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We really enjoyed our Australia vacation, especially our visits to Sydney, Melbourne, and Port Douglas.

Why you'll love this trip

Everything went smoothly - no problems with travel arrangements, and the accommodations were comfortable and spacious. Thanks to About Australia for helping us plan the trip of a lifetime! About Australia made it easy to plan our trip to Australia and included everything we needed, ensuring we did not miss any of the most popular attractions. We absolutely loved our trip and are already talking about going back. Booking through About Australia made the trip very easy. It was nice not to worry about finding accommodations and flights and they provided good recommendations for each location.

I would use the service again. I did feel that we spent too much time in some places and not enough in others, but that likely kept flight costs down. My only concerns were that two of the accommodations didn't have complimentary wifi which was a bit of a nuisance since we were visiting from out of the country and didn't have local plans.

Additionally, one of the rooms they had requested two separate beds but this was not a formal booking so we were given one and had to pay to upgrade to two. I asked for a trip to Australia focused on Australian animals and I enjoyed it immensely. I petted koalas at the Australia Zoo and at several wildlife refuges, and photographed them out in the wild.

I fed and petted kangaroos and wallabies at the Australia Zoo and at several wildlife refuges, and photographed them out in the wild. While snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, I photographed multicolored reef fish, corals and sea turtles. On Kangaroo Island, in addition to koalas, kangaroos and emus, I photographed Aussie sea lions and furred seals. At the Raptor Domain, two laughing kookaburras perched on my outstretched arm. On the Phillips Island ranger-led walk to the Penguin Parade, I enjoyed a front row seat to watching hundreds of little penguins came ashore for the evening.

And I toured Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, ending my visit at sunset watching the sound and light show on the roof of the Sydney Opera House.

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All of About Australia's arrangements from flights to transfers to hotels to tours worked well, with the only issues arising from a few late arrivals of transfer vehicles between hotels and airports. About Australia did a fantastic job planning our trip. We enjoyed the flexibility of designing it based on our preferences. I highly recommend this service!

Men at Work - Land Down Under (with Lyrics)

It was an awesome vacation except for the 24 hours of traveling LOL. I would definitely recommend to everyone. Just wanted to share we had an amazing trip through New Zealand and Australia, thank you for coordinating the trip. The voucher process worked perfectly and we liked the location of the accommodations. Wish you did Asia, I would love to use your services again. The entire experience was amazing! From booking in the short time we had, to the surprise of such a great value and then when we were there, we could not believe how wonderful everything was Absolutely flawless, best value and would highly recommend Marissa and About Australia again!

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! I was referred by a friend to About Australia to help put together my "bucket list" trip to Australia and New Zealand. Overall, it was a great success. I saw and did all the things I really wanted to do. Hotels were very good overall, but Thala Beach Resort and Freycinet Lodge were spectacular -- both ensured we had excellent cabins with superb views. And Diver's Den deserves additional kudos for accommodating us so we could dive rather than just snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.

The trip was not without minor glitches, though we worked through them. For example, we had difficulty finalizing our arrangements with About Australia since they were simultaneously working with a big client. Also, although we had a rental car in Tasmania, we had to find parking on the street since About Australia neglected to reserve us parking at our hotel in Hobart. Fabulous trip to Australia and New Zealand. We asked for photography opportunities-- landscape and wildlife and that's just what we got at a reasonable price.

Ana was with us every step of the way to include during the trip, when a hotel owner thought we had unintentionally left things in a room.

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Amazing service-- friendly, efficient and spot on. Thank you to Ana and to the owner, Paul, too, for their minding reading abilities. Everything was well planned out and taken care of before we flew to Sydney. Plans went smoothly. We had a few changes to make during the planning and Koda was very helpful. We had a great first time trip to Australia. Darin and About Australia were great to work with. The sites we visited were fantastic.

