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Si te parece que no funciona, los reformas e intentas arreglarlos, pero no te marchas. Nadie desea un Brexit duro, pero peor es un Brexit indefinido y sin fecha. We rightly say that Notre—Dame is our case. This is our manifestation of European solidarity. In this spirit of European solidarity, I have to applaud President Tusk. You took the responsibility of granting the United Kingdom this extension because, by doing so, you avoided a cliff—edge crash. Who would have paid the price of the cliff edge crashing? Who would have paid the price?

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Not the liars, not the ideologists, not those with the false promises. Ordinary citizens in the UK would have paid the price, citizens who have to rely on a decent job in this interwoven economy, which is more interwoven than it has ever been before in the single market. Those responsible know this exactly. They were playing with the fate of the citizens in their country.

President Tusk, I also applaud you for what you were saying about the rights of Member States as long as they are members. This is all the more true for the rights of the representatives in this House. This is not a party politics issue.

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This is an issue of the decency of our constituencies and the decency of our democratic processes. We will of course welcome our representatives from the United Kingdom, and of course they will have the same rights as everybody else here in this House. My party and group will protect that, in any case, in each and every situation. Denn wir sind nach wie vor in der Situation, dass das Parlament blockiert ist.

Machen Sie sich das bitte immer wieder klar! Brexit geht um sehr viel mehr. Meine Fraktion steht dazu bereit. Sie sehen in Finnland, Sie sehen in Schweden, dass wir diejenigen sind, die Europa zusammenhalten, wenn die Rechtsradikalen dagegen trommeln. The British Government is still committed to delivering Brexit in an orderly way However, I realise that your patience has worn thin and that you look and wonder what is happening in Westminster.

And while that may seem natural to most people in this Chamber, this is not how the UK system of parliamentary democracy works. You only have to look at the House of Commons, where the two parties sit opposite each other rather than side by side as in this Parliament. So the current talks are naturally uncomfortable for members of both main parties, myself included.

Our economy, our politics and our country need certainty and we must aim to find a solution in time to avoid participating in the European elections. The time has now come for pragmatism. As a country the UK has been in difficult positions before, but we have a reputation for seeing things through and I believe that this time will be no different. I just wonder if I could end on a personal note. Can I thank you all for being part of this amazing experience and can I wish you all the very best for the future.

I fear that it will prolong the indecision, and I fear most of all that it will import the Brexit mess into the European Union. And, moreover, that it will poison the upcoming European election. Banksy, colleagues, has already done a work on this. He painted the house in Westminster as a house a full of monkeys. He could be inspired to maybe make a second work, to paint this Hemicycle in Strasbourg full of pigeons. So really — and I never thought I should say that in my life here in this Parliament — but maybe the only thing that can save us now is Nigel Farage.

It was a decision of the British people. So what my fear is that instead of killing Brexit, the decision could risk killing Europe. That is what we, and you also, should solely focus on as President of the European Council. And that spirit was, in my opinion, absent last week, Wednesday. Ich glaube, es gibt Momente, in denen Wahlkampfauseinandersetzungen einfach mal ganz kurz gestoppt werden sollten. Der Brand gestern in Paris hat uns gezeigt, wie verletzlich unsere Welt, wie verletzlich Europa, wie verletzlich Kultur, Geschichte und auch unsere Zukunft sind. Das ist mehr als das, was wir hier manchmal unter uns austragen.

Das hat etwas mit dem zu tun, was wir jetzt diskutieren. Wenn sich am 2. Juli das neue Parlament konstituiert, dann beginnt danach die Sommerpause. We will mobilise one of the most powerful pro-European forces in our continent and we will champion a fairer, greener, and more democratic EU. Building Europe has never been easy and he has shown the vision of the founding fathers, who persevered in difficult times to welcome and even include those countries which were having difficulties at home, perhaps particularly those countries.

We must address the issues that gave rise to feelings of powerlessness, of alienation, of being left behind, that prompted so many of our fellow citizens to vote to leave in So I wish my colleagues happy campaigns. Yes, I said that. First time ever! And there is one golden rule, always, and that is that Brussels wins. The power and might of Brussels always wins. It was humiliating, not just to be in Brussels, but humiliating for the standing of our country around the world.

Your position has been clear from the start. It was with sad regret that Democracy died quietly in her sleep at 11pm, on the 29th March The cause of death was by foul play and the culprits have yet to be brought to justice. Democracy campaigned for the rule of law, human rights [ She will be sorely missed. God have mercy on [our] soul. We have the oldest, longest serving continuous parliament in the world. The mother of parliaments. We have fought and given much for that principle of nation state democracy, not just for us but for our friends in Europe too.

I sense among some in my country disillusionment. But in others I sense a burning anger. Not one to put on yellow vests and protest, but one that says we need a peaceful political revolution in our country. Instead, the democratic decision of The European elections in May will inevitably be a re-run of the referendum question. The Remainers should vote for the Liberal Democrats.

