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Match upper-case and lower-case letters A-E. Letter A Alphabet Activities.

Letter and Alphabet Activities. Today's featured page: Books to Print: Insects. Our subscribers' grade-level estimate for this page: 1st - 2nd. Click Here for K-3 Themes. Short A. Short E. Short I. Short O. Short U. The Letter A. The Letter B. The Letter C. The Letter D. The Letter E. Cataloging software usually provides prompt s or window s to assist cataloger s in entering data in fixed fields. In medieval libraries , manuscript book s were sometimes chained to a shelf, table, or carrel to prevent removal.

In most modern libraries, items have a relative location determined by the classification notation assigned in cataloging , their actual physical position on the shelf changing as other items are acquired or withdrawn or when the collection is shifted. Synonymous with absolute location.

A gothic typeface is often used see this example. Synonymous with nameplate. See also : masthead. A protracted dispute in a newsgroup or mailing list discussion is known as a flame war. Such disputes are usually mediated or terminated by the other participants or by the moderator. See also : netiquette and shouting. Synonymous with feltboard and cloth board. The list price and the publisher 's promotional blurb are usually printed on the front flap.

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In Islamic binding, an envelope flap often fits inside the upper board. The category includes wallet bindings. Click here to see an early European example in blind - tooled leather Cornell University Library and here to see a 17th-century gold - tooled example from Iran Metropolitan Museum of Art. Flash cards are also used in presentations to provide visual cues to the audience. Libraries that include flash cards in their collection s usually make them available in the curriculum room or children's room. Compare with activity card. See also : flash memory. Because of its speed, non-volatility, and shock resistance, flash memory is used as a storage medium in small battery-powered device s, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, and portable digital assistant s PDAs.

Click here to learn more about flash memory, courtesy of Wikipedia , or try HowStuffWorks. Synonymous with flash card and storage card. See also : USB flash drive. Flash devices are typically used to illuminate dark scenes see this example , capture quickly moving objects example , or change the quality of light example. Synonymous with square back. See also : hollow back and tight back. In laptop s, the flat panel folds down to cover the keyboard.

To see examples, try a keywords search on the term "flat panel monitor" in Google Images. The volume number may be written large on the lower edge to facilitate retrieval. This method of shelving can increase shelf capacity by as much as 28 percent, but it makes browsing more difficult because the spine s are not visible.

See also : double shelving , fore-edge shelving , and shelving by size. The flesh side is usually whiter and softer in texture than the hair side , except in Insular manuscript s made from skins not scraped down as far, so that both sides retain a nap similar to suede. The French fleur-de-lis , representing the iris plant, is used as a fleuron on this leather binding Special Collections , Glasgow University Library, S. Also used syonymously with printer's flower. Synonymous with flex-cover. Compare with limp binding and softcover.

See also : bible style. Synonymous with comp time. Compare with overtime. Synonymous with flip book. Not recommended for viewers susceptible to photogenic epilepsy, hallucinations, or migraine some titles carry medical warnings. Also spelled flyer. Synonymous in the UK with leaflet. See also : ephemera. Also used in reference to the copy itself see this example. See also : onionskin.

As the session proceeds, page s can either be torn off or turned over the top. Unlike slide projection or presentation software , a flip chart allows the presenter to manipulate information content manually as it is presented, sometimes in response to feedback from the audience. Overhead transparencies are visible to a larger audience but require projection equipment.

Also spelled flipchart. Because book s and most other printed materials are made of paper , water can cause damage out of proportion to the amount.

Flooding is usually caused by leaking pipes, malfunctioning air conditioning equipment, unintentional sprinkler system use, or inadequate drainage during periods of excessive precipitation. If possible, books and other printed materials should be stored away from all water sources. Mold can begin to grow in wet books within 48 hours or less of exposure. Freezing saturated books buys time, but vacuum drying is an expensive process and not feasible for large quantities of water-damaged item s, which must often be discard ed.

See also : fan drying. If compact shelving is used, floor load requirements double to support a load of pounds per square foot. When libraries make their floor plans available to patron s to show the location of collection s, services, and facilities , nonpublic areas are often left unnamed. Usable floor space excludes areas not available for the specified use, such as utility closets, elevator shafts, stairwells, and bathrooms.

