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Parting her lids cautiously, Camile let the soft glow of her computer monitor guide her to salvation.


Her head still propped in her hand, she breathed deeply and basked in the presence of sweet consciousness. Constantly haunted by the recurring nightmare, sleep was often difficult to come by.

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In fact, it had recently become her newest enemy. The fatigue stemming from her accumulating restless nights was taking its toll. Surprisingly, Akalina made no appearances in any of the nightmares Camile experienced during the few times she managed to sleep. Since the reintegration, Akalina only existed in the memories and distant echoes that resonated in her subconscious mind. She hated the fact she and Akalina were now the same person. Akalina possessed a darkness that swallowed civility wherever she went. Camile had been subjected to this period of near-total isolation for her protection and that of the citizens residing in her new environment.

They called it the Transcendent World, a concurrent dimension to the world in which she had spent the last eighteen of her twenty-four years. Based on the information Camile reviewed on her computer, Arvaina—which overlapped a large portion of the United States in the Coexistent World — was one of six continents in the Transcendent dimension. From what Camile had read of Arvaina, family life and camaraderie were highly valued.

There were few formal holidays since every day in itself was a celebration of life. The Arvainans expressed their gratitude, not necessarily in the form of extravagant parties, but simple acts of appreciation. There were, however, occasional gatherings to celebrate marital unions, life milestones and to honor the dead. She often wondered about the ceremony of the latter and if she would have received such an honor upon her death.

Then she remembered she had already died under rather ominous circumstances.

Beyond the Veil Mediums

The icy grip of the dark memory sometimes ensnared her attention, but she was always able to hang onto a positive remnant of reality. For instance, she was to soon travel with her parents to the main section of Caldaq, the compound where she would reside during her training.

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At present, she dwelled just a few miles away in a hidden branch of the facility, located beneath a large lake. Though she found silent comfort in her current quarters, she felt an ironic nostalgia for the busy city she could never quite fit into. Yet, she had found some sort of stability in the chaotic disorder that once swirled around her. Prior to recent events, she had become fairly accustomed to the hectic monotony of her former New York residence.

Even so, Camile knew that every civilization had its deep dark secrets and learned that Arvaina was no exception. The Arvainan council had ordered her execution just six years after she was born from a forbidden union between Kylie, her Coexistent mother and Zephyr, her Transcendent father—who she knew very little about during her upbringing. Now, in an almost sardonic turn of events, the council needed her help. Sitting upright in her chair, Camile stretched deeper into her awareness.

She knew that the torturous reverie awaited her return, but she planned to evade it by forsaking slumber for the umpteenth time in weeks. Still, she needed to do something to soothe her racing mind and ease the thumping bass, furiously pulsing in her chest. She decided a quick bath would do the trick. They offer workshops, classes, group readings and demonstrate on stage at larger events.

Debra and Diana come together to offer this unique and wonderful union! Each Medium is unique in how they receive, interpret and experience Spirit's messages and these two come together to often validate the same energy. Experience eternal love as those on the Other Side bring through details of their lives, memories, and what they have seen since passing. With warmth and humour, Diana and Debra will guide and support you through your own unique Psychic, Intuitive and Mediumship abilities through various meditations and excercises in their workshops and ongoing classes.

Find out where they are doing an event near you! Sign up to hear from us about events and specials. For questions or requests for customized readings, groups, media requests and public speaking engagements please send us message. Victoria, BC.

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Any demonstration of mediumship including private readings are a form of experiment and no claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. During a demonstration you are not guaranteed a personal message. The medium does not tell fortunes but attempts to give evidence of survival, which may include relevant information surrounding the person at the current time. It is understood that all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Readings should not be used as a substitute for any professional, legal, financial, medical or psychiatric advice or guidance. Over 18's only.

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