They are the true party of Remain. Voting Conservative or Labour is truly a wasted vote because nobody, including them, actually knows where they stand on this issue. It is one of unilateral and unconditional withdrawal. But these elections will divide people into two distinct groups, not just in the UK but across Europe. One group will be those who consent to be governed by a foreign power: The European Union.

The second group will be those who vote to rebel against further EU integration and in favour of returning democratic powers to the nation state. One group will be voting for freedom and independence. The other group will be voting for subservience and submission. One thing that we can be sure of is that Eurosceptic MEPs will return in big numbers and their voters will be voting for a return to democratic accountability, an end to austerity measures and for their economies to be run in their interests and for their benefit. They will be voting to end mass uncontrolled immigration. Ebooks and Manuals

They will be voting for parties that want to preserve their cultures and their civilisation. There will be a great populist vote across Europe. In the United Kingdom we have the simplest choice: vote to remain or vote to leave. UKIP does not just campaign for Brexit; we actually want to make it happen. Ten sojusz Farage-Verhofstadt nie jest tutaj przypadkowy. Elmar Brok PPE. Ich hoffe, dass Corbyn und May einen Deal finden. Und dieses Europa hat dies, glaube ich, in hervorragender Weise bisher geleistet. Als ich Mitglied wurde, waren wir neun Mitglieder in einer Zollunion, die nicht richtig funktionierte.

Damals hatten wir nichts zu sagen. Das sollten wir immer im Auge behalten. This is your last speech in this Chamber. You have served us well and I hope you do not completely forget about European politics. You will be looking at it from afar. Thank you, and I think the House has honoured you with the applause.

I think that illustrates the attitude of some of those on that side of the House. But they are the voices of the past. The British people are beginning to see through the lies that they have told for years about the European Union. The British people are beginning to see through that, and that is why they are so afraid of having another referendum, because they know what the answer would be if we had one.

The majority of British Members being returned will not be of the ilk of those on that side of the House. And in any case, Brexit — the European Union losing a Member State for the first time in its history — the consequences of that decision are far more significant than the inconvenience of one Group having a few more Members than another Group in these elections. Have a sense of perspective. This extension must be used, as Mr Tusk rightly said. I have no great hopes for the talks between the two front benches, because Mrs May cannot move position without a rebellion in her party.

But it does give us the time to go back to the people and end this damned mess that we have got ourselves into. James Nicholson ECR. The latest development in kicking the can down the road as far as possible just happened last week. It has haunted these negotiations since the beginning and will continue to do so as long as you retain your position. I have to say, the extension to October, I can see no agreement at the end of that time.

I really believe now it will take a new Commission. It will take a new Parliament. It will take new views to bring an answer to the end of this problem. They cannot be half in the club or half out of it and that is the trouble where the UK found itself. There have been some good times and some extremely sad times where we have been through some of the most terrible terrorism ever faced in any part of Europe, and I had to go through that.

So, as I say farewell to this Parliament today, I can say I have enjoyed myself. I hope I have given it something and I hope I have represented my people well during my time here because they are a proud people, they are a great people, the people of Northern Ireland. I am in trouble already. Their Brexit violates and involves stripping people of their rights, including the right to vote — a demand that was at the core of the civil rights movement.

The speaker agree to take a blue—card question under Rule 8. You know nothing about So thank you for the time to find our way out of this. But turning to the European elections, which my party is preparing for and looking forward to, I have a warning and a plea — learn the lessons of Brexit. The ingredients of Brexit exists in all our countries. Populism is on the rise. This election is going to be a fight for Europe. My party and Scotland stands ready. You can count on us.

I hope that we can count on you also. Julie Girling PPE. You have a cult status now. Your acceptance of the responsibility of avoiding no deal is in sharp contrast to many politicians in the UK — particularly Conservatives, who have lied, cheated and prevaricated. Indeed, this seems to be an essential element of their CV for party leadership and to be the next Prime Minister. Nous reconstruirons Notre-Dame ensemble.

Brexit is a process and the people over there are denying that process. They deny the fact that when you look at all of the Brexit options available, there are negatives, and no one wants to own those negatives. So it is far easier for them to stand aloof and cry betrayal. But the truth is that Brexit is undeliverable, the one that they promised is undeliverable. It was reconstructed with the help of the British, of people from Coventry. I think this Parliament should declare that this is a priority number one for the next legislature: to reconstruct this church. Mr Tusk, you also said that it should be done by all 28 nations.

Now the answer must come from London — I heard it from you, and from President Tusk and others. You can make sure that Britain remains a participant in the reconstruction of the church in Paris under the auspices of the European Union. Make sure Britain stays a member of the European Union.

