Deliver us From Evil (Hennessey and Yellich Mysteries)

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January 17, at am. You make them sound so intriguing. These sound right up my alley. How could I have missed them all these years? Meant to add, I visited York many years ago.

Deliver us From Evil

A wonderful city and the Minster is awe-inspiring! Such good memories. Many thanks for this Roberta — another writer I have never heard of — groan! Sounds right up my alley though.

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June 12, at pm. September 8, at am.

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But the ending was a little predictable, and he did wander into the ghastly thickets of sexual perversions. His saving grace was that he, unlike most modern Grub Streeters, American and British, avoided insulting his readers by peppering his pages with blasphemies. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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    Toggle navigation MENU. Email Address. Email address:. Please provide an email address. Categories of Interest: Select All. Some found the book to hold their interest even though there was not that much in the way of characters being developed. Some have described this series as a dull procedural. Some readers do not care for the way this novel is focused more on plot than on character. Some go so far as to say that the characters are too bland to continue reading the story.

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    A newshound named Cornelius Weekes is found, and most think that the case looks like a straight up suicide. But looks are deceiving. Hennessey, along with his partner Detective Sergeant Yellich, find out that the man who died was looking into a murder from almost twenty years before. Which piques their interest, and makes them wonder if someone is trying to cover up their murder and continue to get away with their killing.

    This case is connected to many unsolved homicides from the past. Including: another journalist who was slaughtered, a mentally ill female from a wealthy family, and a haunted young man. They dig deep and found out some unsettling things are going on. They also find that someone they thought killed her husband was innocent and even framed.

    Readers enjoyed the book for its mystery, and the way that it focuses to the painstaking detail that the cops have to go to to actually catch a killer.

    Peter Turnbull (author)

    His books capture the atmosphere found in British mysteries. Readers found themselves unable to put the book down. Some did not like the book and felt that there was little to the book that would make it a novel and felt more like it was a file recounting an actual case that was being solved. They felt there was little plot, characterization, and was on the bland side.

    A notorious blackmailer named Nathan Ossler is found dead in his home by his housekeeper in an armchair with part of his head missing.

    ‘Deliver Us From Evil,’ by Peter Turnbull | Brandywine Books

    Which surprises no one as the man made people tremble before they paid him off, and want to die. That being said, who shot him with a. Hennessey and Yellich must investigate what happened to the man, and they end up with quite a long list of people, as the man could not interact with anyone it seems without him threatening them in some way. Fans of the novels say that he has an old fashioned writing style, which makes for a nice read.