Les Morsures du passé (Spécial Suspence) (French Edition)

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Most Read Most Cited No results returned. Also, the glory hole from "Serial Mom" is a reference to the peephole from "Psycho". The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Whoever got killed in the shower? Mystery Science Theater Bloodlust! Bates wants her hair back. The man tells Snow White she'll need a room with a private shower. Bates : "Norman? Are you there?

Starkey's chili. Bates, Can Norman come out to play? Who are you, Norman Bates? He also cleans the blood from the ship as he commits several murders. Bates that is looking out of a window of an old house. He told his mom he was tired of dressing up as Norman and this was his way to express his liberation.

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Little known fact: Did you know that Hitchcock surprised Janet Leigh with freezing cold water in order to get her to scream so effectively? Is that you, Norman? Ruby Wax Meets We see her opening her hotel room door to OJ who 'slashes' at her with a banana while imitating the shower scene violin screeches. Just Shoot Me! Emma sees a connection between the murder and the movie. One of them, a woman, says "we Bates where always motel people". Monster by Moonlight! Later we meet Judy, a young woman who stole a lot of money from a bank and regrets it.

But she never leaves the hotel, that is host to evil, alive. Laurie attacks him with slapping after being surprised at his presence. Kelso reacts like Janet Leigh's character.

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Spilled red shampoo looks like the blood circling the drain in the shower scene. Do You Wanna Know a Secret? Teachers: Episode 1. Monsters, Inc. Monk: Mr. The showercurtain is also torn down, like in Psycho. Monarch of the Glen: Episode 4. Cartoon Monsoon: Oh, Shoot! Oh God, Mother! Langlois shows an authentic prop skull he received from Hitchcock himself. The skull was used in the filming of Psycho.

The Buried Secret of M. Jill calls out to her, only to find out that the woman is not quite alive.

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Hotel Babylon: Episode 1. Also, photograph is shown. Stupid Teenagers Must Die! Anton Chigurh murders a hotel guest through a shower curtain.

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The framing of Carson Wells climbing the hotel staircase echoes the shot of Detective Milton Arbogast climbing the stairs of the Bates home just before he is murdered. Eva Braune also mentions Kaltenbrunner saw the movie. Screenwipe: Episode 4. Spine Tingler! Bates says, "Norman! Teeger's body is posed like Mrs. Also the music playing when Monk discovers the body is evocative of the Psycho theme.

Fila ton vatraho sou: Episode 1. Neues aus der Anstalt: Episode 2. The Bachelorette: Episode 4. Hrysa koritsia: Episode 2.

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NCIS: Murder 2. Schlag den Raab: Folge 15 - 2. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode 7. Muchachada nui: Episode 3. Isn't that where Norman Bates kept his mother? Psych: Mr. Bates's wig. Castle: Tick, Tick, Tick Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode 8. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode 9.