Unfortunately — and it has been disappointing for all of us here — over the last week we have heard comments and read tweets from anti-European English politicians about how they are going to sabotage our work in the months to come. Those politicians deserve to be told that we will not allow for that. We will protect the European Union and its citizens. The EU will continue to be the source of stability, also for this absurd and sad process of Brexit. Unfortunately, on the British side there is no sign that a cross-party breakthrough is near.

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

However, what is absolutely clear now is that the real problem is not the backstop. The real problem is the future. So maybe a solution is around the corner. What is needed, however, from UK politics is to define what it really wants. As regards Brexit, it could be summarised as: the plot thickens, the uncertainty remains, and the people suffer. So hopefully, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn can come to an agreement, but that seems to be doubtful. We have to retain certainty. It is also affecting my constituency. We were to elect five Members of the European Parliament, but it now seems that we are electing four.

My words have come to pass, so now we are in a bit of a mess. Paulo Rangel PPE. Trabalham, vivem e estudam no Reino Unido. The European Union was built out of the nightmare of the Second World War and it was a dream born of that nightmare that created the place in which we are today. In the words of T. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.

So dream on, President Tusk, dream on. Dream on, remainers, dream on. Then act on those dreams and make them possible. We can remain.

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  4. We will remain. The problems in Westminster are caused by the fact that belonging to the European Union means a lot for a society and it is difficult to break up. You have never seriously contributed to European security, to economic growth in Europe, to open markets in Europe.

    You have been funny all the time, and why should we be afraid of you? You are trying to make us afraid of people like you coming back. For many weeks now, the participation of the UK in the elections to the European Parliament has evoked emotions, especially in this Chamber. I want to remind everybody that the UK has the right and obligation to take part in this election as long as it is a member of the EU. This is not subject to negotiation. I understand party interests, but they cannot overshadow the legal reality. This is a good enough reason for you, Mr Verhofstadt, to deeply re-think and reformulate your argumentation.

    Written statements Rule Enrique Calvet Chambon, ponente. Marianne Thyssen, Member of the Commission. I would like to thank the rapporteur Mr Calvet Chambon, for bringing this file to a swift and successful conclusion. We have been under considerable time constraints to close this file during the current parliamentary term.

    The proposed directive is a significant achievement for social Europe. We are modernising European labour law and adjusting it to the new world of work. As Members of this Parliament know, today a growing number of workers, and in particular young and female workers, are in atypical forms of employment with often very flexible contracts.

    This is why we needed to find the right balance. We must ensure protection for workers without overburdening employers and without stifling innovation, and that is exactly what we have done with the proposed directive. With the new rules in place we will first of all ensure more transparency. All workers in the EU will receive information on key working conditions. Workers will know at the beginning of their employment — this means within the first week — what their basic rights and obligations are.

    This includes information on their remuneration, their working schedule and the duration of their contracts, and thanks to Parliament, extra information for temporary agency workers. Around two to three million workers that so far were excluded will now be covered. This includes platform workers, domestic workers, voucher workers, workers on zero-hour contracts and other short-term workers.

    However, we do not stop at information rights. The directive also provides completely new substantive rights, like, for example, a limitation on probation periods, a ban on unjustified exclusivity clauses, a right for workers on on—demand contracts to know within which time slots they can be called to work and thanks to this Parliament, a right to compensation if an employer cancels a work assignment on short notice and measures to prevent abuse of on—demand contracts.

    And there is also the principle that mandatory training should be cost—free to the worker and, again thanks to Parliament, that it should count as working time. All in all, what you are voting on today is a substantial improvement in the working conditions for all EU workers. We are breaking new ground with this directive and it will therefore be extremely important that we get the implementation right. The Commission will work closely with national authorities to ensure the final objective: concrete rights for precarious workers, without unnecessary red tape for business.

    Ich bin stolz auf das vorliegende Ergebnis. Und drittens — das ist gerade uns als Fraktion auch sehr wichtig gewesen: Es ist uns gelungen, dass die Legaldefinition des Arbeitnehmerbegriffes, die die Kommission vorgeschlagen hatte, nun nicht im Text enthalten ist, sondern dass diese Definition weiterhin durch die Mitgliedstaaten vorgenommen wird. Dies ein wichtiger Beitrag zum sozialen Europa, und ich bin stolz, daran mitgewirkt zu haben.

    Porque hay que decir que hoy no aprobamos solo una norma. Necesitamos amortiguar y combatir las desigualdades. We had clear wording to exclude the self—employed from the Directive, but this was watered down to a little recital, not legally binding. How can the EPP support that? But the trilogue text exempts civil servants, it exempts firefighters, emergency services, police authorities, judges and prosecutors, it undermines the political message, and it allows Member States to exempt themselves.

