Batman Chronicles Vol. 1

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Batman Chronicles Vol 1

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The Batman Chronicles Vol. This volume reprints Detective Comics and Batman 1. About The Author. Bill Finger wrote Batman's earliest adventures in Detective Comics and made several significant suggestions, helping refine Kane's initial concept. He worked on many DC characters and titles and scripted some of the s Batman and Robin newspaper strips. Customer Reviews of Batman Chronicles: Vol Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Despite his success in these riddle-less crimes and encou.

Upon his latest escape from Arkham Asylum, the Riddler resolves to stop sending riddles to law enforcement, and hires himself out to mobster Big Jilly for mundane jobs such as safecracking and assassination.

Review: Batman Chronicles - Volume One (Comic Book)

Despite his success in these riddle-less crimes and encouragement from his henchwomen Query and Quiz, the Riddler's compulsion to send riddles grows stronger by the day, until he is left questioning his self-worth and very identity. Eventually, the compulsions and bitterness at Jilly for claiming most of the take on his jobs drive the Riddler back to his old m. A furious Big Jilly, along with Query and Quiz, confronts the Riddler at his sphinx-themed nightclub, but Batman quickly arrives and subdues all of them.

The Batman Chronicles ( - ) from DC Comics

As the Riddler contemplates his latest defeat, Batman assures him that the riddles had less to do with his capture than did information he already had on Jilly's criminal operations. This information redoubles the Riddler's mania as he returns to Arkham, and gives in wholly to his insanity. During another routine day of incarceration at Arkham, Mr. Zsasz shares his supposed origins with a curious therapist.