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In the Clock of Dreams , Cthulhu, one of the Elder Gods, sleeps and dreams - dreams so potent, so powerful, that they can warp reality itself. The mysterious Clock that is capable of hurling men through space and time, even into the monster's dreams, is de Marigny's only hope of finding Titus Crow and saving him from a soul destroying fate.

Titus Crow: The Burrowers Beneath, the Transition of Titus Crow

In Spawn of the Winds , a group of psychics searches for the Lord of the Winds, only to become his prisoners, trapped on an alien world of deadly cold and endless ice. In a letter to the journal Crypt of Cthulhu, Lumley wrote:. A meep or glibber doesn't cut it with me. I love meeps and glibbers, don't get me wrong, but I go looking for what made them!

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That's the main difference between my stories My guys fight back. Also, they like to have a laugh along the way. Crow has been known to survive any number of encounters with monsters, although he may not always be able to defeat the creatures.

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For instance, he may fall unconscious upon running into a monster that kills anything that moves. The series would eventually produce spin-offs in the Dreamlands and Primal Lands series. The books were released in the s but have recently been re-released in audiobook form as narrated by Simon Vance and produced by Crossroad Press. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

Titus Crow Series by Brian Lumley

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Omnibus collection, which collected the various short stories featuring Crow. Crossover with the Dreamlands and Primal Land , two other series by Lumley. The series as a whole. Played straight in that all of the CCD's descendants are purely evil from birth. Artifact of Doom : Inverted with the Clock of Dreams.

Badass Bookworm : Titus and Henri. The entire Wilmarth Foundation. All of them are extremely well-learned occult scholars. Big Bad : Cthulhu. More often, the reigning evil doer in the Titus Crow novels is Ithaqua. Big Good : Kthanid is pretty much the universe's guardian of nobility and justice, being a hyper-friendly Cthulhu. No, seriously.

The Wilmarth Foundation's head holds this role before Kthanid's appearance. They're all malevolent jerkasses opposed by the saintly Elder Gods. Lumley mixes it up a bit by having "good" examples of the Great Old Ones' races too. Captain Ersatz : Early on Titus Crow acquires a time clock just about the size of a coffin or maybe a police telephone box that allows him to travel anywhere in time and space , controlled by his thoughts, and is Bigger on the Inside.

He crashes it, dies and then is given a new, ageless body by an advanced race of robotic life you could almost say he regenerated.

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He returns home in the time clock and tells all of this to a companion. He then goes on to have adventures in time and space, combating evil aliens and gods. Does this remind you of someone? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Taint and other novellas Reprint ed. Nottingham: Solaris. Price, Nightscapes No. Categories : Fictional characters introduced in Fantasy books by series Fantasy novel series Characters in fantasy literature Mortals in the Cthulhu Mythos Series of books.

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