    This does a real disservice to this Parliament. Se ha excluido a los servicios de emergencia, a los cuerpos de seguridad, a los funcionarios, a los trabajadores del mar, a las trabajadoras del hogar en determinadas condiciones y a quienes tienen contratos de menos de doce horas mensuales, entre muchos otros trabajadores.

    Se ha vuelto a perder la oportunidad de construir una Europa social que reclaman los trabajadores. Cuando pretendan corregir el rumbo, lo mismo ya llegan demasiado tarde. So we think, as others have said, that Council here could have followed the European Parliament, it could have followed the Commission, on putting in real strong, sound substance to help build social Europe, but what Council has given with one hand it has taken away with another. David Casa PPE. Pani Komisarz! La direttiva che votiamo oggi migliora nettamente la normativa europea in vigore, offrendo ai lavoratori maggiore trasparenza e certezza sulle loro condizioni di lavoro e nuovi diritti fruibili per oltre duecento milioni di lavoratori.

    Sono determinato inoltre a portare avanti una battaglia fondamentale: mettere al bando gli stage non retribuiti in tutta l'Unione europea, come siamo riusciti a fare all'interno del Parlamento europeo, dopo tre anni di battaglie. Le cose si possono e si devono cambiare. Arne Gericke ECR. Christofer Fjellner PPE. The draft rules on transparent and predictable working conditions are not as radical as I would have liked to see.

    I would have liked an explicit ban on exploitative zero—hours contracts and an explicitly universal coverage for all workers, regardless of public or private, and regardless of how many hours they work. But, as the European TUC have said, these rules give new important rights to precarious workers and shift workers across Europe. These rules must be implemented comprehensively, without loopholes or exceptions.

    These are minimum rights. Growing precariousness at work is fuelling economic insecurity on which the far right feed. The same was also true for the dockworkers of Liverpool in the s. So how is it that in the 21st century, when we can put a man on the moon and send a probe to Mars, we cannot yet give the ordinary man and woman job security?

    With the rise of zero—hour contracts in the UK, through the emergence of the gig economy, and the transformative way our world is changing through the fourth industrial revolution, we must adapt legislation to ensure that workers are protected in this new ecosystem in the world of work. Flexibility is today inevitable, just like digitalisation. Therefore, we have not sought to prohibit new types of employment, but to support the workers concerned with protection against excessive practices and with the minimum of predictability that everybody needs to organise life.

    The implementation of this directive will be a common task for Member States, employers and workers, with all the adequate room for social partners to make the rules a success on the ground. I call on you to support the Directive. We should all be proud of this milestone. Honourable Members, allow me to conclude by making the connection between this directive and our other initiatives — posting of workers, protection against cancelled work, access to social protection for all, the Accessibility Act, the skills agenda, a more European semester and, not to forget, work-life balance.

    El primero es que no engloba a todo el mundo, porque se exigen tres horas semanales y doce horas. Lo digo tranquilamente. Y entonces me encuentro ante las cero horas. No se pueden renovar. Jeroen Lenaers, Rapporteur. Die vier vrijheden hebben ons veel gebracht: meer economische groei, meer handel, meer welvaart. Europa gaat echter over meer dan alleen markt, geld en handel.

    We moeten ervoor zorgen dat die gemeenschappelijke markt ook echt een eerlijke markt wordt: een markt waar werknemers krijgen waar ze recht op hebben en niet uitgebuit worden, waar geen ruimte is voor schijnzelfstandigheid, sociale dumping of verdringing op de arbeidsmarkt, waar bedrijven en burgers onder duidelijke voorwaarden grensoverschrijdend actief kunnen zijn zonder de dupe te worden van oneerlijke concurrentie van malafide bedrijven. Dus niet alleen een vrije markt, maar vooral een eerlijke markt. Niet alleen vrij verkeer van personen en diensten, maar eerlijk verkeer van personen en diensten.

    Om dat te bereiken hebben we twee dingen nodig: strenge en duidelijke Europese regels, maar ook goede handhaving van die regels. Aan die regels hebben we hier de afgelopen jaren hard gewerkt. Daar ligt een hele grote uitdaging. Tegelijkertijd zien we dat sociale en arbeidsinspecties in de lidstaten nog veelal beperkt zijn tot de eigen landsgrenzen, waardoor grensoverschrijdende handhaving verre van effectief is. Daar maken we vandaag een einde aan: met de oprichting van de Europese Arbeidsautoriteit geven we grensoverschrijdende handhaving en controle een stevige boost.

    We laten hier vandaag zien dat we die uitdaging ook als Parlement heel erg serieus nemen. En we laten zien dat het Europees Parlement kan leveren, want de Europese Commissie deed het voorstel amper een jaar geleden en de Europese Arbeidsautoriteit kan al daadwerkelijk aan de slag. Betere informatievoorziening voor burgers en bedrijven over hun rechten en plichten, collega's uit verschillende landen samenbrengen om gezamenlijk inspecties en handhaving te realiseren, bemiddelen tussen lidstaten die het oneens zijn over hoe Europese regels te handhaven, risicoanalyses maken van onze zwakke plekken en hoe we daar beter op kunnen treden: er is meer dan genoeg te doen voor de nieuwe arbeidsautoriteit.

