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Dollimore, Jonathan. Dunkel, Wilbur. Foucault, Michel. Griffiths-Osborne, Claire. Goodrich, Peter. Halper, Louise. Hayne, Victoria.

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Honnefelder, Ludger. Hurtubise, Pierre. James, Henry. Kafka, Franz. Levin, Richard A.


Liddell, Henry Scott and Robert Scott. Luhmann, Niklas. Rechtssoziologie , Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag, Maitland, Frederic William. Fisher, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, , vol 1. Michaud-Quantin, Pierre. Monod, Jean-Philippe. Pocock, J. Schouler, Bernard. Lemonnier-Texxier et G. Scott, Margaret.

Measure for Measure

Walter Seitter, Menschenfassungen. Smith, Jonathan Z. London: School of Oriental and African Studies, Tambling, Jeremy. Thomas, Yan. But, in spite of its quantitative retreat, coaction retains its older rights even today. No one will argue that the expectability of expectations can be maintained without entailing the discouragement of any cases of transgression or of any form of undesired behaviour.

It is retained by standard interpretations of the doctor subtilis. See for instance Honnefelder. It is difficult to overlook the isomorphism between ens inquantum ens and measure for measure.

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It would be a mistake, however, to look for a textual link instead of common ways of problem-posing and problem-solving. See Birks. See for instance Oedipus Lex. See Schouler, He has been a teacher of European legal and religious history at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes. Birkbeck College A. Sillages critiques. Plan Introduction. On Law as a key to Measure for Measure. Measure for Measure , a forum for casuistry and conscience.

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The quest for the legal subject on the stage of the Problem play. See for instance Oedipus Lex The ambig In philosophical terms, the tension here is one that goes bac Bibliographie Agamben, Giorgio. Haut de page. Some critics consider it a particularly "dark" comedy for its bitterness and cynicism. The play certainly raises important moral issues in its detailed descriptions of Christianity. The structure is based around secret identities and a lot of manipulation.


First, the Duke disguises himself as a friar, and many problems are resolved when he discloses his identity. Second, the Duke advises other characters to carry out two other secret plans involving mistaken identity: Mariana takes Isabella's place, and the head of a dead pirate is sent in place of Claudio's. The plot is therefore complexly woven, and the resolution of the play comes with the unraveling of the layers of intrigue created by the Duke.

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The Duke, then, functions as a kind of master of ceremonies in the play. Although he has placed another man in his position during his absence, he is still manipulating all the occurrences in town. He is unfailingly wise in a way that most Shakespearean characters are not. He is a good, kind, devoted leader, but his one fault lies in his inability to maintain order. For this he calls in Angelo, and through this he pardons him.

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Measure for Measure can also be called a problem play, because it brings up a difficulty and then seeks to solve it. However, the difficulty lies in misunderstandings and hidden identities, not in the real moral questions of the play. Find out more about our production of Measure for Measure and how it was created, with our series of events. Book Tickets. As well as this, there are lots of themes you can use as routes into the text: Wealth and Corruption Religion and faith Forgiveness and Mercy There are so many different ways of exploring the text but you may find the following particularly useful in introducing the text: Measure for Measure Teacher Pack Discover now.

In This Section. About the play Shakespeare wrote this play in the early s, yet it remains astonishingly resonant today. Read More. Watch the trailer. Watch the video. Find out more. Find out about our previous productions of Measure for Measure Read More. Buy now.