The hotels were excellent. The day trips and operators were first tier. Everything about the trip went smooth and was above expectations. Well Done! I reviewed properties with the travel agency which had some issues, and these comments are said to be considered for future clients. I'm awaiting resolution of an airline baggage charge with which the agency is assisting. I'll try to post photos after I'm back from catchup mode; having been away a month.

Thank you Ana, for your great service! We had a wonderful time, except for a glitch at the Melbourne airport enroute to Cairns. After spending a couple great days in Melbourne going too the Penguin Parade on Phillips Island and the Mooonlit wildlife Conservation park. We got to the airport, we had a voucher for a nonstop flight to Cairns, which after standing in a long line, we were told that that flight had been cancelled days ago, that there were no nonstop flights to Cairns.

We were told that the Travel Agency should have told us that before we left. They said that there was a flight to Brisbane with a connecting flight to Cairns, but that we just missed it. They were able to get us another flight a littlel later. Time will tell. We loved our bucket list trip to New Zealand and Australia. However, we felt there should have been an encouragement from Koda to consider adding a day or two at each destination.

We didn't realize that in almost all cases of 2 night stays, an entire day was spend traveling. This left us with little time to explore upon arrival. An example was Melbourne. We arrived in the early evening. The entire next day was spent on the Phillip Island Tour. We loved that tour but had a am pick-up the next morning. We sorely missed an opportunity to explore the city, especially the Rod Laver Arena.

Koda, We just returned from our Australian adventure and wanted to thank you for the great job you did in planning and making all the arrangements. We had such a good time and no glitches of any consequence. That is really something when you are dealing with people our age. All of the vendors i. Australia was beautiful and we enjoyed each venue. The people were so friendly and helpful. I think we have become Quantas snobs and aside from the ungodly length of the flight, we loved them. We did the travel recommendation with taking the treat to the cabin crew and ended up getting Quantas pajamas in return for our yummy Utah truffles.

The only feedback I would like to offer pertains to the Penguin Parade excursion. We had no idea how the day would unfold. Turns out, no one was dressed appropriately seeing that Phillips Island is quite breezy and the temps drop as the sun goes down! If you could suggest that long pants, or even a jacket and blanket are brought, would have helped keep everyone more comfortable as we waited for the very adorable guests of honor to appear! Fantastic trip, and so affordable!

Great flight, outstanding accommodations with wonderful viewsth floor in Melbourne! Monique and Yasmine were such entertaining guides. This trip with my daughter was one of the very best in this traveler's memory! We have traveled all over the world. Never have we had a trip so well planned. Hotels, flights, transfers, tours, all were on time and more than we expected. Our only disappointment was having to come home when it was over. Thank you, About Australia, for planning the trip of a lifetime.. We engaged with About Australia Darin Hendry nine months ago for a recommendation on an itinerary for a first time visit and 20th anniversary trip to Australia.

From the beginning the guidance, interaction and ultimate proposal was spot on. The 2-week journey offered an exceptional variety of terrain, climate and experiences. First stop the Tablelands, rainforest, then beach town, then outback visiting Uluru, the Sydney city exploring the different water ports, harbor bridge and a few days to wind down the vacation in roratonga the Cook Islands. We were pleased with the itinerary and felt safe in all locations. Accommodations, a few tours and transport flights, rental car, ferry pass were organized taking a huge load off us in researching this level of detail.

All in all this trip was epic and will be a very special part of our memory bank. Special kudo to Darin's with his personal guidance and touch. We couldn't be happier with our trip to Australia that we booked through "About Australia" Travel Agency. Ana is the best agent ever!!! We had a fantastic experience.

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Knowing it may be our one and only chance to see down under, we squeezed in as much as possible in 2 weeks. Who doesn't like the Hobbit holes?!? We made it and it was beautiful but you must be in reasonably good physical shape. Also be aware that Hobart is kind of a sleepy town and activities are kind of limited on Sunday. Saturday in Hobart was the open air market at Salamonca Square which was very nice.

