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Gumball : Let's try a worm. Reclaiming the internet [Gumball takes another file when he is interrupted by Anais, looking in through the window] Anais : Guys! What are you doing?! Robinson's mouth with cookies. Darwin holds a bowl of worms] Gumball : Hacking Mr. Robinson, like you said. Anais : I meant hack his computer, not his face. What exactly have you been doing this whole time?

The firewall turned out to be the barbecue bursting into flames. Gumball and Darwin were walking through a corridor with their eyes closed, breaking a flower pot on the way] Darwin : The antivirus! Margaret Robinson : Meh. Robinson is seen as well, revealing the laser-shooting eyes were only a cleaning product she sprayed on a window.

Quicklet on House Season 5

Finally, the flashback stops] Gumball : Yeah, well you shoulda been more specific. Anais : Lemme in. Robinsons' laptop and turns it on. It chimes] Anais : That's weird, he never changed his password. Wait a minute, the wi-fi isn't down. He's using all of it up with all these stupid toolbars! Robinson groans slightly] Gumball : Well, fix it then. Robinson starts to grumble, almost beginning to wake up] Anais : I need more time! Gumball : I got this. All I have to do is hack into the mainframe, adjust the power options, and put it to sleep. The alarm stops] Anais : Oh, that was less stupid than I thought it was gonna be.

Robinson's voice is heard offscreen as she walks in their direction. Gumball, Darwin, and Anais gasp. Thanks to Anais deleting all of the toolbars, the wi-fi comes back on and they are able to leave through the window without being seen] Margaret Robinson : Meh-meh-meh. Robinson notices nothing.


She cleans Mr. Robinson, as he is still sleeping] The Internet is back [Screen fades to nighttime. Gumball : We can get back to refusing invites from obscure relatives to play lame games on Elmore Plus! Darwin : Reposting someone's original content and pretending it's ours!

Anais : And correcting people's grammar in their Elmore Stream comments! Suddenly, all the lights in the house turn off] Richard : Anybody got a quarter for the electric meter?! Categories :. End spoilers. Episode 1 The DVD. Episode 2 The Responsible. Episode 3 The Third. Episode 4 The Debt. Episode 5 The End. Episode 6 The Dress. Episode 7 The Quest. Episode 8 The Spoon. Episode 9 The Pressure. Episode 10 The Painting. Episode 11 The Laziest. Episode 12 The Ghost. Episode 13 The Mystery. Episode 14 The Prank. Episode 15 The Gi.

Episode 16 The Kiss.

Episode 17 The Party. Episode 18 The Refund. Episode 19 The Robot. Episode 20 The Picnic. Episode 21 The Goons. Episode 22 The Secret. Episode 23 The Sock. Episode 24 The Genius. Episode 25 The Poltergeist. Episode 26 The Mustache. Episode 27 The Date.

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Episode 28 The Club. Episode 29 The Wand. Episode 30 The Ape. Episode 31 The Car. Episode 32 The Curse. Episode 33 The Microwave. Episode 34 The Meddler. Episode 35 The Helmet. Episode 36 The Fight. Episode 1 The Remote. Episode 2 The Colossus. Episode 3 The Knights. Episode 4 The Fridge. Episode 5 The Flower.

Episode 6 The Banana. Episode 7 The Phone. Episode 8 The Job. Episode 9 Halloween. Episode 10 The Treasure. Episode 11 The Apology. Episode 12 The Words. Episode 13 The Skull. Episode 14 The Bet. Episode 15 Christmas. Episode 16 The Watch. Episode 17 The Bumpkin. Episode 18 The Flakers. Episode 19 The Authority.


Episode 20 The Virus. Episode 21 The Pony. Episode 22 The Hero. Episode 23 The Dream. Episode 24 The Sidekick. Episode 25 The Photo. Episode 26 The Tag. Episode 27 The Storm. Episode 28 The Lesson. Episode 29 The Game. Episode 30 The Limit. Episode 31 The Voice.

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Episode 32 The Promise. Episode 33 The Castle. Episode 34 The Boombox. Episode 35 The Tape. Episode 36 The Sweaters. Episode 37 The Internet. Episode 38 The Plan. Episode 39 The World. Episode 40 The Finale. Episode 1 The Kids. Episode 2 The Fan. Episode 3 The Coach. Episode 4 The Joy. Episode 5 The Puppy. Episode 6 The Recipe. Episode 7 The Name.

