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    The most popular story needs to meet quality requirements determined by the Sweek team. You can only win one flash fiction popularity prize as a writer! If winners do not respond within a timeframe of two weeks, then the prize will be given to the second place. Spending time with Noah makes Colbie see that he seems to be a great guy and just her type but Colbie shies away from making it more since she had just come out of a bad relationship. However, a chance meeting a week later makes Noah determined to prove to Colbie their relationship could work.

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    One Perfect Night is a part of the Sullivans series by Bella Andre but it seems to be find When skiing with her friends Colbie Michaels ends up running straight into Noah Bryant at the top of the mountain. One Perfect Night is a part of the Sullivans series by Bella Andre but it seems to be find as a standalone. I believe the books feature different couples and this is Colbie and Noah's story. It was basically a very short, fast paced read with a couple having an instant attraction. A bit of cute flirting then straight into the steamier moments and then the story ends. Not a bad read but not much depth with it being short.

    Now I want one night. I was perfect for what I was looking for a good before-I-go-to-bed-read-that-I-can-finish-in-one-night-novella. View all 9 comments. Jul 10, Lais rated it did not like it. Am I the only one that is really bothered with the fact that they were practically saying 'i love you' in 2 days? I think the story had great potential, but was ruined for being so short.

    Don't get me wrong, my problem was not with the whole 'love a first sight' thing. I just don't think the characters were well developed.

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    Their first day together, the day they should have had this great connection, was barely described. I needed so much more details to understand why they felt that way View 2 comments. Dec 03, Kj rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , feel-good-fluffiness-light-reads , short-stories-novellas-and-mini-ser. Short and sweet read Colbie Michaels found her trusted boyfriend in bed with his co-worker just a little over a month ago.

    When they meet again Noah gets Colbie to agree Short and sweet read Colbie Michaels found her trusted boyfriend in bed with his co-worker just a little over a month ago. View all 3 comments. Way too short of a story but I really enjoyed it. Loved the Sullivan series and hopefully this book means the beginning of more books to come about the extended Sullivan family.

    Plus, the cover looks promising. Usually they head to the beach, but this time the snow won. Colbie doesn't really know how to ski, but it all works out because sexy Noah more than willing to show her the ropes. Their connection is undeniable and sparks are flying. The problem is that Colbie is mending 3. The problem is that Colbie is mending a wounded heart and doesn't feel quite ready to jump in the sack with Noah. They go their separate ways after their fun filled day together, but neither one of them can stop thinking about the other.

    Now, their both home and chatting to their friends about "the one that got away". Coincidentally, Noah's friend happens to be Rafe Sullivan. Noah asks Rafe to find his mysterious Colbie. And across town, Mia and Colbie are thinking Rafe will be the perfect person to help her find Noah. So, Rafe and Mia put the pieces together and The characters: I really liked Colbie and Noah together at the ski resort. They were flirty and having a great time together.

    Noah was really sweet with Colbie. I was a bit disappointed that she didn't head off with him that day, but I did understand her reasons. She was bit gun shy after being hurt by her ex. And really, it all worked out in the end. Once they meet back up there was no holding back! Noah took control of the situation and he wasn't ever going to let Colbie out of his sights again.

    I appreciated that. It was sexy. And the big steamy scene was very satisfying. Bella Andre can definitely bring the heat to a sex scene without being overly descriptive. It worked for me! What didn't work for me: It's funny because the thing I liked the most about Noah, the fact that he took charge of the situation, is what didn't work for me. That said, this is a novella so things did need to move rather quickly, but I felt like Noah and Colbie were immediately in love and it was set in stone that they would be together forever.

    I'm a romantic, so I'll buy it, but it was definitely a case of insta-love. Overall: I did enjoy this novella. Noah and Colbie were a great couple and I suspect I'll see them again when I finally get around to reading Rafe's book. Which is sitting pretty on my Kindle right now. If you're a fan of The Sullivan's Series, I'd say go ahead and pick this one up. These two are a part of the Sullivan's lives, so it gives a little insight to their lives outside the family a bit.

    I liked it. He moved closer again and took one of her trembling hands in his.