    Ik ben blij dat het een autoriteit is, want een autoriteit heeft tanden nodig. Ebooks and Manuals

    Tanden om misbruik tegen te gaan. Tanden om ervoor te zorgen dat het vertrouwen in de interne markt in de toekomst behouden blijft. Ik wil dan ook graag mijn dank uitspreken. Allereerst aan commissaris Marianne Thyssen, zonder wiens initiatief, energie en bevlogenheid dit resultaat er vandaag niet geweest zou zijn. Dank ook aan het Roemeense voorzitterschap, met wie we een bizar intensief schema van onderhandelingen gevoerd hebben. Dankzij dat commitment hebben we vandaag dit resultaat.

    Tot slot dank ik mijn collega's van de andere fracties. Sommigen van hen heb ik in de periode van onderhandelingen vaker gezien dan mijn eigen vrouw. Zeg het niet tegen mijn vrouw, maar het was het absoluut waard. We zitten hier vandaag met een goed resultaat en dat danken we aan de plezierige en constructieve samenwerking tussen ons allemaal. En vooral ook tot slot, Voorzitter, een groot woord van dank aan alle medewerkers en adviseurs die dit mogelijk gemaakt hebben.

    Want zonder hen zou er in dit Parlement niks voor elkaar komen. I have always considered this regulation to be the final piece of the agenda of this Commission for fair labour mobility in Europe. I would like to thank the rapporteur, Jeroen Lenaers, for his extraordinary commitment and his extremely efficient handling of the negotiations on behalf of the Parliament. I would of course also like to thank the shadow rapporteurs and the Council Presidency for their constructive work in bringing the file to a rapid and successful conclusion.

    Its establishment is much needed. The European Labour Authority will be there for them, to ensure that European labour mobility rules are applied in a consistent, thorough and fair manner. The Authority will pursue three objectives, which are equally important. First, it will facilitate access to information and services to companies and citizens. When moving across borders, they need to know what their rights and obligations are. ELA will ensure that Member States comply with their information obligations, for example in the area of posting of workers, and it will manage the day—to—day activities of EURES, the European job mobility portal.

    Second, the authority will facilitate and support cooperation between national authorities that enforce EU legislation in the areas of labour mobility and social security coordination. Building on the examples of Eurojust and Europol, the European Labour Authority will bring national experts together under one roof in order to facilitate information exchange and cooperation. No doubt this will significantly contribute to the creation of a common enforcement culture, to efficient exchanges and mutual trust.

    The European Labour Authority will also give the necessary support for national inspectorates to cooperate through concerted and joint inspections. Third, the European Labour Authority will provide a forum for mediation between national authorities in case of disputes. By promoting dialogue and out-of-court settlements of issues, we aim to facilitate swift responses to disputes which involve cases of individual citizens or companies. I know that, two years ago, when we started referring to the possible establishment of the European Labour Authority, some had doubts about the added value of another European agency.

    Our proposal already made clear that we wanted to set up an authority with operational tasks that were not yet exercised at EU level, and this is exactly what this regulation has done. The European Labour Authority will be of great practical value in the day—to—day enforcement of labour mobility rules and, at the same time, it will open opportunities for a fair mobility of labour within the European Union.

    Once adopted, this Commission is ready to take the first practical steps to make the European Labour Authority operational by autumn Jens Geier, Verfasser der Stellungnahme des mitberatenden Haushaltsausschusses. Dadurch erhalten auch ehrliche Unternehmen mehr Schutz vor unfairem Wettbewerb — das ist auch gut. Gleichwohl ist sie ein wichtiger Meilenstein. Karima Delli, rapporteuse pour avis de la commission des transports et du tourisme. Donnons-nous les moyens de mettre la loi en application et une fois pour toutes, mettons fin au dumping social. Nevertheless, we fully support the report and hope that the Authority will become operational as soon as possible.

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    David Casa, f'isem il-grupp PPE. It is of vital importance to endeavour to make the European pillar of social rights everyday living reality for each and every European citizen, no matter from which Member State he comes. Moreover, it must become the guiding light for achieving superior competitiveness of European businesses on the basis of fully-fledged social partnership, collective bargaining and environmental sustainability. The lure for business to succumb to short-termism and the wages race to the bottom not only entails severe exploitation and abuse of mobile labour but also undermines the very foundations on which citizens base their allegiance to the Union and, what is more, their willingness to engage in highly-productive and efficient work.

