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Story from Mind. Patti Murin. For me, at least. It starts as a tiny seed in the very bottom of my intestines. The seed grows, little by little, until it reaches my stomach. It feels like a balloon expanding inside of me, until it has inflated my entire torso into a massive hollow cage that feels as heavy as lead.

From the second I feel the seed, I start to prepare. I know what my next 12 hours are going to feel like. I know what my next three days will feel like. I alert my husband.

I look at what is expected of me over the next day, and act accordingly. I cancel. I put on pajamas. I make sure I have one of my dogs nearby to snuggle with. I close my eyes. I wait. This is an anxiety attack. This is debilitating. This is mortifying. This is my reality. I play Princess Anna in the Broadway musical Frozen.

I love my job. I love walking into the stage door, and I love saying hello to everyone as I make my way to the dressing room. I love the people I work with and the company I work for. Going to the theatre was out of the question. I texted my stage manager. Are you by yourself?


Is your husband home? Can we do anything for you? My husband sat quietly next to me and let me feel. He let me heave and sob. Never have I howled and keened like I did that day, unless you count the anxiety attack I had about nine months ago.

‘Frozen: The Musical’ Star Patti Murin Explains What It’s Like to Have a 12-Hour Panic Attack

Or the one before that. Or any of the other ones before that. I watched the clock tick. I stared vacantly at the TV, the familiar drone of the House Hunters voiceover providing a marginally calming presence. Eventually, we turned on Captain America: The Winter Soldier and whichever Marvel movie came after it, and watched in silence. It provided enough of a distraction to get myself through the next several hours. Sometimes I can choke down a few french fries or a piece of toast, but the mechanism in my throat in charge of swallowing is paralyzed, and my stomach is too full of nervous electricity to allow any food in.

Deadline: At the risk of making you even more anxious, this is Tony time. Is that entering into your thinking at all?

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I may have to do something. But I have no idea. Life may not change one bit. What kind of responsibility do you feel you to children with this iconic character? If they have to be subjected to me, I would like to do something good with that, going back to the whole anti-depressants, mental health situation. So yes it means a lot to me when people say I love Anna so much and you do such a great job as Anna, but it also means so much when people say, I love how open you are with your struggles and with your life, showing that princesses and Disney characters and people who are lucky enough to star in a Broadway show are still human.

I like being a human. I like being a human to the people that come in and see the show, and interact on social media and Twitter and Instagram. How does that security change your life? Murin: First and foremost is that you can decorate your dressing room as much as you want. You can actually just get comfortable in your life and career for a minute.

Panic Attack Patti

I have never had two years of my life planned since I graduated from college. And performance wise, it takes a little bit of the pressure off when your show is sold out for almost a year before reviews even come out. I usually read every word of reviews, but this one I just kind of skimmed. I have a job I love. Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy. All Rights reserved.

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