    One Perfect Night

    View 1 comment. Slick's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews 4. Noah and Colbie meet when he rescues her after she face plants in the snow while attempting to ski. They send the day together where he helps her with her skiing and they get to know a little about each other. I enjoyed watching these two meet and then later on realizing they should have exchanged contact information. The fact that they both hired Rafe Sullivan to find the other and that Mia helped him to plan a meeting between the two made the story even more special.

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    This was a last minute impulse read in order to fill a group reading challenge. I got this for free, thank goodness. The writing was okay but the story was lackluster and didn't really do anything for me. I'm not a fan of "instalove" or "love at first sight" thing. I understand in this case since it's more of a short story than a book, but still, not a fan of instant eye romance, or in this case "intalust".

    Just a meh read. I do believe they had lust at first sight though. Colbie Michaels and her girlfriends go on an all girl's trip in California. She and Mia Sullivan go up the hill together. Colbie is scared of heights but she's forcing herself to do something that scares her because she just ended a two year relationship with someone she thought she loved. Not wanting Mia to to stay behind because of her she tells her to go down the fast hill.

    In the slower hill, Colbie ends up falling trying to help a little girl whom she thought needed her help. As much as she Colbie Michaels and her girlfriends go on an all girl's trip in California. As much as she tries to get up, she can't, until strong hands help her up. Noah Bryant loves the fact that a beautiful woman tried to help a little girl.

    Being a ski instructor in his younger years, he offers Colbie and evening of learning how to ski. They spend the evening together and before it is over, Noah knows he wants to spend more time with her but is surprised when she says no and leaves him on top of the slope. A week after they met, both back in their perspective lives, they both can't stop thinking about each other.

    Chase's best friend, Rafe Sullivan, is a private investigator. He asks his help in finding the woman who has stolen his thoughts and maybe something more. Mia knows Colbie can't stop thinking about the mysterious Noah she met on the slopes, so she gets her to call Rafe, her older brother, to help her find him again.

    Rafe mets Mia in her office and they plan to get both Noah and Colbie together. Chase is amazed that Rafe has found Colbie so soon. He had the perfect day with her, so he wants to show her the perfect night, hopefully of many together they can share.

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    Will Colbie let her past dictate her future of give Noah a chance? At first I was confused about who Mia was and how she and Rafe fit into the Sullivan family, since the book said she was the youngest girl of four, with Rafe being one of her older brothers. I had just started reading the Sullivan series, so I contacted Bella Andre and she was so gracious to send me the Sullivan Family tree, which I've copied and pasted here.

    Everything makes more sense now. Other than that, the book was great, maybe a bit to short for me, because with Bella Andre's writing I always want more! They have kids, too, who will all need their own Happily Ever Afters! Aug 18, Pheonix Fanfiction rated it really liked it Shelves: a17a-the-sullivans-bella-andre , 0-books-read-in Some of my fav. Quotes and some of my thoughts while reading this book; 0. I read that this couple appear in Rafe Sullivans book so I'm going to read this book first : " How can writing flash fiction help us become better writers? In this lesson, students will consider the nature of stories and learn to write more concisely by reading and writing flash fiction.

    Going Short. Warm-Up Before students enter, project or write the following famous short short story, attributed to Ernest Hemingway :. When students enter, ask them to copy the story and consider whether or not they think it is a story. Once students have had time to record their ideas, come together as a class to discuss the following:. Flash communicates via caesuras and crevices. Questions For discussion and reading comprehension:. Activity Here are two activities for working with flash fiction before students are invited to compose their own pieces.

    Close Reading Flash Fiction: Choose several works of flash fiction to read and discuss. Below, we have provided four, but you can choose from many others via these links. In the summer of , novelist Curtis Sittenfeld wrote a flash fiction series for the Times Magazine. In , when Jenny Ficker and I were in sixth grade, our goals were to have a double wedding at which we married the McMasterson twins, to trick my sister into drinking a glass of pee and to sneak in the middle of the night to Boland Square and put a bra on the Grecian-woman statue on top of the fountain.

    Weirdly enough, I did marry Andy McMasterson, but I lost touch with Jenny years ago; whenever I drive by the Boland Square statue, the bronze bosom still hangs there for everyone to see. Tyler, the girl part was about Shantell.