Sydney and Melbourne were much busier than we expected and very much like a small NYC. The Sydney Opera House was a must see and if you can pre-purchase tickets for a show you will not regret it. It was a long, long flight but worth every minute. It was the trip of a lifetime!!! Chris was great at helping me plan my trip to visit my daughter in Australia while she was studying abroad. We had 2 weeks and a tight budget!

Hamilton Island (Queensland)

He was great at accommodating me. We decided on Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne. The only hiccup was the transfer from Melbourne airport to hotel. The drivers body odor had wafted throughout the van to the point where breathing was difficult and we were forced to put our head on our lap and breathe in our own clothing smell instead! So we drive around for 8 hours and stopped for a delicious lunch but it was a waste or time and non refundable.

Other than that it was an amazing trip! I highly recommend Chris and About Australia! My husband and his brother had a very nice time in Australia. Thank you for your help in coordinating this adventure. Making dreams come true. My trip to Australia was amazing and worry free knowing About Australia had made all the arrangements for an adventure of a lifetime Thanks a million. We had a great time and we were so grateful that About Australia had taken care of all the details. Eventhough we kept making changes to our plans dates, cities, activities, etc even during the trip, the staff was super patient and accommodating.

We wondered how much we would haved saved staying in another room The paper work including what to do pre trip was great, Australia is a long way so Ana extended my return an extra 10 days so I could have more time with son and visit Tasmania. For my return next year I plan on using their services.

This was a terrifically planned trip. The detail of the planning by About Australia was amazing. When weather changed a planned route, our travel consultant, Ana, was quick to rearrange our travel. She was there to answer my many questions by quickly responding to my emails. I am totally impressed with About Australia and would work with them again. Thanks for the memories! The trip that Ana put together for us was nothing short of spectacular and exceeded our expectations which were high. As we traveled from Sydney to Hamilton Island to Byron Bay and back to Sydney we were able to enjoy all the sites and activities we planned and then some!

We highly recommend AboutAustralia and plan on using them again. Thanks, Darin, for the wonderful trip you designed for us in Australia. We had a blast! The hotels were right in the middle of things, the tours were amazing and first class, and if I needed advice you were right there for me.

I would not have been able to plan this trip without you because you had been to Australia and you knew just where to send me, and in the style I wanted. Thank you Ana ,you are the best and very professional. Amazing trip to Australia!!!!!! Very soon will be back with our son Richard. Sincerely, Acelavguerra. Loved the locations we visited and the planned excursions. The Mantra hotels were ok but not great. And the day of our departure was very stressful with a changed flight no fault of About Australia and a shuttle driver who arrived 50 minutes late and was lost between hotel and airport.

Despite numerous calls and emails we could not get in touch with our travel agent and never heard from her til this day. I first asked for a quote, only to find out while on a short trip that the trip had been booked. All I wanted to know what the "and up" cost would be for the advertised one. However, it was an excellent price, so I booked it. It seemed too short for the time spent in the airplanes, but we enjoyed the opportunity to see things out of the cities, we added a Dainforest Trip out of Caines, and the Great Ocean Highway from Melbourne.

Please check telephone numbers on the vouchers, several were wrong and we could not reconfirm airport transportation in several towns. Caines, being smaller, was probably the best for airport shuttles. It was a wonderful trip. Hotels and people I had to deal with were excellent. I would highly recommend this outfit to anyone who wants to go to Australia.

The trip of a lifetime for us. All the arrangements worked out beautifully. The accommodations were excellent. All the transportation arrangements happened as expected and we were extremely pleased. Loved all the included tours and those that we chose to do on our own. One day at the Great Barrier Reef, the next at the Rainforest. We especially loved the city of Cairns. Truly one of the best trips we have ever done and About Australia made is SO easy!! Thank you Marissa! G'day Mates! We managed to see many of the highlights of several locations in Australia without feeling too rushed.