    Let me end by urgently inviting all of us here and all those concerned to turn the launching of the European Labour Authority ELA this autumn into a high-profile event, and to recommit to building a truly social union with vigorous welfare states as the only possible way to provide citizens with a life in dignity and security and the Union with a promising future in this ever-more challenging world of ours. When I looked at this proposal initially, I did have some questions around its added value and the impact it would have on EURES, the platform for undeclared work, etc.

    But I believe that the piece of legislation that we have now has, in short, the necessary cooperation and streamlining to give us an efficient and effective ELA. The other question I had at the beginning was: what problems are we trying to solve, and will this piece of legislation actually solve those problems?

    Free movement of workers is working, but from time to time issues arise that can undermine the trust in the system and that question fairness and compliance. Those issues, I believe, require an independent authority that will strengthen operational coordination and cooperation between Member States, mediate in cross-border disputes and facilitate dispute settlements.

    I believe that the final piece of legislation addresses many of the identified problems around the day-to-day operational free movement of workers, and by doing so, I believe it facilitates free movement of workers for all EU citizens and a more streamlined system because of cooperation between Member States, and crucially, it will help to restore trust in the system, trust between Member States and trust between citizens.

    Folk kommer for at arbejde, ikke for at snyde. Sono ormai anni che ci battiamo in questo senso, a dimostrazione che il nostro obiettivo di un'Europa sociale e giusta non si limita ai proclami, ma interviene concretamente per migliorare la vita dei cittadini e per aiutarli nella ricerca di un lavoro. Agradezco al ponente y a todos los ponentes alternativos lo que han hecho. Tom Vandenkendelaere PPE. Grensoverschrijdende sociale fraude raakt onze burgers elke dag. Nochtans weten we perfect wat we moeten doen.

    De lacunes in de wetgeving zijn heel erg duidelijk. Het probleem ligt hem bij de lidstaten bij wie de wil ontbreekt om effectief ook iets aan de controle te doen. Het jammerlijke resultaat is dat het draagvlak voor de Europese eengemaakte markt wegsmelt, net terwijl we diezelfde interne markt meer dan ooit nodig hebben. In mijn regio, West-Vlaanderen, smeken bedrijven om arbeidskrachten en worden werkwilligen met open armen verwelkomd. Arbeidsmobiliteit ondersteunt de economische groei en zo ook de welvaart.

    Maar arbeidsmobiliteit kan alleen duurzaam zijn als ze op een rechtvaardige manier verloopt. En daar wringt hem de schoen. Vele burgers hebben het gevoel dat de cowboys in de verschillende sectoren er telkens mee wegkomen als ze zich aan fraude schuldig maken. Zij die buiten de lijntjes kleuren, worden niet bestraft. Met de oprichting van de Europese Arbeidsautoriteit moet hier verandering in komen.

    Snelle en accurate gegevensuitwisseling door lidstaten is de beste remedie om fraude uit te roeien. In het begin van deze zittingsperiode werd ons een sociale triple A beloofd. De Europese Arbeidsautoriteit past in de uitbouw van een Unie waarbij het sociale aspect weer op de voorgrond komt, niet in de laatste plaats dankzij commissaris Thyssen. Concrete stappen als deze kunnen helpen om frustraties bij onze burgers weg te werken en geven ook de geloofwaardigheid van het Europees project een boost.

    Ik hoop dat er nog vele zullen volgen. Det har varit roligt…. When I received my portfolio on employment, social affairs, skills and labour mobility, I knew that labour mobility would not be the easiest area. I am therefore very happy that, after the division of the Posting of Workers Directive, you are now asked to vote on this regulation, which is another milestone for ensuring fair labour mobility in Europe. It realises the principle of the pillar of social rights in a cross-border context.

    Unfortunately, it has not yet been possible for the co-legislators to agree on the proposed modernisation of the social security coordination rules. The millions of citizens for whom labour mobility is a daily reality, an opportunity, or sometimes a bare necessity, merit to benefit from updated rules as soon as possible. Free movement has always been a founding principle for our European Union and it has remained so even more today.

    The economies and labour markets of our Member States have become deeply intertwined. Free movement also feeds the connection between our citizens and peoples. Facilitating free movement while at the same time ensuring that the European rules are applied in a fair way, these have been the guiding principles in my proposals on labour mobility.

    These guiding principles allowed us to obtain legislative reforms, supported by east and west and north and south, and these principles also underpin the regulation establishing the European Labour Authority. I just call on you to support this regulation. Thank you all for your attention. In order to achieve all this we need better enforcement of the European rules in the area of labour mobility, and that is exactly what the European Labour Authority is going to do and it will start doing it very soon.

    So, once again, a big thank you to the European Commission, Commissioner Thyssen, to the Romanian Presidency and to all our colleagues who worked together in a very good, a very constructive and a very efficient manner to get this done.


    El presidente. Franck Proust PPE. Karim et M. The Commission would, very exceptionally, have been ready to agree that in this particular case, the seven Member States that have been parties to the Lisbon Agreement for a long time could have been authorised to accede to the Geneva Act in the interest of the European Union.