The most commonly used sizes are K double- density and 1. To conserve paper , libraries encourage users of online catalog s and bibliographic database s to save search results to floppy disk or export output to an e-mail account , instead of printing. Click here to learn more about floppy disks, courtesy of HowStuffWorks.

Synonymous with diskette. Compare with hard disk. Florence Agreement Sponsored by UNESCO and signed by 17 countries, the Florence Agreement on the Importation of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Materials reduces tariffs and trade barriers in the international export and import of book s, document s, and other materials in the signatory countries. Click here to read the text of the Florence Agreement.

A flourish is often an extension of an ascender or descender. Pen-flourished initial letter s are common in medieval manuscript s. Click here to see an example in a 12th-century Italian lectionary Cary Collection , Rochester Institute. In older signature s, flourishes were used as a mark of distinction and to prevent forgery. See also : paraph. Width of line may be proportional to the quantity mapped click here to see a map of traffic flows in and out of the King County International Airport and here to see the flow of telecommunications traffic in Europe.

See also : dynamic map. In modern bookbinding , this is achieved by trimming after the case or cover is attached to the section s. Most paperback book s have flush covers see this example , courtesy of LSE Reprographics. Compare with extended binding. See also : cut flush. A white line is added between paragraphs to separate them. Their purpose is to protect the leaves of the first and last section s of the text block from damage. In medieval manuscript s, the flyleaves sometimes bear pen trials and inscription s that can be helpful in establishing provenance.

Also spelled fly leaf. Synonymous with free endleaf. In library binding , it has been replaced by paper and sometimes cloth labels. Also refers to a similarly printed leaf at the beginning of a chapter or other major division of a book, bearing the title of the division.

In England, synonymous with bastard title and half title. An effort may be made to select a representative sample of the larger cohort used in subsequent research. Focus groups are sometimes used in library research and strategic planning , for example, to determine user needs and preferences in the development of a technology plan. The technique is also used extensively in business for qualitative research on consumer behavior. Online focus groups are used in the evaluation of Web -based services.

The higher the index number, the less intelligible the writing, an important consideration in judging the sales potential of a work. The measure is imprecise because it does not take into consideration the writer's style, which may break long sentences into phrases and make difficult words easier to comprehend from the context. A bifolium is created by a single fold down the center of a sheet. Early manuscript book s consisted of gathering s of bifolia nested one within another. When paper replaced parchment and vellum in book production, a full sheet could be printed and folded more than once to make a quire of a given number of page s, depending on how the printed matter was arranged: Folio.

One fold: 2 leaves, 4 pages Quarto 4to. Two folds: 4 leaves, 8 pages Octavo 8vo. Three folds: 8 leaves, 16 pages Sextodecimo 16mo. Four folds: 16 leaves, 32 pages In modern binding , folding is done by machine. Used for pictorial display of wide-angle panoramas, particularly in China. More complex folded books have been created by contemporary artists for whom the book is a form of visual art see artist's book. Synonymous with folding book.

Usually tested mechanically, fold strength is most important in paper used for printing currency. See also : two-double fold test. Examples include performance programs, restaurant menu s, etc. Also refers to a sheet of heavy paper such as manila , folded once, sometimes with a flap across the bottom and a projecting tab for label ing, used for filing loose papers. See : throw-out. Fold sewing allows greater ease of opening than side sewing.

Hand fold sewing can be all along , two on , or three on. The Folger also collects research materials on British civilization and the culture of the Renaissance, including rare book s and manuscript s. A substantial gift from the private library of Henry and Emily Folger forms the nucleus of the collection. The Folgers also established an endowment in support of the library , administered by the Trustees of Amherst College.

The library includes a small theater in which Shakespeare's play s are publicly performed. Poetry readings and concerts of early music are also scheduled. Click here to connect to the Folger homepage.

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Acanthus and rinceaux are common styles. Synonymous with foliated border. See also : foliate initial. Foliate designs are also used in ornamental border s and as line filler s. Click here and here and here and here and here and here to sample a variety of styles, courtesy of the British Library 's Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts.

