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One of those women is rising Nashville star Alisa Turner. Alisa recently flew to Houston to lead The Story church in worship, then sat down with the Maybe God team to share her heartbreaking but truly miraculous story. Life is going to throw you a lot of things that are hard to walk through, but God is there to walk you through it.

Used by permission. Against her wishes, I was making the five-hour drive to see her after I had finished the late shift at the movie theater where I worked. When she woke up, she looked at the clock; it was just after 1 a. About fifteen minutes later her phone rang. It was my mom.

I was too exhausted to make it. I had driven that same route a hundred times, but this time it lolled me to sleep. The last thing I remember was being a few miles outside of Lufkin, Texas, which would have been around 1 a. Not even when I was an atheist could I find a rational explanation for it. I was still driving. When I came to, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. But when I arrived, she came running out the front door in her pajamas at 3 a. I looked into her eyes and I could tell that she had been crying.

Your mom is on the phone.

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If they are true, they happen outside the laws of physics. For this reason, many people struggle to believe in the miraculous at all. They tend to see events like mine twenty years ago as coincidences and nothing more.

See a Problem?

But what about you? Do you believe in miracles? Today on Maybe God, two miraculous stories. Also, the miracle baby that many in Houston are celebrating this Christmas. In , she signed with Integrity Music in Nashville, one of the largest labels of its kind in the world. And today, her music videos have over three million views on YouTube.

Her hit song, Miracles, was even recognized by Christian music giants like Lauren Daigle. When I heard her story for the first time, I remember thinking, wait, when is the miracle coming? God has been good to me.

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Even thought I will walk through life with a bit of a broken heart, I walk extraordinarily loved. And so, I can promise you that whatever you are walking through, He has not forgotten you. He has great plans for you. He is still writing your story. When she spoke, her voice was smooth and soft, like a whisper. And then, she started to sing. That means he led their congregation in worship through music every Sunday. Alisa says church felt more like home than anywhere else.

She loved being a part of the music ministry, and most of all, she loved being with her father. I had a lot of friends growing up that did not have great family situations or fathers that were really present, so my dad kind of took in any and everybody. Despite troubling times, hard times, later on in my life, I can look back to my childhood and I am in complete blessing to have my parents and knowing the way my dad loved me is like scratching the surface on the way my heavenly Father loves me.

I wanted other people to feel it as well. At one point, they even talked to her about a possible development deal, but Alisa says the doors closed for her as quickly as they opened. But I thought, this burning desire, this passion, this fire in me to do music would not go out. Because the people seemed to always love what I was able to bring. Alisa wanted to be writing music and performing full-time. Before anyone could talk her out of it, she packed up her car, ditched college, and drove to Nashville. Nothing in that first year I went to Nashville, nothing really happened.

Miracles Love A Believer

And so, it was discouraging, but again, that fire in me to do what I was doing would not go out. And so, we just chitchatted, and it was totally normal. He hung up the phone and I remember I walked across the street to the mall, and if you have ever been through trauma, you remember everything about it.

The moment I got a phone call from a hospital, I remember the store I was in; it was a Lady Foot Locker; I remember where I was at in the store, I remember the angle my body was, it was just crazy to me. Apparently, he started having chest pains, he drove to the hospital just down the street from the church, and he collapsed in the doorway. I always referenced grief as, initially, like this elephant on your back where you are completely immobile and paralyzed, and eventually, you learn how to carry it, and so the elephant goes in your arms.

With a lot of help from friends and family, and of course, the Lord always watching over me, I found my way. I would shower at truck stations, which are surprisingly very clean. They provide you towels and all kinds of stuff. I have so much joy in getting to do what I feel like I was built to do, and so, that overrode anything else that was difficult through that season.

I got to love on people and I got to share my story and I got to hear theirs and I got to sing songs over them, or with them, and that was just the light of my life. First, she started forgetting the lyrics to her songs onstage. Then, her words began to slur. Her health was getting worse and worse until she was finally forced to leave the road and go home. I had been sick for a long, long time, because I had the bug bite, actually, when I was a little girl.

And so, had I gotten diagnosed and treated right away, it would have been a month of Doxycycline for twenty-one days, of once a day, but by the time we finally diagnosed it I was completely bed ridden. I thought I would just go to some doctors, get some answers and get back on my feet. That was not the case. I got so sick. It was almost like once I stopped what I was doing, my body totally crashed. It only got worse for a while.

Even though we had the diagnosis, it was so tricky on how to treat it. Everything had to be done for me, so I kind of laid there like a vegetable. Had it gotten any worse, they would have put me on more of a breathing tube. Everything in me was growing weaker. Doctors tried everything: IV antibiotics, immune therapies, even drugs used in chemotherapy patients. After years of very slow progress, Alisa was finally able to get out of bed and back on her feet.

I have these few sayings that I mostly, I say to other people, but I mostly say them to myself. And renew your faith in the supernatural! If you need a miracle in your life—your victory is waiting for you in the supernatural. Here is how you can experience signs, wonders and miracles where you need them most. Do you need a miracle? Love is the answer. You may be thinking money is the answer, healing is the answer, or deliverance is the answer. But those are just the manifestations of the real power behind every miracle— the love of God.

Do you believe in miracles?

You see, you will never walk in the realm of the miraculous until you understand the love of God for you and for all people. They just mentally agree with John But He was in the stern, asleep on a pillow. Love Himself was asleep in that boat—the same One who was moved with compassion and healed their sick. In what? To have faith in God is to have faith in love itself. Faith works by love. Without believing in the love of God for YOU, you will not be able to fuel the kind of faith it takes to experience signs, wonders and miracles in your life.

Start by praising. Then, fill up on the Word! Ask yourself this: Are you spending enough time with God? Which are you spending the most time on? The television or Him?

When You Believe

Start by reading 1 John every day for two weeks. Settle this forever—healing belongs to you, deliverance belongs to you, victory is your inheritance. However, the ball is in your court. Love already provided everything for you. But it starts with believing. Say this:. Believing is the foundation, but so many people stop short of receiving the love of God. They camp out on past failures and they put themselves in the position of judge and jury—rather than God who declared them innocent with the blood of Jesus.

Unworthiness, guilt and shame all stem from fear, and the enemy is lingering, waiting to use your fear as a back door to steal the inventory outlined in the Word of God that belongs to you. Fear is a thief. Fear will block the miraculous in your life. In the Gospel of Luke, we get an up-close view of how Jesus dealt with fear when a man was facing a serious trial:. While Jesus was still speaking, someone came from the house of Jairus, the synagogue leader.

Why was Jesus so quick to tell Jairus not to fear? Because He knew fear would hinder Jairus from receiving. Fear will prevent your miracle from taking place.

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Focusing on receiving the love of God will stop fear in its tracks. Believing and receiving the love of God will put your focus in the right place to experience signs, wonders and miracles. Kenneth Copeland experienced this when he twisted his ankle and nearly broken it. It was swollen and painful.

He was attending a Kenneth E. Hagin meeting, and he wondered how he was going to make it through.