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Instead, he was backed up silently against the furthest wall of the cell, his eyes wide with fear, an expression Parkhurst had never seen on his face before. This was no normal human being. The tentacle that had seized his gun was just the beginning. The creature he was staring at was a freak of nature, a half man, half. I like this expression on your face. Parkhurst recognised the name Kevan. Was this Kevan Kayne? The Endrin employee and long-time friend of Darklight who had been mysteriously sacked by the company around a year ago?

Darklight stammered. I buried your lifeless body at the Endrin headquarters. I buried you with the diseased worms out in the plantation unit. Those worms should have ravaged your body and then eaten you. They were swallowing up all the toxic waste that my Divinita machine was spewing out directly below in the Divinita chamber. Those worms were crazed; they should have burrowed through your corpse and ripped you to shreds.

Well, unfortunately for you, Kan, those worms are the reason I am here today, Kayne mused ponderingly. It was the worms that brought me back to life. Kayne cricked his neck and a bubble of pus just above his shoulder popped, dribbling thick, green liquid down onto the collar of his coat. One minute I was staring at your gun, the next I was waking up to darkness, suffocating. You really should have buried me deeper. It took me a moment to realise where I was, but when I did, I made a run for it.

I escaped through the sewers and hid in the shadows of the city for the first night, and first thing in the morning, I left. Kayne winced in pain as a small, thin, fresh tentacle burst out of the back of his head, wriggling around like an eel through his unkempt, long, brown hair before slithering back into his skull.

I had no idea how I was alive, Kayne continued. I knew you had shot me, not because I remembered it, but because I still had the bullet wound. This big, gaping hole. Kayne shrugged his overcoat off, letting it drop to the floor, revealing a mutated torso that was bubbling and pulsating even more than his face. But the most incredible thing about it was the bullet sized tunnel cutting straight through the left of his chest, directly through the heart.

I had no pulse, Kayne continued, but somehow I was still here in the world of the living. It was only when I started to feel ill and I threw up that I found out what had really happened. There were dead worms floating in my vomit. I figured they must have crawled into my mouth while I was buried, and found their way to my stomach. Whatever demonic form of helitonium those worms had been devouring had altered the reality around them. They had given me some form of second life. Parkhurst was no longer trying to escape the handcuffs that were restraining him.

He just stood, watching, mesmerised by what was unfolding. I had to do what I had to do to survive, said Kayne. My skin was beginning to decay, my consciousness was coming and going, one of my little fingers. I needed more worms to keep me going. So I posted a job advertisement online. And sure enough, someone applied. A young boy named Seckry Sevenstars. A few days later, the worms arrived on a train. I paid him generously for his troubles, of course. That boy ruined everything for me. Yes, Kan, it was me.

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I have to say it is somewhat satisfying knowing that I inadvertently caused the collapse of your presidency and your ultimate imprisonment. Your wife is dead. I murdered her. You will always have to live with the memory of me blowing her brains out, and it spattering over the wall beside you in tiny. Darklight wriggled violently, grabbing the tentacles and trying the wrench them away, but he had no strength against this mutant.

You buried her just a few yards away from me, Kayne continued. Of course the worms gave her life. They gave her even more of a second life than me. You see, helitonium is chaotic, unstable, and. You should know that more than anyone, Kan. Yes, said Kayne, as the final morsel of life was squeezed out of Darklight, and his arms dropped to his sides.

It was the twelfth of September in Skyfall City, a date that was important to one particular boy who lay sleeping in the smallest bedroom of flat seventeen, block twenty two, Kerik Square. That boy was Seckry Sevenstars, and today was his sixteenth birthday. He shook a few strands of sandy hair away from his face and sat up.

As he did so, a note that had been lying on top of his quilt fluttered down towards his legs. But Seckry had no need to worry; above the distant rumble of the monorails, he could hear the faintest sound of Eiya humming out in the kitchen area. Seckry Sevenstars had been an ordinary boy leading an ordinary life in the quiet village of Marne until just over a year ago, when the Endrin Corporation had come crashing into his life, taking away his home, obliterating everything he knew, and changing his life forever. After being forced to move to Skyfall City, Seckry had been homesick, but over the course of the year, Seckry had bonded with the city in a way that he never had with Marne.

Even though Skyfall was a mess of decaying buildings, scaffolding, rat infested back alleys and had a corrupt government, this was where Seckry now truly felt at home. It was amazing to think back at the memories he had of his first year in Skyfall; meeting what were to become his best friends, playing Friction for the very first time, competing in the Mega Meltdown and actually winning, thwarting the plans of the Endrin Corporation, discovering that he spawned an entire religion, and finding, or indeed creating, the most important person in his life, Eiya.

Back in Marne, if someone had told him what his future had held, he would never have believed them in a million years, but Seckry had the strangest feeling that the crazy events of last year were just the beginning of his adventures. One event that Seckry was certain was going to be explosive this year was the Friction Mega Meltdown. The nervousness and excitement he had felt as they prepared to enter their pods amidst the heaving crowds of spectators and the rush he had experienced when they were cheered by thousands of fans were second to none.

The fact that Seckry now considered Friction to be one of the most important things in his life was more surprising to Seckry himself than anyone else. When he had arrived in Skyfall, he had never even heard of the game, never mind played it. Without realising it, Seckry sunk into a hazy half sleep filled with fleeting avatars and flying arrows.