Synonymous with foliated initial. Compare with figure initial. See also : historiated initial and rustic capital. Foliation in arabic numeral s was introduced in Italy during the late 15th century see this example in a Latin liturgical text , courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh Libraries. Pagination in arabic numeral s began about years later but did not become widespread until the 18th century.

Also refers to the total number of leaves in a manuscript or book, number ed or unnumbered. See also : blind folio. In manuscript book s, several bifolia nested together, to be sewn through the fold in binding , constitute a quire or gathering. When number ed at the top or bottom on the recto only, a leaf is said to be foliated.

Numbering on the recto and verso is called pagination. The term also refers to a blank sheet of printing paper in its full, unfolded size and to a single sheet of a writer's manuscript or typescript with writing or printed matter on one side only. Abbreviated F. Plural: folios or folia , abbreviated ff. Folklore includes legend s, folktale s, song s, nursery rhyme s, riddle s, superstitions, proverb s, customs, and forms of dance and drama performed at traditional celebrations.

Because folklore flourishes in communities with a low literacy rate, it is disappearing in many parts of the world. Dictionaries of folklore are available in the reference section of most large libraries. Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts is maintained by D. Compare with myth. On the Web , folksonomies first became popular in in software application s that allow social bookmarking and photograph annotation.

The practice is also known as collaborative tagging , social classification , social indexing , and social tagging. The category includes a range of forms, from fairy tale to myth. Some have historical roots example : John Henry , others are purely imaginative Pecos Bill. Folktales are usually published in collection s. In libraries , they are shelved in either the adult or juvenile collection , depending on reading level and format. Also spelled folk tale. In book s, the text is set in a single font, with any long quotation s and note s in a smaller size of the same font.

Older spelling: fount. The word is derived from the watermark traditionally used by papermaker s, showing the distinctive multi-pointed cap with bells worn by medieval jesters see this example.

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Abbreviated fcap or fcp. The opposite of head. Synonymous with tail. Also used as a general term for unedited positive motion picture film. A footage counter is a device used to measure film by counting the length in feet or in number of frame s. Models used in the film industry often indicate running time and time code.

See also : found footage and stock footage. The footer may also include the date of last update , a copyright notice, and a contact link or Internet address. Also refers to the lines at the bottom of an e-mail message indicating the name, title , and affiliation of the sender and any contact information , as distinct from the header at the beginning of the message and the body containing the text. Also used synonymously in printed document s with running foot.

Footnotes are indicated in the text by an arabic numeral in superscript , or a reference mark , and are usually printed in a smaller size of the font used for the text. When number ed, the sequence usually starts with 1 at the beginning of each chapter but may occasionally start with 1 at the beginning of each page. Compare with endnote and in-text citation.

The fore-edges of medieval manuscript s were sometimes decorated or labeled in ink , often with the title , because prior to the 16th century books were shelved flat with the fore-edge facing out. Click here to see examples of edge decoration , courtesy of the Princeton University Library. Synonymous with front edge. To prevent the force of gravity from causing the book block to pull away from the case or cover , the spine should rest on the shelf with the fore-edge up.

This method preserves call number sequence and adds at least two shelves to a standard inch-high section when space is limited but makes browsing and locating a specific item difficult because the spines are not visible. For this reason, it is usually restricted to portions of a library collection that are not heavily used. See also : double shelving , flat shelving , and shelving by size. Certain vendor s specialize in supplying libraries and bookstore s with title s published in specific countries example : China Books of San Francisco. When the sound track includes dialogue , it is usually in the language of the country of origin, with translation added in subtitle s or dubbed.

Synonymous with foreign-language film , foreign release , and foreign version. Compare with bilingual edition. The trend toward globalization of corporate ownership has profoundly affected the communication media , including publishing. Synonymous with given name. See also : first name. In AACR2 , this practice is reserved for names that do not include a surname example : Plato , names that include a patronymic Isaac ben Aaron , and names of royal persons Liliuokalani, Queen of Hawaii. Any word or phrase commonly associated with the name in work s by the person, or in reference sources, such as place of origin, domicile, occupation, etc.

