Auswirkungen der RFID-Technologie auf das Marketing (German Edition)

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If the cold chain is interrupted, the product is damaged and rendered unusable.

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In order to establish valid documentation, a temperature transponder can be transported in the same container as the items themselves. The new SensorTag was created on the basis of the established NeoTAG transponders and combines the RFID tag and sensor functionalities in a compact form — a diameter of 26 millimetres and a thickness of 3. Because of the Neosid's developmental capacities, the tag size can be adapted to customer demand. After the first talks, development of the SensorTag took approximately one year.

Because of the different requirements of its customers, Neosid offers a passive and an active version of the SensorTag. While the passive sensor registers the current temperature and can transmit it via HF RFID communication, the active sensor can save temperature curves. Alternatively, gradients of other physical properties of their combinations can be measured. Benefit from these findings.

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Kompetenzaufbau in der Industrie 4.0

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Expanded sensor functionality turns RFID transponders into multi-functional devices

For exhibitors. All pages at a glance. For Journalists. OutDays for consumers. Event Schedule. Directions, Accommodation, Visas. For Trade Visitors. Bar-Am, D. Sumner and J. Grapevines of Innovation. Buergelt, D. Hedtrich, Prof. Loy und Prof. Lecture Notes in Informatics, Vol.

Neosid introduces RFID interface sensors

Seidel-Lass, Linda, Fels, T. Clasen, M. Gampl, B. Tometten, H. Polak, Paul : Out of Poverty. What works when traditional approaches fail. Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture 48 1 Supply chains and social network analysis. Pages in: Fritz, M. System dynamics and innovation in food networks Dezember , Itzehoe. Tietje, K. Vortrag bei der Statistischen Woche vom Brunke, H.

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In: Kieler Nachrichten, Sachs, Jeffery : The End of Poverty. Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture, 47 1. Noell, C.

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Agricultural Economics 37 — Choices, 22 1 : In: Koschke, R. Jahrestagung der GI, September , Bremen, S. Informatik Informatik trifft Logistik.

Neosid introduces RFID interface sensors

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RFID in the Apparel Retail Industry: A Case Study from Galeria Kaufhof

The Potential of Telecommunications. ISBN 0 6. Ness, C. Auswertung von Fokusgruppen. Electronic Markets, Vol. Henning, C. Aktualisierungs-Lieferung, Juni Gil Jahrestagung in Potsdam, S. Fleischwirtschaft, 86 11 , S. BauernZeitung, 47 37 : Pages in: Schmitz, T. E-commerce in agribusiness. Gerth, H.