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The grains of rice were easy to see, even from far away. Just then, White Wing, king of the doves, was flying overhead with all of his doves flying behind him. He saw that banyan tree below. Look at all the rice on that tree. White Wing flew down to the banyan tree.

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The doves spun around behind him and followed him to the tree, too. But oh no! As soon as they all landed on the tree, each one was trapped in the net! Someone was glad to see this. Look at all these doves! I will have myself a fine dinner. As soon as they landed, each one was trapped in the net. He passed their tests and accepted an assignment. He helped plan future raids, train teams of saboteurs , and upgrade attack swoops. He was then assigned to go to the Hoth system. He changed his transponder frequency so his ship would look like an Imperial Scout.

He planned on going to the planet and finding Han Solo, but as he was following behind a squadron of TIE Fighters, an Ion Cannon blast from the planet covered his ship, shutting down all systems and power. He had pulled up enough though that he flew by a Star Destroyer, which pulled his ship in with it's tractor beams. When he was pulled in, he grabbed a blaster in each hand, wanting to take some stormtroopers with him since he was wanted by the Empire and get the death sentence.

But as the door to his ship opened, a gas grenade landed a meter in front of him.

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He tried to hold his breath, but it was too late. He was taken to an interrogation room, injected with pain-enhancing drugs, and had a scrambler fitted to his head.

They broke into the logs of his ship and found out where he had traveled before and read his credit chips to find out what he bought and where he got paid. He was asked about his motives and working with the Rebels.

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After getting his death sentence, he sat in a cell for a day, plotting his escape. While he was asleep, Darth Vader came to him and said he would consider and reprieve of his death sentence if he hunted for Han Solo and brought him and his friends to him alive, and if he was pleased he might spare his life. But if he wasn't pleased, he would give him time to run, and then hunt for him. He accepted, and was freed.

He went to a platform with other bounty hunters, and they listened to Vader's orders. Then they all left for ships. When he got to the ship, he found it fixed from the Ion blast effects. He then went into the asteroid field. He began dropping sensor beacons on large asteroids, hoping they would detect movement. The Imperial fleet then went into hyperspace.

A while later, one of the beacons reported movement. He went to the beacon, but as he did, he noticed something else was following the Millennium Falcon. A tightbeam transmission hit him, and Boba Fett appeared on his monitors.

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Fett told him sorry and that Han Solo was his trophy, and a binary code transmission squealed. A bomb detonated in the engine room, reducing his sublight engines to a pile of slag. It was placed to neutralize the ship, leaving Dengar alive. Sometime later, Dengar arrived at Cloud City on Bespin. While getting ready to land, he spotted the Millennium Falcon on a platform.

He landed at a repair platform and told the dockmaster that he needed repairs and would give a hundred extra credits if done in two hours. He went to the gambling chambers, hoping to find Han Solo there. A group of dancers was on stage, and he spotted Manaroo among them.

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He went to a table and ordered dinner and a pleasant wine. After she was done dancing, she came to his table, and said that she wanted to help him find Solo. Anderson conceived the idea of compiling anthologies of short stories centered around various background characters appearing in the Star Wars saga, [2] whose backstory had by-and-large only been touched upon by West End Games sourcebooks. A second anthology, Tales from Jabba's Palace , was approved soon after the first, and Moran was again invited by Kevin J.

Attracted by the "strong, silent, brutal" character of Fett, Moran agreed, and turned in an outline for a story depicting what happened to Fett after he fell into the sarlacc in Return of the Jedi. Moran's outline established that the sarlacc was self-aware, and that Fett spent many years in its bowels before his escape; it was initially approved.

However, Lucasfilm later requested that Moran change the story to make Fett stay in the sarlacc just a few days, and that it could not be sentient as he wished. Montgomery—despite the wishes of Lucasfilm. No Star Wars author had previously used a pseudonym with Bantam, but Moran insisted that they either publish the revised piece with the pseudonym or publish the original submission without it. In the anthology's "About the Authors" appendix, the issue of the pseudonym was jestingly glossed over, with the piece stating that J.

Montgomery "does not exist…not really. Relations between Lucasfilm and Moran were strained and he doubted he would get an opportunity to write for Kevin J. Anderson's final collection, Tales of the Bounty Hunters.

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Anderson, however, was keen to use Moran as one of the four authors aside from himself to work on the third anthology. He contacted Moran and asked him to pen the Boba Fett story. Daniel Keys Moran was surprised by Anderson's offer, knowing that it could generate friction between Anderson and Lucasfilm and that it was something of a gamble on his part. Moran suspected that Anderson himself knew it wasn't in his best interests to offer him the job, which he admired. He also settled on the title "The Last One Standing," which was never changed. After finishing his outline, Moran decided that if Lucasfilm was unhappy with any substantial part of it, he would not write the story and would request that someone else be found to take his place—this was made easier by the fact that there was little money involved in the anthologies to such an extent that, according to Moran, he was essentially writing the stories out of love for the Star Wars franchise.