The category includes police photographs and surveillance photographs. Forensic photographers use a variety of specialized materials and techniques, including infrared and ultraviolet film s, macro-photography, photomicrography, photogrammetry, and sensitometry. Synonymous with crime photograph. See also : post-mortem photograph. When written by the author, introductory remarks constitute the preface. The foreword differs from the preface in remaining unchanged from one edition to the next.

In the front matter of a book , the foreword or preface usually follows the dedication and precedes the introduction. Abbreviated fwd. The creation of fake first edition s of rare and valuable book s is considered forgery. In most countries, the act of forgery, or the sale of a forged work with intent to deceive, is a crime. Also refers to that which is forged. An online exhibition of the Frank W. See also : authenticity , fake , and false document. Compare with genre. See also : form subdivision. The MARC record is designed to allow a given field to be used for any format for which it is appropriate.

In word processing software , option s allow the user to specify formatting. In HTML document s, the same effects are achieved through the use of fixed tag s embedded in the text. In most cataloging and indexing systems, form of entry for names personal and corporate , title s, and subject s is also subject to authority control.

In Library of Congress subject heading s, a form subdivision is usually the final element in a heading Libraries--Automation--Directories. Sometimes two subdivision s are required to designate form Libraries--Periodicals--Bibliography. In a classification system , a similar subdivision of a class. Today, a list of prescription drugs covered by a given pharmaceutical benefit plan. A national formulary is a list of medicines approved for prescription in a specific country, providing information about their chemical composition, description, selection, prescription, dispensing, and administration, and indicating which products are interchangeable.

Compare with pharmacopoeia. Usually refers to new title s included in a publisher 's frontlist for the next season. Bowker publishes a quarterly subject , author , and title index of Forthcoming Books. Forthcoming Books A quarterly subject , author , and title list of book s to be published in the United States within the next four months and books published since the most recent edition of Books in Print. Published by Bowker , Forthcoming Books lists approximately , titles per year.

Entries include name of publisher , year of publication , price , binding , and ISBN. The frequency of a serial publication issue d at two-week intervals 26 times per year. Abbreviated fortn. Forwarding includes attaching the endleaves , rounding and backing , gluing the lining and endbands to the binding edge , and attaching the board s and cover ing material.

The sequence of operations is slightly different in case binding than in hand-binding. American Libraries reported in September that the Denver Public Library recently reviewed the content of its fotonovela collection for nudity and violence after receiving complaints from the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform CAIR. Fotonovelas are often treated as ephemera by libraries because of their flimsy format and comparatively low cost.

Particularly common in paper made by machine in the late 18th and 19th centuries, foxing can vary in extent from barely visible to ruinous. Although the cause or causes are not fully understood, the fact that foxing often begins near the edge of a leaf or sheet and spreads inward suggests that exposure to the atmosphere may play an important role.

In some types of documents, foxing can be reduced or eliminated by a technique called washing , but preservation ists proceed with caution because some methods can cause further damage. Click here to see heavy foxing in a copy of the first edition of Life in Colonial Mexico published in Madrid in Georgetown University Libraries and here to see light foxing in a 19th-century edition University of Pittsburgh Libraries.

Synonymous with foxmarks. See : projection speed. Libraries sometimes affix a bookplate to warn users that gentle treatment is required. If the book is valuable, it may be kept in the rare book s and special collection s section to allow closer supervision of its use.

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Many ancient manuscripts written on papyrus survive only in fragments see this example. Other examples can be seen in the Duke Papyrus Archive. Fragments of codices also exist in great numbers see this 15th-century Icelandic example on vellum , courtesy of the Library of Congress. See also : cutting and Dead Sea Scrolls. Most frakturs are birth, baptismal, or marriage certificate s produced from the s to the early 20th century, almost always in German. The term is derived from the name of the family of gothic script s and typeface s used to write or print the documents see this example , courtesy of Wikipedia.

Frakturs are collected as a form of folk art for their beauty and historical value. Originally an operation requiring specialized equipment, the reproduction process has been simplified by digital technology in which a film scanner or digital camera is used to capture the frame as an image file. Some film archives offer digitized frame enlargements as a service to researcher s. Licensing may be required for commercial use. Frankfurt Book Fair The largest and one of the oldest book trade fair s in the world, held annually in Frankfurt, Germany, in October, providing an opportunity for publisher s to exhibit their publication s, negotiate international sales rights , make arrangements for co-published edition s, etc.

