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When digital revolution in photography came to me I returned to my former interests and taking photographs through the microscope became the passion of my life. The photomicrography is very special kind of photography. It allows to explore areas unavailable to most of people. By my photographs I want to discover these hidden worlds to the others.

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I try to take my micrographs not only as the documents. I love taking them to show my feelings.


I very often consider photomicrography as the art and its subjects as the models. I try to show the entire beauty of the micro universe. In my photomicrography I use various techniques of illumination, from the most popular bright field, through dark field, oblique, Rheinberg, polarization, "epi" to combined techniques.

Thanks to these special techniques of illumination my micrographs distinguish extremely rich colours.

Abstract Micro Optics

I use of a high quality equipment. The microscope is Olympus BH My micrographs were published in many publishers in Poland and abroad. Thanks to my cooperation with some photo agencies Science Photo Library, Science Source, Diomedia, Bioshots my works find the receivers all over the world. I am an author about publications on photography mostly photomicrography , nature and popular microscopy. I wan twice 6 th place in Nikon contest and and 16 th place In in recognition of my achievements in photomicrography, I was included by the organizers of the Nikon Small World competition into the Masters of Microscopy.

My micrographs are presenting not only in various publications but also at individuals and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. This creates an interference effect that selects vivid spectral colours from the white light.

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The microscopic pits that encode digital audio on a CD are also comparable in size to the wavelength of visible light. This makes it another source of abstract spectral colour. All you need besides your camera, is a tripod and almost any small white light source. I mounted the camera on a tripod and moved the light by hand to achieve a good burst of colour.

Applied Optics

A fairly common technique is to photograph either oil or water on a sheet of glass. This time, the background provides the colours.

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Usually, the background comprises a collection of colourful objects lit by either flash or some continuous light source. Instead of lighting the background, make the background the light source itself. Most people have a tablet computer, either an iPad or an Android pad, that they can use to display photos. Simply select a colourful photo on the tablet, lie it face-up on a flat surface and set up a glass plate a few inches above it. Then drop some water or oil drops onto the surface of the glass and take some macro photos of the drops.

You can easily move your background photo around on the pad to achieve the background colours you want. Instead of applying water directly to the surface of the glass, try placing a glass dish on it and adding a mixture of water and oil, Make sure the oil forms isolated drops on the water surface.

Each drop forms a tiny lens that distorts the background image to make abstract images. Most macro flower photography involves taking fairly standard images of the details of the petals and stamens of living flowers — often including an attendant insect or two. Lighting can be a challenge. The camera often blocks some natural light as the macro lens gets really close to the subject. To compound the problem, the high magnification and shallow depth-of-field often require you use fast shutter speeds and a small aperture.

This often forces photographers to use specialised flash equipment such as the twin-head macro system below. Dedicated macro flash guns are not cheap.

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One simple way to make abstract macro photos of flowers without expensive equipment, is to use a relatively inexpensive LED light pad. For this image below, I sandwiched some petals between a glass plate and the illuminating LED panel. This is a very simple type of macro photo. Everything is sharp and in-focus. Once you have this setup in place, try photographing thin slices of fruit or vegetables — oranges, kiwi fruit, cucumber etc. The average kitchen has a variety of gadgets and utensils you can use for abstract patterns with their interesting shapes and shiny surfaces.


Try using the tablet computer trick to provide some coloured reflections as in this cheese grater. These are just some ideas to get you started. We have a great one on creating cool glitch art photos too! Your email address will not be published.

You only need a screen and a few plastic objects to create unique colourful shots. How to adjust the polarizing filter for bolder colors and a dramatic result. Share with friends Share. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This 17 minute training video help you to understand…. Playing with Polarized Light You only need a screen and a few plastic objects to create unique colourful shots.