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Abandoned by the people she called family, she is alone and searching for some meaning in her life. Except that meaning has already come looking for her.

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Science Fiction From cyber thrillers to space operas, your stories of genetic engineering, aliens, futuristic tech and more belong here. Young Adult Recommended audiences is 6th grade and up. It comes very well rated 4. This book is a consistent best seller and is currently on the 7th edition. This pocket sized phrase book is great for travel and has an impressive 4.

This book is part of our crowd sourced 12 best books to learn Spanish. This has over everyday phrases. We really benefited from the phonetic spellings of the Spanish words. At 96 pages, this is the smallest and the cheapest book on the list. It uses color photos to build vocabulary and ensure that the meaning is clear. It is laid out by topic instead of alphabetically, like a traditional dictionary. This book is also part of our crowd-sourced list: 12 best books to learn Spanish. It is not an easy read, but it will teach you how to conjugate verb tenses.

The first 40 pages explains the different verb tenses and how they work. From my experience, the majority of expats will vouch for Pimsleurs as the way they actually learned Spanish. You can get this on audio cd, as a computer program or my favorite via Audible. Audible an app on mobile or pc remembers where you finished off and you can just pick up there again — without any searching.

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See more about the Pimsleurs concept. You can get a free lesson to give it a try. This is very similar to Spanish Verbs see 8 but more hands-on as you do crossword puzzles, exercises and topic reviews. The book comes with a free download of more than 90 minutes of instructional audio.

I never used it I like audio learning better but Dena used it and had good success. But if you tire quickly of studying Spanish from a book, this is a good option. The pack comes with 4 DVDs for a total of minutes. Most of these discs are available individually as well.

Short on time? Check out 9 time-finding hacks for language learning. What is your favorite book for learning Spanish?

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What book or course has worked especially well for you? Tagged as: spanish. Bryan Haines is co-editor of GringosAbroad - Ecuador's largest blog for expats and travelers. He is a travel blogger and content marketer. Work with GringosAbroad. It would be hard to learn Spanish with a book from 50 years ago. It was written in or I am confused. I opened one review on the Madrigal and they saud the book was for the Latin Spanish.

Though, can you help me find a textbook for exactly the European Spanish? Exactly for it. I also liked this post! I also enjoy lists of verbs and a collection of flashcards from Pimsleur, but in books that one is amazing.

Step Away From the Lonely Planet: A Requiem for Travel Guidebooks

For those Spanish students who are stuck in the high school present tense, here is a book I like. Advanced Spanish Step by Step. There is a video series to go with the book. It is available on the Internet free. It is like a soap opera in Spanish, with 52 episodes. I am listening to it for the 2nd time and understand the conversations better now than the 1st time. Learned more from this book and the lessons than any other! Anyone learning Spanish from the s from a Guatemalan author instead of a Spanish or Mexican one from our time will have lots of troubles doing business or making friends speaking with outdated terms and expressions.

Just my two cents on the matter. Thank you for reading.