Click here to connect to the Frankfurt Book Fair homepage. Franklin, Benjamin A man of many talents who combined intellectual genius with practicality, Benjamin Franklin was a champion of American independence and is considered one of the founding fathers of the United States.

At various periods in his life he was printer and publisher , diplomat and statesman, scientist and philosopher. Born in Boston, the son of a Puritan candlemaker and mechanic, Franklin was apprenticed at age 12 to his brother James, the printer of an early Boston newspaper, The New England Courant. FRBR Pronounced "furbur. FRBRization The attempt to model in bibliographic systems the entity structure described in Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records FRBR , based on the concepts of work , expression , manifestation , and item.

Pronounced "furburization. Frederick G. Kilgour , founder of OCLC and a seminal figure in library automation. The award is bestowed on a person who has contributed a body of research in the field of library and information technology that has significantly influenced the way information is published , stored , retrieved , disseminated, or managed. Click here to view a list of award winners. Congress in and subsequently enacted in most European and UK countries.

Under FOIA , applicants who request in writing specific information must be supplied with copies of the requested document s or records within a designated period of time. Disclosure of information that might prove harmful to national defense, foreign relations, law enforcement, commercial activities of third parties, or personal privacy is exempted. Compare with intellectual freedom. See also : information law. The Act exempts from disclosure information that might prove harmful to national defense, foreign relations, law enforcement, commercial interests of third parties, or personal privacy.

The intent behind FOIA is to make government more transparent and accountable to citizens and to prevent secrecy from being used for illegitimate purposes. Similar legislation has been enacted in most European and UK countries. FOIA applies only to federal agencies and does not create right of access to records held by Congress, the courts, or state or local government agencies each state has enacted its own laws concerning access.

Department of Justice. In the United States, freedom of speech is protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution, ratified in The FTRF also fosters libraries in which the individual's First Amendment rights can be fulfilled and supports the right of libraries and librarian s to include in their collection s any work that can be legally purchased in the United States, despite objections from individuals and groups with an axe to grind.

Click here to connect to the FTRF homepage. Freedom to Read Statement A formal declaration originally issued in May by the Westchester Conference of the American Library Association and the American Book Publishers Council now the Association of American Publishers affirming the First Amendment right of every American to choose without interference whatever he or she wishes to read. Five types of free-floating subdivisions are used in Library of Congress subject heading s: Form and topical subdivisions of general application example : Globalization--Economic aspects Subdivisions used under classes of persons and ethnic groups example : Asian Americans--Civil rights Subdivisions used under names of individual corporate bodies, persons, and families example : United States--Constitution Subdivisions used under place names example : New York N.

In the information sector, this mode of operation is commonly used by literary agent s, information broker s, journalist s, photograph ers, illustrator s, and even editor s. Freelancers often work from home, rather than from a commercial address. Freenet A peer-to-peer platform designed to facilitate censorship -resistant communication, Freenet uses decentralized, distributed data storage and offers a suite of free software for working with stored data adapted from Wikipedia.

Prior to the emergence of the Internet , government, business, and nonprofit organizations provided most of the free information available to librarian s and library users. Today, information is available at no charge from a considerably wider range of sources via the World Wide Web , but the user must exercise discrimination in assessing accuracy and authority. Free daily newspapers originated in California in with publication of the Contra Costa Times. Constitution to write or say whatever one wishes without fear of censorship or prosecution, within certain limitations libel , slander , etc.

See also : intellectual freedom. Most free-standing shelving is double-sided and available in section s to allow the assembly of range s of variable length see this example. In libraries in the United States, minimum aisle width between ranges is 36 inches.

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Building safety codes in earthquake-prone areas may require special bracing to stabilize free-standing shelving. Compare with wall shelving. See also : compact shelving. Compare with full-text search. See also : keyword s. No book report s or journal entries must be written or chapter questions answered in FVR, although the reader may be asked to promote the book orally to his or her peers. It is hoped that the key ingredient--lack of compulsion--will motivate students by making reading fun. The strategy is based on studies that show a positive correlation between quantity of reading and the development of literacy skills.

