system outlawed peanut butter because one student… yes one student out of hundreds was allergic to peanut butter.

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