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A loving family portrait and a treat for foodies. Here is a memoir—and a menu—that perfectly pays tribute to a patron saint of American gastronomy.

Through his generous storytelling, Peter Gethers provides all the satisfaction and enrichment of a delicious meal. A love letter to moms, a love letter to recipes, to menus, to dishes; a love letter to restaurants and other families; a love letter to the comfort and optimism that making food brings with it.

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Puck himself, and her full circle move back to Manhattan. Every recipe is a love letter, mother to son, and now, luckily and generously, shared with all of us. His was a Jewish kitchen, mine an Italian kitchen. The flavors might have been different but the sentiments and connections through food were the same. A great read! She was funny, stern, serious, organized, loving and, most of all, a passionate cook.

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I was saddened by her passing; thankfully Peter Gethers brings back the Judy we all loved. That's where I met Judy Gethers, whom I soon came to think of as my second mother. Like my mother, Judy always looked after me—as a kind, gentle, and generous friend; as co-author on my first four cookbooks; and as director of my Ma Cuisine cooking school. She was its heart and soul.

My Mother's Kitchen, Chicago

Instead Gethers posits — with unflinching and refreshing realism - that food and humor are the only antidotes to aging and illness. Gethers inherits this gift for language, for laughing, and for eating from his mother Judy, less a matriarch than a force of nature, and the beating heart of the book.

Homes, author of May We Be Forgiven "A treasure for feminists, foodies, people who care about family ties and values, and for smart people who love to read. My Mother's Kitchen is sophisticated and delicious, filled with fine sentiment, yet without a hint of schmaltz. Peter Gethers is an author, screenwriter, playwright, book editor, and film and television producer. Whenever we were bad, our punishment was being sent to bed with dinner. We'd get out of our church finery and 'unlax,' as we used to say, and my mother would put her Parker rolls in the oven and that kitchen would smell better than any bakery you've ever been in.

When I finished she'd give me a taste of whatever she was making--Sicilian dishes like stewed squid or seared tuna. That's how she kept an eye on me. Sometimes she'd have to report that formula X had been found unfit for human consumption.

My grandmother, though, was a great cook who made wonderful doughnuts and some of the best broiled chicken I ever ate. I ate everything my mom ate, except mine was pureed, and it was stuff like quail with grapes. All my friends at school know that my mother always makes me great sandwiches with lettuce from her garden and delicious bread and they try to trade their whole lunch for one bite.

The original meal has never been found. Her cooking is the standard by which I measure all food.

My Mother's Kitchen: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and the Meaning of Life

It is a southern dish called Ambrosia, and I can still see her sitting at the kitchen table with bags full of oranges and coconuts and sugar working away to make sure every slice of orange was cut just right. I have yet to meet a man who will admit that his mother was a kitchen assassin and nearly poisoned him. My Mother's Kitchen. FB ellipsis More.