Krashen Libraries Unlimited, Compare with shareware. In most cases, normal operations resume after the cause of the problem is resolved. The temperature inside the freezer must be maintained at minus 10 degrees F. For best results, materials should be frozen as soon as possible after becoming wet. In thermaline or cryogenic drying , developed for rare book s and manuscript s bound in leather or vellum , blast freezers are used at very low temperatures to hasten the drying process.

Highly labor-intensive and requiring sophisticated technology, it is the most expensive drying method. Compare with air drying. According to former Yale University conservator Jane Greenfield The Care of Fine Books , Nick Lyons Books, , freezing at minus 6 degrees Fahrenheit in a domestic freezer unit will kill insects at all stages of development eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult. To prevent the formation of ice crystals, damp books should be allowed to dry for at least a week before freezing.

She recommends sealing items for freezing in polyethylene bags and leaving them in the bags after removal from the freezer until condensation on the outside has evaporated. Freezing is also used to prepare water-damaged books for vacuum drying. Synonymous with french rule and swelled rule. Scholarly journal s are usually published quarterly, magazine s weekly or monthly, and newspaper s daily or weekly.

Frequency and changes of frequency are indicated in the note area of the bibliographic description of a serial. See also : banned book and parenting collection. The opposite of monk. Friends of the Library FOL An organization whose members share an interest in supporting a particular library or library system through fund-raising and promotional activities see this example. In some libraries, the Friends group operates a small gift shop or conducts an annual book sale , using the proceeds to support library program s and services.

Friends members often serve as volunteer s in the library, performing a variety of tasks from mending to storytelling. In earlier manuscripts, the frontispiece sometimes appears on the first page above the text , as in this example from a 14th-century Bible historiale Getty Museum , MS 1. Abbreviated front. Compare with headpiece. Allan Zavod, words by Dr. Alan Finkel, narrated by Sir Richard Branson, and performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and conductor Benjamin Northey, this recording is a major international release that lends some musical muscle to the ongoing political and environmental fight against climate change.

Known for his unique creative blend of improvised jazz and classical music, Dr. The Environmental Symphony was his last major work before his death in They shared the belief that music and science could unite to provide a fresh insight into the problem of global warming. He has received many accolades and awards, and is passionate about science education. Since starting youth culture magazine Student at aged 16, Sir Richard Branson has found entrepreneurial ways to drive positive change in the world. In Richard established Virgin Unite, the non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group, which unites people and entrepreneurial ideas to create opportunities for a better world.

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is a leading cultural figure in the Australian arts landscape, bringing the best in orchestral music and passionate performance to a diverse audience across the nation and around the world. Each year the MSO engages with more than 5 million people through live concerts, TV, radio and online broadcasts, international and regional tours, recordings and education programs.

Big Band…! Made up primarily of emerging artists, most of them studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Jazz Connection is an elite jazz orchestra that fosters talented young jazz musicians, giving them the opportunity to perform live at prestigious festivals and venues such as the Sound Lounge Seymour Centre , Jazz Groove Association Club and the Sydney Opera House.

She continues to teach at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Recorded in a single day, the album captures the energy and creative flair of the band - which features up-and-coming soloists including Tom Avgenicos, Lachy Hamilton and National Jazz Award winner Alex Hirlian. The Best of Peter Sculthorpe. Released to coincide with what would have been his 90th birthday, The Best of Peter Sculthorpe brings together more than two hours of his best-loved and most iconic works, from solo piano works played by Tamara-Anna Cislowska, to orchestral works and concertos performed by great soloists William Barton, Karin Schaupp and Amy Dickson, and his 18th and final string quartet.

Born in Launceston on 29 April , Sculthorpe rose to international recognition by creating a uniquely Australian style of music. He died in , at the age of Music for Bali2. Song of Home4. Small Town6. Sun Music IV7. On High Hills9. A Land Singing7. A Dying Land8. A Lost Land9. Purchase or Stream Here. Two small children, Maykin and her brother Robin, are being settled in their beds by their mother, who is reading their favourite book, The Little Green Road to Fairyland.

Slowly they fall asleep, when a Fairy appears through their bedroom window, sprinkles her magic fairy dust over the sleeping children, and takes them on a magical journey!