    Eleonora Forenza, Relatore. Tuttavia, non posso non deplorare il ritardo della trasmissione del presente accordo al Parlamento europeo e la mancanza di informazioni tempestive da parte di altre istituzioni durante i negoziati. Gli accordi internazionali relativi alla politica commerciale dell'Unione europea sono soggetti al consenso del Parlamento. Per tale ragione, invito il Consiglio e la Commissione a informare adeguatamente il Parlamento, in particolare in merito a qualsiasi decisione che possa essere presa in relazione all'articolo 4 della decisione del Consiglio.

    We all know the old Israeli joke — how many times the policemen laughs when you tell him a joke — but during this mandate we have had eight appointments to the European Court of Auditors ECA and, with the outstanding exception of the Republic of Ireland, all of them have been political appointments — and, I must underline, increasingly so by the new or eastern-European Member States including, Estonia, Finland, and Hungary. I am not going to say that we, the politicians, are unsuited or incapable to carry out other professional work. Yet the procedure for how the Member States pick up the candidates is far from transparent and fair.

    Dear colleagues, we must reconsider whether we really need an ECA member from all the Member States simultaneously. Is there really so much to be audited? If we fail, there will be more disgruntled and unhappy people around, ready to destroy Bastilles all over Europe. So please vote this time as the rapporteur has suggested, but keep in mind the fact that a process taken by the Romanian and Croatian governments has not met the high standards and ideals of the European Union.

    Schiaparelli Couture Spring Summer 2017

    And indeed, the policeman only laughs once when you tell him a joke. Please decide on it on its merit. Wolf Klinz, Berichterstatter. Ich habe deshalb hier heute zwei Berichte, die meine letzten sind als Berichterstatter. Europa ist unser aller Zukunft. Wir haben keine andere. Thank you all from me for a fantastic 15 years: fantastic friends all over the borders, from political borders and national borders.

    I would like to underline that here lies an opportunity to make Europe stronger: a free society open for all individuals, strong in a global environment that needs cooperation. The European Union is a fascinating thing. We might sometimes have different views, but the good thing is that we have a common task and a common aim. So thanks to all of you for a fantastic 15 years.

    Those are my last two reports, and I hope they will contribute to a more stable Europe. Mais ce Parlement est devenu le vrai Parlement des citoyens. Gardez-le ainsi! Gabriel Mato, ponente. Peter van Dalen ECR. En ik doe dat in kleding van Nederlandse vissers. Want als wij het trialoogvoorstel gaan aannemen, dan draaien wij de nek om van dit soort gezinnen.

    Deze gezinnen werken met de pulsvisserij. Die toekomst wordt voor deze kinderen en kleinkinderen — er is net over die kinderen en kleinkinderen gesproken — de nek omgedraaid. Daarom moeten wij eerst apart stemmen over de amendementen. Ik verzoek de collega's die dat steunen om nu te gaan staan. Le falta el barco. Andrejs Mamikins, Rapporteur. Again and again, I would like to thank the shadow rapporteurs for their spirit of good cooperation and their support in trilogue negotiations and all the colleagues for their cooperation.

    I na koniec, ostatnie zdanie. Morten Messerschmidt ECR. Numerous right-wing politicians have tried to capitalise on the fact that Union law is not perfectly designed, but no law is exempt from weaknesses. We must give our citizens major freedom and protection while reporting such weaknesses.

    If we want people in the EU to be more engaged and participative in European politics, we must give them the instruments. Maladministration can manifest itself in multiple forums, starting from word—based relations, in the management of EU funds. In every possible case the reporting person must be covered by guarantees. That is why, colleagues, I voted in favour. Daniel Hannan ECR. Nobody, by the way, rifled through the private papers of the alleged fraudsters. Why does this happen? Well of course, all organisations become interested in protecting their own position.

    But I think it is exacerbated by the intimidating fervour, the almost religious belief that people have in the European project, that makes them think that the ends justify the means and that critics can be legitimately silenced. The risk reduction measures proposed will improve conditions for investment in goods and services and strengthen the resilience of EU banks. The revision of requirements for smaller banks will positively impact small and medium enterprises SMEs.

    I am supportive of more flexible lending conditions for small and medium enterprises, supporting their growth by treating smaller banks in a proportionate way. I support the focus placed here on risk sensitivity. It is a highly important factor in building stability and ensuring a robust and strong European economy post—crisis.

    There is a good balance struck here between reducing risks while continuing to encourage funding and investment. The introduction of more refined tools in this area is to be welcomed. Establishing notification and collaboration platforms will facilitate information exchange between national and supervisory authorities. This is just one of the proposed tools for encouraging convergence and cooperation in the insurance field.