Also received good advice how to plan for the excessive heat, which was quite a change from the snow we left here, and some inside information on hot spots and recommended activities. I especially appreciated Ana's patience as we made some last minute changes in plans.

Having the transportation to and from hotels and tours pre-arranged was a great convenience. Thank you for being so thorough. Marissa really helped us plan the perfect vacation. She was always available by phone or email, even sometimes after hours. I had a lot of questions and made some changes, and she was very accommodating. We were visiting our son who is attending the University of Newcastle for a semester. We stayed in Sydney and Newcastle during our trip. Some of our favorite things were the sunset cruise of Sydney Harbor, Bondi Beach, the Blue Mountains, petting kangaroos at Oakvale, and visiting the university.

All the stars fell in line this year, so we decided, "This is it About Australia came highly recommended to us by some friends who LOVE Australia and are going again with them next year for the 5th time!! I was a little skeptical about planning such an extensive vacation with an agent that wasn't local, but one phone call to the number put us in contact with Marissa, and that's all we needed. She worked diligently with us to plan an itinerary When all was said and done, we had all our flights, accomodations, transfers and tours booked. They even take care of the visas and required documentation for international travel.

That was the easy, routine part. About a month before the trip, they email you all kinds of travel info and vouchers for every aspect of your trip. Each voucher tells you what it's for, who's providing the service, how to contact them when you're there, and even where and when you're being picked up and dropped off. It was great!! Didn't screw up once! We had a tour cancel in Uluru, and Marissa not only emailed us to let us know, but she sent new vouchers, and we were upgraded to a smaller group tour that turned out to be even greater!

In addition, we had an issue with a flight being cancelled by the carrier while en route, and when I called the number, I was immediately put in contact with Melanie, who worked on the issue, got us the info we needed to get to our rescheduled flights, and worked from home after hours for two days to get us our luggage in Sydney when it went to Dallas! Can't recommend they guys enough! Go for it Also, don't rush it if you can help it We really enjoyed our trip to Australia. The accommodations exceeded our expectations, especially the apartment in Melbourne.

Our first trip to Australia was unforgettable! Ana Musgray helped me plan my dream trip to Australia and New Zealand. Everything was so well organized all the transfers,or coach buses were right on time and ran seamless. This county is absolutely beautiful and the people on my tour were so much fun! I had the time of my life and will never forget my amazing holiday! I hope to return one day and will definitely contact Ana again. This was the best trip of my life hands down. I was afraid that since I was saving so much money I would be getting a lesser quality trip, but I was pleasantly surprised!

We truly enjoyed the trip you planned for us. Everything went smoothly, and the activities you chose for us were amazing. We had a fantastic and wonderful experience. All our connections went smoothly and the Mantra hotels were very clean and in great locations. The three excursions that were booked for us were exceptional.

We would definitely recommend your company to our friends. My boyfriend and I both 72 years of age have just returned from a six-week, custom-tailored, independent trip to Australia and New Zealand. We started talking about this trip over a year prior to our departure date. After my initial 2. Not only did Christopher listen to our lists of where we knew we wanted to go and what we knew wanted to see, but he also asked a myriad of questions to determine the types of surroundings, activities, accommodations, modes of travel, etc.

Within two days, Christopher got back to us with a detailed suggested itinerary and optional excursions which we then had time to go through and tweak as we wanted. Christopher worked so diligently and closely with us to get everything just perfect - for us. This was our trip - no one else's.

Once we finalized the locations and activities, About Australia took care of all the rest. Our adventure included stays in nine different locations in Australia and six locations in New Zealand. Our hotels were booked by About Australia and were just as we requested - smaller boutique hotels, when possible, centrally located so we could walk whenever and just about wherever.