Episode 8 The Extras. Episode 9 The Gripes. Episode 10 The Vacation. Episode 11 The Fraud. Episode 12 The Void. Episode 13 The Boss. Episode 14 The Move. Episode 15 The Law. Episode 16 The Allergy. Episode 17 The Mothers. Episode 18 The Password. Episode 19 The Procrastinators. Episode 20 The Shell. Episode 21 The Burden. Episode 22 The Bros. Episode 23 The Mirror.

Episode 24 The Man. Episode 25 The Pizza. Episode 26 The Lie. Episode 27 The Butterfly. Episode 28 The Question. Episode 29 The Saint. Episode 30 The Friend. Episode 31 The Oracle. Episode 32 The Safety. Episode 33 The Society. Episode 34 The Spoiler. Episode 35 The Countdown. Episode 36 The Nobody. Episode 37 The Downer. Episode 38 The Egg. Episode 39 The Triangle. Episode 40 The Money. Episode 1 The Return. Episode 2 The Nemesis.

Episode 3 The Crew. Episode 4 The Others. Episode 5 The Signature. Episode 6 The Check. Episode 7 The Pest.

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Episode 8 The Sale. Episode 9 The Gift. Episode 10 The Parking. Episode 11 The Routine. Episode 12 The Upgrade. Episode 13 The Comic. Episode 14 The Romantic. Episode 15 The Uploads. Episode 16 The Apprentice. Episode 17 The Hug. Episode 18 The Wicked. Episode 19 The Traitor. Episode 20 The Origins. Episode 21 The Origins: Part Two. Episode 22 The Girlfriend. Episode 23 The Advice. Episode 24 The Signal. Episode 25 The Parasite. Episode 26 The Love. Episode 27 The Awkwardness. Episode 28 The Nest. Episode 29 The Points. Episode 30 The Bus.

Episode 31 The Night. Episode 32 The Misunderstandings. Episode 33 The Roots. Episode 34 The Blame. Episode 35 The Slap. Episode 36 The Detective. Episode 37 The Fury. Episode 38 The Compilation. Episode 39 The Scam. Episode 40 The Disaster. Episode 1 The Rerun. Episode 2 The Stories. Episode 3 The Guy. Episode 4 The Boredom. Episode 5 The Vision. Episode 6 The Choices. Episode 7 The Code.

Episode 8 The Test.

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Episode 9 The Slide. Episode 10 The Loophole. Episode 11 The Fuss. Episode 12 The Copycats. Episode 13 The Potato. Episode 14 The Outside. Episode 15 The Vase. Episode 16 The Matchmaker. Episode 17 The Box. Episode 18 The Console. Episode 19 The Ollie. Episode 20 The Catfish. Episode 21 The Cycle. Episode 22 The Stars. Episode 23 The Grades. Episode 24 The Diet. Episode 25 The Ex. Episode 26 The Sorcerer.

Episode 27 The Menu. Episode 28 The Uncle. Episode 29 The Weirdo. Episode 30 The Heist. Episode 31 The Singing. Episode 32 The Best. Episode 33 The Worst. Episode 34 The Deal. Episode 35 The Petals. Episode 36 The Nuisance. Episode 37 The Line. Episode 38 The List. Episode 39 The News. Episode 40 The Puppets. Episode 1 The Rival. Episode 2 The Lady. Episode 3 The Sucker. Episode 4 The Vegging. Episode 5 The One.

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Episode 6 The Father. Episode 7 The Cringe. Episode 8 The Cage. Episode 9 The Neighbor. Episode 10 The Anybody. Porticello Malta Sicilian Restaurant. Capo Crudo Mediterranean Restaurant. Fat Louie's Restaurant. Crust Bakery - Bar - Bistro Bar. Bert Galea Personal Blog. Nine Lives Beach Resort. Pages Liked by This Page. Stronghold Construction. Zanzi Homes. Haithem Laamouz - Boxer. Moon Zebra. Cafe Jubilee. QLZH Foundation. Mindful Warriors. Information about Page Insights Data. Recommendations and Reviews. Well done Matthias from Quicklets in less than a week you managed to find the best tenants for my ma Thanks for your professional service and for always answering my questions.

You truly are the best! See More. June 1. We found our apartment in Qawra thanks to Alessandro Lucic! He has done a wonderful job. Very helpf I recommend! May Misrepresented an advertised rental and took my deposit based on that. When I discovered the discrep