    Improved communication between Member States, balanced by the supervision of data reporting service providers, will protect consumer interests. I support the strengthening of the single market for insurance as part of a broader, continued European integration in financial supervision while preserving a balance in the competences of the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority and of national authorities. The revision of rules concerning investment firms is good. The risks involved in the business model of investment firms must be addressed, particularly where the scale of these firms means that their failure poses a systemic risk to the economy.

    Because investment firms are exposed to much less credit risk than banks, they may act with more impunity. It makes sense that where a firm acts on a scale that could present a risk to the economy, it is subjected to the same rules as are applied to banks. The introduction of more tailored rules for smaller, non-systemic investment firms will also improve transparency and level the playing field. Of course we have to remember that the flow of investment and saving across the EU is facilitated by investment firms.

    This is why the adoption of enhanced and tailored supervisory rules to better accommodate the business model of investment firms is important. Tym razem jest jeszcze mocniej. Photoservice, thank you very much. Good job. Labour MEPs, alongside our Socialist and Democrat colleagues, have fought tooth and nail for these new rules that will improve conditions and give new rights to millions of workers on insecure zero—hours contracts and working in the gig economy. But the fight back has begun. An end to work cancelled at the last minute without compensation. Workers given enough to notice about new shifts.

    No more paying for your own training. Europe is changing because we are voting to make it better. A fair deal at work for the many, not the few. High working standards is one of the flagship achievements of the EU, but in some cases it can also become a factor of discrimination that creates first class and second class workers, which is unacceptable, by the way. Our citizens need greater predictability in employment contracts and we must finally stops the shameful practice of unlimited probationary periods. It is not unreasonable to ask for equal treatment of people at work regardless of the contract that they have.

    It is not asking too much to expect predictable employment hours and income from a job, it is not unreasonable to expect to be able to plan your budget. It is unreasonable to want exclusivity from people in that position of taking flexible work and it is unreasonable to insist that they pay for their own training. This nonsense simply has to end. Oggi, un contratto di lavoro su quattro corrisponde ad una forma atipica di occupazione. La direttiva sulla trasparenza delle condizioni di lavoro consente a tutti i lavoratori di essere informati dei loro diritti e obblighi fin dall'inizio del rapporto lavorativo.

    We must guarantee the freedom of movement of workers and their equal rights across the whole European Union. However, it is not acceptable that this European Labour Authority acts as a simple information point. In my opinion, the European Labour Authority must be able to enforce the measures to guarantee social cohesion and make sure that no unemployment arises from the new legislation at EU level. I am speaking particularly about the Central and Eastern European countries that still have inadequate social protection systems in case of unemployment.

    It must be one of the tasks of this new Authority to implement the social pillar and to guarantee that the new, high working standards do not lead to the first closure of enterprises and, as a result, the loss of jobs. Jan Zahradil ECR. Deswegen erlauben wir uns heute einfach, die Reihenfolge etwas umzustellen. Both outfits are complimented with cut-out heart-shaped boots. In the first look, a nude silk crepe dress with lobster applique in vermillion, coral, and red is modeled.

    The lobster presents an aspect of playfulness on the romantic beige dress. In the second look, a midnight-silk Shantung tuxedo with a ruby-plate heart embroidery is shown. The breathtaking fusion between Far-East and French styles is found in the kaleidoscopic kimono that is embellished with striped silk twill and decorated with long flowy, colorful ribbons. Beneath it is a strapless dress in flower-petal moulded silk organza gauze with an octopus applique. The playfulness of this outfit is exhibited in the wonderful use of color, cut-outs, and patchwork, where a classic white dress is given exuberance.

    The next two designs showcase Chinoiserie patchwork that represents a direct link to the Far East. The black leather belt is embroidered with a gold and red dragon. In the second outfit, the Chinoiserie patchwork is prominent in the multi-colored tweed jacket and shorts. The thigh-high boots in both outfits are a strong primary color. The liveliness of this white princess Gazar dress cannot be missed. Colorful child-like shapes, rich with various patterns are hand-painted on the silk drape like a sensuous Japanese etching.

    The black silk Chiffon dress is quite dazzling with its painted flowers and arabesques, and revealing V-neck. Again, the bird cage accessory is found in this outfit, placed front and center. The following two dresses are made from black Chantilly lace. The first dress is revealing, carrying feminine sensuality in its refined embroideries. The lobster design is subdued, as it is embroidered under the lace cropped top in a gentle pink.

    Again, a decorative birdcage is added to the outfit. The golden lines align throughout the dress as if they were the rays of the sun. The final two outfits carry elements of grandeur as well as femininity. The flowy dress is matched with a smart silk jacket that is embroidered with a dragon and Tibetan tiger. It is evident in these two strong pieces how Far Eastern and French styles complement one another; as the jackets are designed in a Chinoiserie manner, the flowy dresses are symbolic of French Romanticism.