Once in Australia and New Zealand, we traveled by plane, train, automobile self-drive , boat, and a lot of walking which we like. About Australia made all the arrangements for the optional excursions. Everything went off without a hitch. We were simply astounded at the ease of our six-week trip considering all the travel and excursion schedules and the level of professionalism and organization that obviously went into the customization. Christopher and About Australia did what we never could have done on our own - and most certainly, not at their price. Their attention to detail allowed us, prior to the trip, to concentrate just on where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see and do; their attention to detail allowed us, after departure, to just relax and enjoy every moment of the adventure.

It was the trip of a lifetime. We would recommend About Australia to anyone looking for a terrific travel experience with no hassle. Thank you Christoper and About Australia for our trip-of-a-lifetime. We had a wonderful trip. Koda's help in planning all aspects of the trip was wonderful. Having never travelled abroad before, we relied heavily on her to help us with planning our travels while in Australia. All bookings were perfect for our likes. We only had one hiccup on a planned tour which was cancelled no fault of Koda , but didn't bother our trip in the least.

Jeanne and I highly recommend a trip to Australia and to use About Australia for your arrangements! Everything they recommended we tried to fit into our schedule and it was well worth it. We especially loved Cairns and snorkeling on the Barrier Reef and hope to go back again at some point to spend more time there. One day on the water was not enough! All of our flight arrangements made by About Australia were good except our return flight from Sydney to San Francisco. Qantas changed the seating could not sleep we had paid extra for but returned our money.

This two issues, neither of which were About Australia's fault did not deter from a great vacation "down under"! So don't delay Looking for more? Head to our testimonial archives for more stories. An enjoyable well-planned trip. Edward J Heffernan. Great time. Diane Stone. So nice to have it all done for us!

Mark Williams by. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Amy and Brad Russell. Beyond Expectations!!! Nancy Larson. Great Knowledge and Execution Made for a Great trip. John Lange. An excellent orchestration of 13 flights and 31 vouchers. Bre Homann. Nick and Marcia Anton. We loved the trip! A good trip. Great trip. David and Susan Waller. Great advice and a great trip, perfectly put together. Incredible trip great hotels. Art Salazar. Carol Palo. Such a well rounded first class adventure.

Took care of all the things that might make a trip to Australia difficult. Jesse Moore. It was everything you promised and more!! Alexandra Stra. It was an amazing trip. The tours were excellent. Darin Hendry nailed it! All the details were handled for us. Mindi van Gemeren. Best trip ever. Nicole Marcelo. We loved Australia! Sophia Yeh. Fantastic trip. Bob Allen. Melvin Chong. Very impressive, and well organized.

Jacquelyne Hughes. Jamie Luedtke. Sergio Toscano. It was amazing,. Diane Hong. Had a great time. Perfectly Scheduled, not great Hotels. Glad we didn't stay in Cairns 4 nights. Great trip! Everything went according to plan, seamless! Anthony Nelson. Herman Turner. Gabriele Wahlbrink-Herrmann. Being "Down Under" was a top experience! Elisa Carroll. Beautiful trip. Sonja Howard. Outstanding trip—and so affordable! Sarah Anscher. Great Experience. Cindee Ewell. Wonderful Trip! Overall Wonderful!

Peggy Partridge. Everything went exactly as planned. There were 5 of us and every hotel room every activity and every shuttle was on time and perfect! Our trip could not have gone better! Bill Mindick. Trip to Aussie Land. Sofia macchia. Wonderful trip!! Just two issues. Troy January 1, am. Mattdangerously December 31, pm. Kenny December 31, pm. Didnt realize stupidity could try and criticize a relationship. Guess I was wrong are we going to neel to mr. Luke Brian to protest too? Bunch of pricks. Country is great music.

Thank you Luke Brian, I apologize on the behalf of stupid, ridiculous people. Thank you for music. Take your rods, poles and reels, rediscover a respectable hobby! Mlmopinions December 31, pm. I personally believe that wild and exotic animals should be left in their natural habitat. Ulysses McCaskill December 31, pm. It would truly be a shame if one of these kangaroos kicked Luke Bryan in the down under and ended his musical career forever.

