The Century of Musical Comedy and Revue

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Also the musical numbers were simple jolly tunes with no pretentions to light opera. Altogether they were so transient they have escaped serious study. Nor for that matter have the two forms of theatre previously been considered in tandem.

Then revue and musical comedy have unsuspected similarity in construction, the chorus and the topical wit which played an essential part in the comedy. These two theatrical genres in parallel held sway on the West End stage for all the last century. This book covers that century in full and interesting detail. He has a book "Scene with Sensation", the story of stage effects, due from this imprint shortly.

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Stage Effect Sensations. Ski Joy. Book Details. There was always a misunderstanding during act one and an engagement at the end. Edwardes expanded his empire to other theatres and presented slightly more complex comedy hits beginning with An Artist's Model The Geisha and San Toy each ran for more than two years and found great international success, capitalizing on the British craze for all things oriental.

The chief glories of Edwardian musical comedies lie in their musical scores. At their best, these combined the delicacy and sophistication of operetta with the robust tunefulness of the music hall.

The Century of Musical Comedy and Revue – book

Scores were constantly refreshed with "additional" or "specialty" numbers and re-arranged, often by several different composers and lyricists, to keep audiences coming back. Taylor and Oscar Asche. Generally, the book, lyrics and music were each written by different people, which was a first for the musical stage, although now this is the usual way of doing things.

Adrian Ross wrote the lyrics for well over 50 Edwardian musicals. One critic wrote of Joseph Coyne that, like other stars of musical comedy, "It is no good their pretending to be any one else. We go to see themselves, and all we ask is that the authors and others shall give them every chance of being themselves in the most pronounced and personal fashion".

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The Arcadians is generally regarded as the masterpiece of the genre. The story, about the havoc wreaked when truth-telling Arcadians arrive in corrupt London, neatly parallels the position of Edwardian musical comedies in theatrical history, with operetta -singing Arcadians, representing the past, meeting with music hall -singing Londoners, representing the future. This is an example of a common feature of shows of this period: sophistication with a common touch. The story concerns couples who honeymoon in China and inadvertently break the kissing laws shades of The Mikado.

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Audiences wanted light and uplifting entertainment during the war, and these shows delivered it. George M. Cohan 's sentimental Little Nellie Kelly was considered a late example of Edwardian musical comedy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A circa Edison Records recording by Frank C.

Tell me pretty maiden. Operetta: A Theatrical History , pp.