Lügen haben rote Haare (German Edition)

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New 2, Used Not Specified Please provide a valid price range. Today no one has laid a finger on a single Jew. When not one of the many responsible [italicized passages are very muted and hard to understand] agitators of Social Democracy [italicized passages are very muted and hard to understand] has been held responsible, both international Jews and international [italicized passages are very muted and hard to understand] Social Democrats use their international ties and connections in treasonous ways in order to have lies and horror propaganda against Germany spread abroad in a manner that defies description and is an unprecedented slap in the face of truth.

These circles should know, however, that the meekness of a national government may have its limits and that the actions of both international Jewry and international Social Democracy may be turned into a terrifying weapon by those involved in Germany and will be used to retaliate against the authors of these actions operating in foreign countries. It will retaliate if these organizations do not employ all means of reporting the truth about the situation in Germany and if they do not use their influence in order to put an end to this untrue, lost [ unclear articulation perhaps: dishonest], and dangerous horror propaganda being spread abroad.

In our opinion, this will act as an effective defense; that this measure, like all measures by the NSDAP , will be carried out in peace and with orderliness, without violence, without laying a finger on anyone is the natural imperative of National Socialist, unfailingly practiced discipline. Exemplary [?

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If the will existed, it would have long been possible for the German Jews, apart from [ Here is striking evidence that a well-known Jew from Germany stoops to spreading outrageous lies abroad. In his major speech before parliament , Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler has declared that he wants to live in peace and unity with the other countries of the world.