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Second, it can imply they are the Jailer of Virtue , being a jailer possessing that virtue. This would mean they are a jailer which possesses the Virtue in question. In this case, they would not be jailing the Virtue in their name, they would be jailing the monster known as Absolute Virtue. The latter interpretation is more logical since each Jailer drops a weapon and a torque bearing their namesake Virtue. If they were to be jailing the Virtue in question, it would make more sense for them to drop weapons and torques not named after the virtue, like objects named after the 7 Vices or the 7 Sins.

Since the title you gain for defeating Absolute Virtue is "Virtuous Saint," this is the more widely accepted context. However, the former also makes sense because if the jailer is defeated, the virtue it was imprisoning is released.

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Absolute Virtue, interestingly, appears to drop 7 items named after synonyms for the deadly sins. It may drop these sins because upon defeating Absolute Virtue you theoretically destroy all the virtues, leaving the only thing left to gain to be sins. It is also possible that the sins are the "chains" placed on Absolute Virtue. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Please note that two NMs named Jailer of Prudence spawn at the same time. To obtain drops, both Jailers of Prudence need to be defeated. The first one never drops any items. The second one is always the one to drop items.

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If both versions die at the same time in "closed-mouth" form, it is possible for them to drop nothing at all. Both will despawn 3 minutes after it deaggros. If the first one despawns, as long as the second one is still up, it will behave as if the first was killed the second one's mouth will open, it WILL drop items. Each one disappears becomes untargetable and invisible when hate shifts to a player outside its melee radius, and reappears next to the person at the top of its hate list.

Both of them can and will Triple Attack frequently. Both can use Perfect Dodge multiple times, and will do so almost incessantly. The pair uses normal Hpemde abilities. When they are in close proximity, the two will use these abilities in sync. JoP has alliance hate, so any strategy that involves kiting one away should have someone outside the fighting alliance pop the NMs.

They do not have increased movement speed over normal Hpemde , and they "swim" in the same fashion, so kiting one image around the island southwest of the spawn point while the other one is manaburned near the spawn area is a preferred tactic. Jailer of Prudence will however gain Flee speed during Perfect Dodge.

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He will also occasionally always? Once the first "copy" of Jailer of Prudence is defeated, the second one will go into the Hpemde family's characteristic "open-mouth" form. In this form its defenses are reduced, but its melee attacks are extremely potent. A common strategy is to kite the second copy until the alliance is prepared to engage it, and then defeat it as fast as possible with high-damage spells and ranged attacks. There used to be problems with this NM including one or both becoming untargetable but still attacking people; and one becoming both untargetable and invisible, but not despawning.

It was possible to bring other enemies near the Jailer and defeat it with AoE spells. Note: These issues were addressed as of the February update. Using a Thief with evasion gear and a pair of Powder Boots , it is possible to zone one of the pops by fleeing to the Sealion's Den H zone. The Thief should not be in main alliance, because when Prudence is popped one will pop claimed as the clone will remain unclaimed. The main alliance should grab unclaimed copy. The main alliance must wait for zoned jailer to despawn before defeating or causing any damage to the other one.

It is not necessary to zone Prudence, but it should be pulled far enough away for it to despawn. If the Thief outruns Prudence they may lose the claim. If this happens, Prudence will return to the other clone and wreak havoc. Dialogue The "??? The Jailers of Sea It is not clear what the proper context of the Jailers is. Tessa Bailey. ML Nystrom. Who's Loving You. Mary B. Bite Me. Jaci Burton. Best Erotic Romance.

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