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Sri Lanka president vows to eliminate jihadist threat

Subscribe Magazine Newsletter. Login Sign up Search. Subscribe Login Sign up. Foreign Policy. A woman reacts at a makeshift memorial outside the Tree of Life synagogue following Saturday's shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October Hacker and Paul Pierson. Ilham Ahmed, the executive chair of the political wing of the SDF, has been touring Washington, Paris and London to press the case for an international force.

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Some Gulf states have said privately they are willing to help provide financial and practical support to such a force, including one effectively led by the Kurds themselves, so long as it is part of a wider UN political process that leads to a long term settlement. These Gulf states say the Kurds deserve a place in a more federated future Syria, something Assad would resist.

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The Gulf States are slowly moving towards recognition of Assad — such as the United Arab Emirates, which has has set up an embassy again in Damascus. Topics Islamic State.

'British' Islamic State jihadi threatens more 'bloodshed' before beheading James Foley

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President Freezes $1 Billion in Funding for Pakistan: A Jihadist Anti-Christian Hotbed

In December they seized Baga, a town by Lake Chad, including a military base. The jihadists were only dislodged from it two weeks later. In January the jihadists twice raided Rann, near the Cameroonian border, killing at least 60 civilians. Many soldiers abandoned their posts.

Trump: EU must take back 800 Isis fighters captured in Syria

The UN says 60, people have fled their homes in the past three months. Shoddy equipment has left garrisons in small towns vulnerable to attack. After Boko Haram killed at least 44 soldiers in the town of Metele, survivors produced a video decrying the state of the Soviet-era tanks they had been given to defend the base.

The former president, Goodluck Jonathan, allocated billions of dollars for buying weapons. But much of that money was stolen.

He denies it. Under Mr Buhari the government has again showered cash upon the armed forces, some from unusual sources. But it has provided little oversight of how the money is spent and many suspect that the theft has continued. It is said to have been behind most of the recent raids. ISWAP has focused on military targets and proved adept at picking out vulnerable ones to attack.

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