Needs of the Werewolf (Gay Paranormal)

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No alpha is ever going to want an omega like him. When Beau sees Roland's profile, he knows at once what's making the omega sick, and he's determined to help. If he can persuade Roland to marry him, he can save Roland's life while Roland helps him get through his residency. But will their hasty partnership be enough to bring them both through what's ahead--and can temporary necessity lead to a forever love?

Available at Amazon. Both men were without packs and both of them had suffered in the past leaving behind family and pack.


Beau is now being considered for a residency program fulfilling his desire to be a doctor and treat humans. He is accepted to the Rochester Clinic a world renowned clinic specializing in difficult cases but he has to meet certain criteria to be accepted. First he has to befriend a pack and most importantly he has to be married. A pack and marriage would show stable bonds. Roland has lived a very sad life being constantly mistreated by the alphas he believed would keep him safe.

After years of abuse he finally got up the strength to leave and go to the Omega Refuge for help. I'll warn you right now, there may be spoilers, so don't read this if that bothers you. Here's my list. His Adrien English Mysteries series is sexy and interesting. Langley's With or Without series. With Caution and With Abandon are particular favorites.

The writing isn't quote where Lanyon's is, but it is still at the top of my list. This is paranormal romance. The main characters are all werewolves. The first book, Without Reservation is cute and the character Keaton Reynolds is spunky. With Caution , however, deals with issues of domestic abuse and homophobia in a way that gets pretty serious.

These books are great, though I don't go back to them as often because the romance involves a lot of unrequited love that takes too long to get to the juicy stuff. I've had enough unrequited love in my life and it gives me anxiety. But the characters are interesting, the second book is particularly good.

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Again, it plays on the stereotype of the strong - and blond - love interest with the protagonist being more of a little-brother type. This is a spinoff of another series that was made into a TV series in Canada but works as a standalone series and has at least one subsequent short story set a few years after the series that gives you the romance I was waiting for. My two favorites of hers are Change of Heart and Timing. The first book is, again, paranormal romance about panther shapeshifters.

The second is not paranormal but still romance, and gets plenty steamy. The love interest Rand Holloway is a sexy cowboy and makes me hot. Her Mercedes Thompson Series has a secondary character, another gay cowboy named Warren, who is gay together with a divorce lawyer Kyle. There's no steamy stuff here, but she has a short story focused on Warren and Kyle in the anthology Down These Strange Streets. This short story isn't romance, per se, but has some tender moments and deals with relationship issues.

And zombies and witches. And, of course, Warren is a werewolf. There isn't much romance in this, but it is a treasure. These paranormal romances are what I've just finished listening to on audiobook and have surprisingly strong writing, interesting characters, and steamy love scenes, all while having good story arcs and a few plot twists that kept me interested. Or maybe I was too hot for Zev to pay attention to much else. Their union is threatened, however, as the two must make a run from their past to have a future of bliss together. The two will have to love, support, and protect each other as they learn the strength of their love and their ability to defy obstacles together.

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My favorite part of this book is the connection between the two characters. Both Briar and Rohan can carry their own, and together they make an unstoppable force. This page-turner oozes with romance, heat, and plenty of action. When omega Felix ran away from his hometown five years ago, he never expected to return. It was never part of his plan. Kade, a poor programmer who was never rich enough for Felix, was left heartbroken 5 years ago when Felix fled.

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There are some flames, however, that can never be extinguished. Will the lovers finally have a happy ending? The best part of this book is how scorching hot it is!


Their pining for each other mirrors my pining for them to get together and live happily ever after. Dallas never believed in werewolves like Roman until an event in Central Park that changed everything. Dallas is an omega.

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Will their love be strong enough to allow Roman to become alpha in time? Can they overcome their challenges while Dallas navigates his new life in his ever-changing physical form? Settle down with this book to come along for a journey packed with action, adventure, passion, and pages of erotic sex to keep you hooked and thirsting for more. Seeing our protagonists experience not just happiness and romance but more complicated, more difficult emotions makes them even realer.

I felt so connected to both Roman and Dallas, and I rooted for them throughout their story. A story with such emotionally dynamic characters leads to intense gratification when they are together. This book is more than satisfying both sexually and as a riveting story. Kitchi is an alpha fox shifter who exemplifies what being an alpha is all about. Coming from a broken family and being at a phase in his life where everyone around him seems to be mating and starting happy families of their own, Kitchi is down in the dumps. He follows a beta to a brothel, hoping for a quick fix to help him out of his slump.


Little does he know, this will lead him to his mate, a connection he once thought was impossible. Toby is an omega with family issues of his own. His interactions with partners are merely transactions. Kitchi plans to take Toby from the brothel and prove to him that his love is irrevocable. The two will begin their story together, a story of love, healing, and trust. I love how hot this book is. I fell for the characters instantly.

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Toby is so sweet and lovable, and Kitchi is sexy and dominant. When you bring these two together in bed, the sexiest type of chaos ensues.

This book contains BDSM, which is not only hotter than fire itself but totally the right choice for this story of an alpha trying to win over and tame his omega. Carter is an omega obstetrician who works at Silver Oak Medical Center. He is a career man, dedicated to his patients and his practice. He did have a partner for a while, but that relationship is over, at least romantically.