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Working remotely is very different than being connected through a Celanese physical site location. In this regard, volunteer opportunities are self-initiated. As I looked for ways to volunteer, I reflected…. Our brains are wired to connect to stories. We connect with stories that are relatable and emotional.

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This achievement is the result of hard work and commitment…. Healthy sleep patterns can be a great foundation to a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. However, sleep deprivation can affect your overall wellbeing by causing both physical and emotional problems. Many of…. As we celebrate a great visionary and civil rights leader of our country, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It was the summer of in Jacksonville, Florida. My wife had just snapped a picture of my daughter and me standing outside a local hot spot. In typical human….

As you are thinking of ways to help your community, I ask you to consider giving the gift of life. Many people sign up as organ donors, when someone close…. As we come to the end of this 10 decade blog series, what stands out quite prominently is that this is only the beginning of the Story of Celanese. Hear us out. Do you ever feel like you need a vacation after your vacation? Avoid the vacation hangover by trading in the beach and amusement parks for a quiet week at home. It can feel like a week at a wellness retreat!

Here are some tips for planning the perfect Green Staycation.

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Think of this is a daily, mini-vacation for your mind. Meditation is a great way to manage anxiety and stress, helping[…]. If you are planning a cookout, potluck, or family picnic you might worry about staying true to your organic lifestyle during the festivities. Luckily we have some tips to help you plan an organic summer bash.

We hope you take away at least one idea to make your summer entertaining a little more organic. Party Planning Any good party starts with deciding on the basics. Where will you host your party, who will be invited, and lastly, what will the theme be? Is it a backyard BBQ to celebrate summer, a holiday get together, a birthday party, or just a gathering of friends?

To include others in your organic lifestyle, try throwing a garden party and invite your friends to help you plant a bee or butterfly garden. This is a great opportunity to educate family and[…]. Now that spring is here, we are getting excited about planting our annual garden.

Sympathetic Joy by Sharon Salzberg

We started our seeds inside a few weeks ago and they are starting to sprout already. The kids love to watch the progress of our fruits and veggies growing plus they love to play in dirt, typical kids! Organic produce means fewer pesticides and the kids are happy with a variety of fresh fruits and veggies to snack on.

Indoor spaces can grow plants that need a warmer environment since the[…]. His mission is to help Naturepedic expand its positive impact beyond numerous product benefits into a wider lifecycle approach. To this end, Dale is involved in strengthening collaborations and uncovering new ways to make business greener and more efficient.

He is also a vocal advocate for Naturepedic and loves talking organic mattresses whenever possible. In addition to saving the planet, Dale likes reading, music, cooking, antiques, more music, and playing with his kids. He also is an avid movie watcher whose guilty pleasure is old black and white monster movies. What I mean is that seeking continual improvements to benefit planet and people is woven into our business, not something external we dig up for a few days a year. People know Naturepedic for organic mattresses. Beyond the visible products, though, is a thriving culture of continual research and exploration.

As we launch our second annual Naturepedic Sustainability Report, I thought I would complement it by sharing some of the behind-the-scenes work at Naturepedic that goes into being a leader in the green marketplace. Vendors Naturepedic makes certified organic products, meaning we need suppliers that can meet our demanding criteria. Truth is, we ask a lot. GOTS examines factors from worker safety to inputs used.

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If you have time, enclose a small wrapped gift. Commercial flowers can be heavily sprayed with pesticides. These restaurants try to source their food primarily from local farmers. Bonus points for organic sourced produce and meat!

Sustainably-made sunglasses are a classy gift. Well, just the bees. A report by the Organic Center suggests that practices used by organic farms such as organic cotton farms promote the health of pollinator bees, whose populations have been in decline since the identification of Colony Collapse Disorder in November 18 th , p. Enjoy a weekend full of activities designed specifically with you in mind! Beginning on November 17, BWL residential electric customers can exchange two strands of working incandescent holiday lights for two FREE strands of energy-saving LED holiday lights while supplies last.

The program will end on December 2, or sooner if supplies run out. Limit of two strands of LED holiday lights per household. The LED holiday light exchange will take place at:. Mike Honey Williamston-grown. Michael Honey , Fred T. On April 4, the anniversary of Dr. If you or someone you know must choose between buying food and filling prescriptions, please tell them about this important program. Participants should bring a box or bag to carry food. Who is eligible? For more information, call Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, until Dec.

Drop in between pm—no appointment needed. Saturday, Nov. Mark your calendar!! EVE, Inc. Call Lansing Neighborhood Council for details. The Hawk Island Snow Park has a new multi-use hill with areas for tubing, snowboarding and skiing. The Snow Park is the first recreation destination of its kind in the Lansing area — and maybe the whole country!!

The snowboarding portion will be paid for through fundraising and admission fees.

The snowboarding portion was designed by Ryan Neptune, a nationally recognized winter sports course designer who has worked on terrain parks for events such as the Winter Olympic Games. Like much larger snow parks, Hawk Island will have a snow maker and chair lift.

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The new snow park opens in late November tentatively Questions? Lansing Art Gallery, N. Washington Square, www. Saturday, Dec. Painting — Create a finished canvas painting with acrylic paint! Students choose their own colors and designs. Jewelry — Learn and incorporate a variety of jewelry techniques, while creating gifts for yourself or others.

Clay — Tint and coil your own keepsake box to hold special treasures: a perfect for a gift or keepsake. Jane Reiter will teach students how to recycle holiday cards or post cards into a functional, upcycled basket! Create an intricately beaded flower ring in a bead-weaving workshop with Sheryl Stephens. Sheryl will guide students through the process step-by-step. ENO will provide the main dish, table service and beverages, but we ask that you please bring a dish to share with everyone.

The problem is finding it, especially in turn of the century houses.

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Problem solved. If you want to find hidden spots for storage shelves, bathroom nooks, coat closets and more, join Liz Harrow, architect and Lansing Community College Instructor for this imaginative program. Explore how old furniture, drawers and doors can be reused to expand storage options. Understand what it takes to turn attic space into living space.