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Dreygo The Dragon brings mythical magic to Twinlakes Park, with his incredible wing-span and smoke-breathing nostrils! Take part in the walkabout Dragon Experience, fun for all the family. Do not miss this huge event. All included in your day tickets and annual passes no pre-booking required simply turn up on the day. Performance times will be confirmed around the park on our event notice boards.

With his horned face, scaly body, red eyes, smoke-breathing nostrils and wagging tongue, he will be the most photographed dragon on your phone! With a 15ft Wing Span, that reach a height of 12ft in the air when he flaps, Dreygo, our animated Dragon will be just one of the highlights to your families day out. I don't like bonds. Definition Shrieks The Queen of Spades! Someone is going to die! Definition My glasses too? Definition Don't-do-this-don't-do-that-don't-do-this-don't-do-that.

Do you sleep in it?

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I've had quite enough! Definition I don't like you. Definition Very well. Definition Excuse me. I'm upset.

Dragon, Merlin & Fairy Weekend!

Definition Hiccups Excuse me, please. Definition Oh, this is exciting. I wish we could open a door and have a body fall out!

Gnome & Fairy Gala!” for May First Friday 12222

Definition Oh look--radio tubes! Definition This restores my faith in witchcraft. Definition I told you I was cold all winter, and you wouldn't believe me! Savage to her room and search her, please? Definition No--no--no. Take me, I'm the youngest and undress quickest. I don't want to miss anything. Definition Thank you.

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Definition Oh, yes. But I didn't--my mother was afraid of so many Elks. I took them.

Bluefairy International-I will always be here for you

No one else. Definition Dr.

Miss Willie! Something awful is happening. There's a fire upstairs.

May Fairy Necklace

With flames--this high! Definition Well, they were--this high at least. Definition But there's a fire. Please believe me--there's a fire upstairs. Definition In the bathtub. Definition I can't--I'm full of pins. Definition There's a fire upstairs. Definition Something's burning upstairs.

Definition I know a fire when I see one.

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  8. Definition Oh, fiddle--let the house burn! Definition No name--I make my own. Definition High time. Emmett, I found a fire in Mrs. Paddy's bathtub. It's all that's left of ten million dollars. Definition I should have told a lie--then someone would have believed me. Definition Good-bye.

    Ang Alamat ng mga Alon - Kwentong Pambata - Filipino Fairy Tales

    We say good-bye to people we don't want to see again. I'm sure you hate tears too.