Around an hour later, Seckry woke with a start as Eiya jumped onto his bed, dropping a heavy hamper which bounced on the mattress.

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Happy Birthday, Seck, she said sweetly, smiling that smile that gave Seckry goosebumps every time she did it. Inside was a mouth-watering array of cheeses, biscuits, and slices of exotic meats alongside warm, crusted bread, a bowl of potato salad with junerbush berries mixed in, and chunks of fresh, bright green meltmelon. After opening presents from his mum and his sister, who had both gone to work and left Seckry asleep, he and Eiya caught the monorail to the park, lugging their hamper and resisting the urge not to nibble on the way.

Skyfall was a busy, dirty city, so escaping to one of its rare grassy areas was a much needed treat, especially in the warm, humid, late summer weather. Do you know what Tenk is up to? Oh, said Seckry. Had he done something to offend them? When Seckry suggested they start heading back, Eiya asked him to stay in the park a little longer, and kept glancing at her watch off and on until around 6pm. As Seckry fumbled to find his keys he noticed a pair of spectacled eyes peering at him from behind one of the curtains on the other side of the window. Get down here! A female hand suddenly reached up, gripped Tippian by his t-shirt, and yanked him out of sight.

Seckry opened the door carefully, and around thirty people popped out from behind sofas, curtains, and tables, with someone even emerging from underneath the kitchen sink. The flat was heaving with familiar faces, and it took Seckry a few minutes to register exactly who was there. Then there were a few of the neighbours from his floor, and even Henrei, the arcade vendor, and his wife, Marberry, who raised a glass of wine each to him from a distance.

Seckry smiled and raised his keys back at them. After thanking his mum for going to all the effort of creating the surprise party and saying hello to everybody, Loca handed him a paper plate and said, Happy birthday, Seck. You can be the first to try the food. Well you got me hiding under the food table! I could smell the things. Oh, she had to. She sends her birthday wishes though. At the beginning of the summer, the group had bumped into the mystery girl Tenk fancied who had been, until then, known as the Chip and Milk Girl. After spending the entire Friction match chatting to each other in the corner of the stadium, they had arranged to meet up again, and were now officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Gedin, Tenk, said Loca as Tenk shoved his seventh cheesebread into his mouth. How on earth do you do it? After a brief moment of silence, Tenk continued. What about my chocolate ice cream that I always have before bed?

Never get married. The mother in law will make your life a living nightmare. All I ask is to be able to watch an hour of sport on a Sunday, and do you think the old cow will let me? Seckry asked.

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Though it seems like a lifetime to me. As he walked away, Seckry got the attention of Tenk, who was now trying to blow into a balloon as much as he could before it popped. Seckry had often wondered what it would be like to have grandparents. A few moments later, Coralle dimmed the lights and Leena wheeled out a gigantic cake as everyone began singing happy birthday. It was only as he neared it, ready to blow out the candles, that Seckry realised his mum had made an intricate icing illustration of his avatar, Anikam on top of the cake, along with the official Friction logo.

Seckry was blown away. Once the cake had been sliced and distributed amongst everyone, Seckry was finally feeling like he could no longer physically fit any more food into his stomach, and sat down at the kitchen table, keeping an eye out for a clear pathway to the bathroom in case he had to run to it to be sick. After a while, Tenk joined him, fuming with anger because Longo had fired a party popper directly into one of his ears.

Oh, sorry, said Tenk. Not the Messiah, the Son of Gedin. I thought the Messiah was the same thing though. And besides that, who was to say anyone else would believe him? He might be branded as insane, or even worse, as a blasphemer, and then get attacked by religious fanatics or something. They watched Loca and Kimmy dance for a while and Seckry noticed that Tippian was sat alone at the other end of the living area, seemingly talking to himself. Loca joined them and sighed. No, not that, said Tenk.

I wanted to know if you think Tippian has been acting strangely recently. Thank Gedin someone else has noticed it too. Look at him! Seckry craned his head and watched Tippian close his eyes and start making strange, silent gestures with his mouth, as though he was chewing some invisible marshmallow that was making him go through the entire spectrum of emotions in a matter of seconds.

A Scene from Spring Awakening at Trinity College

After their stomachs had settled a little, they decided to approach Tippian to make sure he was okay. Even Seckry was getting a little concerned now. Tippian was starting to sound like Mr Gobbledee during one of his chlorocalm outbursts. But when they tried to talk to him, Tippian just hushed them, got up, and walked away, muttering other random words under his breath.

Dear Gedin, Hen, Seckry overheard her nattering. After around half an hour, Tippian shouted, Yes! I got it! It looked like some kind of primitive mobile phone or radio receiver. Submit your unique invention now for a. Tipp, there's a ball of used chewing gum covering the rest. Oh, sorry, said Tippian, pulling it off and throwing it into his mouth. It says submit your unique invention now for a chance to win the prestigious award in its twenty fifth incarnation.

He's famous for providing the metal used in really expensive trophies, called utainium. They use Wellworth utainium in all the major trophies around the world. If you get a Wellworth one you've made it. They're worth a fortune. Any award that uses utainium has his name before it. I think he provides the metal for free in exchange for having his name attached to it. And this is your invention? The Voicemaster? What does it do? Make your voice deeper or more high pitched or something to make you sound weird?