XIII - Tome 20 - Le jour du Mayflower (French Edition)

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Amos decides to leave XIII in prison to have his amnesia treated. Carrington helps XIII break out of prison. Volume four begins with Amos finding that Carrington invented the Tanner identity, and suspects him to be part of the conspiracy to kill the President.

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Pursuing his check of files, Amos finds Steve Rowland was murdered shortly after the assassination. Assuming now that Rowland was the real assassin, Amos is confused about XIII's real role but exposes Judge Allenby, the head of the investigation, as one of the conspirators. Amos interrogates Allenby, who is killed by Mongoose's assassin; Amos himself is rescued by Kim Rowland. Kim Rowland takes Amos to intelligence chief Carl Heideger and General Carrington who reveal that after faking his death in the helicopter crash, Steve Rowland contacted his wife Kim and forced her to be a member of the conspiracy.

Kim, not sharing the conspiracy's ideology and herself a former secret agent, secretly alerted her former boss Heideger, who was nevertheless unable to prevent the assassination of President Sheridan. Steve Rowland was shot by the Mongoose, but he escaped badly wounded and died shortly after telling Kim what happened. Heideger and Carrington then came up with a plan to make the conspiracy of the XX believe that Steve Rowland had survived to attract the Mongoose's killers in the hope to arrest them and follow their trail to the conspirators.

They had a man named Jason Fly turned into Steve Rowland's double, but soon after he disappeared he was shot and lost his memory, the point where the story begins. Kim Rowland is also revealed to be Carrington's daughter. Meanwhile Carrington and Heideger have been arrested by the conspirators, as they prepare to take over the country during a large-scale military exercise.

XIII and the women meet with Colonel Amos, who brings them into contact with Walter Sheridan, brother of the assassinated President William Sheridan and himself candidate for presidency. Sheridan helps XIII infiltrate the military center of operations, and together with President Galbrain they manage to stop the conspiracy at the last moment. The entire conspiracy, with the exception of the illustrious Number I, has been killed or captured.

Walter Sheridan is elected President.

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Kim Rowland remains missing for unknown reasons. At the end of the story arc XIII believes he has found his old identity as Jason Fly, and is prepared to continue his life normally, even if his memories have not yet returned. In the following volumes XIII takes up the investigation about his past. The story ends and with a good idea that he has finally found his true identity as Jason MacLane.

The Mongoose escapes from custody. He discovers that one of the boats close to the spot where he was found amnesic is Walter Sheridan's yacht. Meanwhile, Jones investigates further, and discovers that Kim Rowland had a love affair with Sheridan and had a child with him. After transmitting this information to XIII, they become convinced that Wally Sheridan was, in fact, Number I, and used the conspiracy of the XX to have his brother killed and later had the conspiracy exposed so he himself could become President.

After trying to release Kim Rowland from an island where they believe she is sequestered, XIII and Jones, along with Kim, are caught by the Mongoose who sinks Sheridan's yacht with an explosive.

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In the following volumes the action takes place in and around Costa Verde, a small fictional nation in Central America where XIII is led to believe he once led a revolution under the identity of "El Cascador", although El Cascador is supposedly dead. During the 10th episode, after freeing her from a prison from which she was awaiting execution, she confirms him to be her husband. The Giordino's are revealed as a mafia family. Volume thirteen, The XIII Mystery: The Investigation , is a special issue, where two journalists retrace the first twelve issues, clarifying and expanding the storyline.

He also survives an assassination by Irina Svetlanova, who has taken over the Mongoose's operation. After many setbacks the treasure is found, and then lost again. Meanwhile Giordino is finally removed from duty by the new President, who has received evidence from XIII and Mullway revealing Giordino as not only connected to the Mafia, but also as the true killer of Walter Sheridan. Volumes eighteen and nineteen are the last albums written by Van Hamme.

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This story is the prequel to the initial story arc, and finally solves all mysteries surrounding XIII's identity. Having learned his identity, XIII's memories still have not returned. Seeking medical treatment to uncover them in volume twenty, Mayflower Day , a secret organization schemes to keep XIII from unblocking his memory because of yet another secret in his past. Yves Sente : We found 71 results.

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