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He kept them around because they evoked strong memories of his grandmother and grandfather. Klingler wanted to give the objects he designed a similar kind of meaning, and realized he could use bacteria to do so. In a crossover between science, art, and industrial design, I created the bacteria lamp which uses this fact to create stand out conversational pieces. He cultivates cultures out of those samples using resin discs—feeding them with agar, a seaweed-derived gelatine, for food.

The Original Moon Lamp - Home of the Original Moon Lamp

Once Klingler is satisfied with the results, he places another transparent disk on top, sealing the culture from the open air and stopping their growth. This organic process makes each piece completely unique, with wildly different colors and shapes.

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The Leg Lamp

For more information consult the privacy policy. Silver always arrives at Dr. He goes once a month. He is always very elegant. Today he has to wait as the doctor is still with a patient; the winter has colds running rife among the school children. Her clinic is a paediatric one. Andersen and her children in the waiting room.


Children these days are very smart, they even know how to lie. I never learnt how to, I only know how to imagine, which is different.

A Dad Mistakenly Drank A Lava Lamp At Bedtime. This Is What Happened To His Kidneys.

Mrs Anderson leaves the building holding her daughter by the hand, which means he is already entering into Dr Stanford's office. Silver is a couturier. I wonder when Dr Stanford actually has the time to wear all these dresses? It has started to snow.

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