Bob December 31, pm. KentuckyRON January 1, am. Trigger January 1, am. I appreciate your passion for Kyle Fields and his record is firmly on my radar. Kyle reached out right as the album was being released, and right when the Holidays were coming on, and my primary focus was wrapping up and getting ready for with end-of-year lists, etc. Kyle January 1, pm. Ron thank you for your support I really do appreciate it. DJ January 1, am. Ron January 1, am. Is there a call-to-action email list or blog to find out when you need to defend the honor of your favorite pop star?

How do you find out when someone is attacking Luke on a website you would never read normally? The largest traffic generator to Saving Country Music is not Facebook, or Twitter, or regulars who read the site on a daily basis. It is Google. And the misconception that only disgruntled country fans and independent country hipsters read the site is the basis for the misunderstanding of why certain articles get posted here.

THe point of Saving Country Music is not to preach to a choir, but to increase the flock, and it has been very effective at doing so for many years. However in an instance such as this, there are unintended consequences. Ron January 1, pm. James January 1, pm. Pete Marshall January 1, pm. Bear January 1, pm. This sound like when Burmese Pythons were a craze.

Ulysses McCaskill January 1, pm. Mike Honcho January 3, am. Susan January 4, pm. Uneducated maybe. That being said wild animals of any kind should be wild and left alone. I am hard pressed to believe these were rescued here in the states, if that were the case I believe that statement would of come out by now.

I do feel there needs to be an investigation into where they came from and they be returned to a proper facility and returned to the wild if they can be. There is a great disconnect between humans and animals that I hope can one day be bridged with people understanding that animals do not belong to us and it is our duty to protect them. Troy January 12, pm. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.

Go Fishing with Mo Pitney and his Sister. Share on Tumblr. And what does this say about his Wife…. Luke is Country? Is a Chevy also a Toyota? Are tacos italian food? Is Obama white? Is Hillary Clinton President? Is France an African Nation? Like 0. Then, um, quit coming to the site? Yet you seem to read it multiple times a day, Cory.

Go figure….. Go piss up a rope. Childish, Mike. Good comment. Look where the other three fingers on your hand doing the pointing are pointing. Roll tide? Personally, I like dawgs. I like Grisman also. I think you did the right thing with the baby , We are fans of Luke Bryan you guys you have to under stand it is hard to make music for us to listen to so if he is going to take a vacation leave him alone okay ,let him enjoy the baby and his family … Like 0. Abel, Are you kidding?! One of the more bizarre stories in the world of country music! I thought the article was funny!

I did too! The only singer authorised to have kangaroos is Keith Urban. Maybe New Zealand should build a wall… Like 0. Thanks for the geography lesson. I feel better now. Maybe he dresses the same way when he goes food shopping at Walmart? Then I would say ok. You rule Lavonia! Most emojis ever! I ordered spaghetti, and he brought me a sponge cake and said spagehtti had evolved.

Or special. Not unless it made the news. Wild animals should not be made pets. Luke Bryan has never once walked as hard as Dewey Cox. I read somewhere Luke Bryan is smellblind though. Kangaroos have antlers? Well they where other music artiat had tigers as pets like micheal jackson and his sister janet had wild animals as pets so why should it be any different of luke bryan and caroline boyer having baby roos on their farm for gods sake get a life people Like 0. Swedish mother blames Brexit for drink driving crash: Fifty-year-old says stress of potentially losing her Health spa is shut down after an outbreak of the potentially fatal Legionella infection linked to the hot British-registered oil tanker causes a security scare in the Persian Gulf by 'going dead in the water' Hundreds of Tory members are sent more than one ballot paper for the Conservative leadership election Boris Johnson demands immigrants UK learn English because there are 'too many parts of the country where it Meghan's close friend Serena Williams plays at Wimbledon after joking that she would miss Archie's It's Super Saturday!

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Johnson promises to change the law so sex attackers can't be freed after