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Indeed, many African economics editors have identified finding journalists trained in economics, business and financial writing as their most formidable challenge. Recent initiatives by the World Bank Institute, Reuters, Standard Bank Group, and the Financial Times of London that offer short introductory courses in economics reporting are welcomed, but a long-term training strategy is critical for substantive progress to be made.

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Since assuming this position in , I have initiated a network of about economics editors in 35 African countries. The network meets annually to brainstorm on ways to improve economics and business coverage as a first step in long-term strategy to institutionalize economics journalism on the continent. The network already has a major online resource, African Economics Journalism Online. This Web site endeavors to be a one-stop shop for journalists who are working on an African economics or business assignment.

AEJ Online also showcases the published works of African economics journalists to the rest of the world. Professional economics journalism associations have also been formed in many African countries.

Business Students: Have You Considered a Career in Business Journalism?

From Niger, Mali, Ghana and Nigeria to Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and Namibia, economics writers associations are helping journalists improve coverage as well as develop general work guidelines that could later be translated into an ethics code. Developing an ethics code is critical, especially when one considers the bountiful coverage of major corporate entities and public personalities and the poor coverage of important economic issues such as poverty, unemployment and the epidemic of HIV and AIDS.

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The appearance of these national and continent-wide initiatives is in response to a growing interest in economics issues in African newsrooms. Also, it is well recognized that Africa is becoming better integrated, thanks to new communication technologies, commerce and education. And critically important is the appreciation of the role media play in engendering democratic and transparent governance. These are all daunting issues, likely to make more difficult and complicated the job of reporting on economics and business by African journalists. Slowly, they are getting there, one story at a time.

June 15, Nieman Reports Summer It seems that you're in Germany.

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We have a dedicated site for Germany. Business Journalism: How to Report on Business and Economics is a basic guide for journalists working in countries moving to open-market economies, students in journalism courses, journalists changing direction from general news reporting to business and economic reporting, and bloggers. It also explains the differences in technique required for general reporters to deliver business news for text, TV, or radio.

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Veteran journalist Keith Hayes, who has worked for such organizations as Reuters, PBS, the BBC, CBC, and CNBC, provides a quick reference to journalistic practice that covers everything from how to meet a deadline to getting answers from company or government officials who would rather not talk. It also provides background on specific knowledge that journalists should have to report on the business and the economy accurately and with insight.

That includes understanding the major markets and how they work, learning to read a balance sheet, and getting the story even when a company or government sets up roadblocks. As Hayes demonstrates, effective journalists are story tellers who need to tell the story well while making certain they are providing the facts as they find them and understand them. Among other things, readers will also learn:. This book covers comprehensively the basics of business and economic reporting.

It will also help you hone your craft as you begin to write more sophisticated stories and take jobs of increasing responsibility.

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They agree that new communication technologies, such as blogs and podcasts, have opened doors for careers in business reporting. From The Wall Street Journal to blogs and podcasts, there are thousands of career positions in business journalism across Southern California and around the world. If you like to write or speak and are interested in business, a career in business journalism may be for you. The ups and downs of the stock market, the latest corporate mergers, monetary and fiscal policy, and pocketbook issues are closely followed by millions of business professionals, policymakers, students, researchers and the working public.

Providing them with the latest perspective and commentary are business journalists, including writers, reporters, producers and photographers. Business journalism is a broad term that encompasses world-renowned economics publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review and Bloomberg Weekly ; trade journals; mass-market magazines such as Entrepreneur or Money; business blogs; and podcasts on economics or market trends.