The Adventures of Seahag and The Fearless Leader

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Captain Quinston, We found Lt. Roth and his company. They are approximately one month by ship south by southwest from the Ice River. There is an ancient temple that has been corrupted by a portal to the Abyss. Roth is holding back a demonic incursion. Peren and I are staying here to provide what aid we can. Additional forces are requested. Of particular need are archers to deal with a hoard of flying demons.

Please send reinforcements, and a fleet large enough to bring back approximately men, along with horses. Will update via sending if the situation changes. Rowan Oak, We have only met in passing, but I am writing to you as you are the lead worshiper of the Realtra. Tivernima is awake. We found her shrine on the outskirts of the march on the southern end of the continent. At this shrine was a statue of her. Her power drew me closer, so I cast daylight on the statue.

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The statue reached out its hand to me. When I took it, I found myself in what appeared to be a cabin. Tivernima was sleeping in a chair. I woke her, and she told me many things. The Realtra are weak because they have few followers, as they draw their strength from worship. Also of note, Umbros is being followed by a devil, attempting to thwart him. Finally, she told me that there need not be strife between the followers of Pelor and the followers of the Realtra, but rather that they should be worshiped together.

I hope that upon my return to the Landing, we can work together to achieve this goal. Gilvaldellin, As you may have heard, Tivernima of the Realtra is awake, and I spoke to her. Most of what she told me was of a religious nature, but there was something that you will be interested in.

I asked her about the Codex. She told me that it is ancient, even older than her memory. It found its way to the the Sapphire City, in the library. There, during the Sundering, the library was splintered into many pieces, taking the codex with it. These pieces are the wandering rooms that have been found across Droctredia. These rooms are attempting to reform this library. Also, the Bullfather is actually a deity. Its temple is where the Abyssal portal is located. She told me that if his followers were made aware of the situation, they might be willing to help.

Merpip, As you are the expert on Fey in the region, I have some pertinent information for you. We have found the lands of the Bear King. They are many days south of the Ice River. They are guarded on the ocean by a pack of weresharks. On the southern border, they are protected by a group of creatures that resemble centaurs, but are larger and with tusks. They are overgrown and unkempt. The situation at the very South of the continent precluded arrest of the criminal, Centurion Roth.

His command, approximately one hundred and fifty strong, battles demons from the abyss and, for the foreseeable future, it is un-advisable to remove the Senior Officer of the garrison. The fort itself will not last prolonged sieges but is an adequately constructed field fortification. The utilization of palisades and protected towers appears to be keeping the demon horde in check at the moment.

The lack of archers hampers the defense, as the demon forces consist of numerous flying entities. I must commend Roth for the political arrangement with the strange amphibious creatures allied with him. It seems the human deity of Pelor attracted these creatures to support the garrison. Of course, it may simply be a matter of survival hoping to stem off the demons and the locals will convert back once the threat is gone.

In conclusion, the garrison may last a few more months but no more without reinforcement and resupply. In addition to Roth, I may also have to deal with the second in command, a Sir Raymond, as well the cavalry officer, Optio Thyrian. Those two are most likely responsible for the deaths of the Eladrin. It appears they recommended a cavalry charge to clear a bridgehead by which the infantry could cross Ice River.

No attempt at negotiation seems to have occurred. Lastly, we discovered curious information about the shard Perin is always babbling about incessantly. It appears during the Sundering, a larger stone shattered across multiple planes and took with it the library. This matter is better suited to the Consortium to figure out, but I have a theory that one of the rooms must be stradling the Abyssal plane and our plane of existence.

I debated staying with Valen and Perin but chose to return to Frostflow to deal with the pressing issues of constructing the Ice Castle with Lexa, and, thus, reinforcing Wintermute from sea invasion. I fear both of our comrades may perish while they wait our return with more troops. For future missions to the area, I shall look into better ways of disabling flying adversaries. I do not know if I can work with so many Dwarves.

For now, I am starving and need to eat. Day 1: Mac tracked me down a few weeks ago and said she needed a ship to take her and her adventuring buddies down South to locate a fella named Roth. We started from a trade outpost way South near an ice river. Day 3: We passed a river inlet Day 5: We passed a 2nd river inlet Day 6: We passed a 3rd river inlet.

We also found a large cross made of wood with a sea hag crucified to it. Day 7: The scenery started to change a bit, we noticed some tall evergreen trees. Day 8: Today we met Ronaldo and his crew of Weresharks. They appeared to be guarding the area. Day 9: Ronaldo climbed aboard the ship and gave us some tips to trim some time off our trip.

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I had to change underwear after this, nobody knew Day Today we saw what looked to me moving hills. As we got closer we noticed that it was a Bullfather, nay, several Bullfathers. They appeared to be fighting. Everyone enjoyed the show. I noticed that this was day 12, and we still nowhere close to finding Roth. I counted our food supplies and began to get nervous. Day WTF!!!!

Roth is nowhere to be found and we are almost halfway through our food. Oh yeah, we found a southern landmass that looked new. It was connected to the mainland via a sandbar. We debated if we should sail around or plow through, we sailed around. At least we are heading West instead of South. Day We made it around the landmass. There were some inland mountains, one in the middle has smoke coming out of it. Day The crew is starting to mutiny at the lack of food, and at the length of the voyage. We told them it would be a 22 day round trip and here we are a week passed that mark with no end in sight.

I gather up Mac and Alistra and tell them they need to perform their butts off and turn this into the happiest cruise since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny f-ing Kaye. The crew seemed to take to Alistra and Mac well. Day We notice some Centaur like creatures but much larger on the shore. Day We passed a ruined seaside village. Day We finally reached the wetlands! But a thick fog rolled in making visibility tough.

We did the best we could to spot the tributaries. I spotted one. WTF have I gotten myself into?!?! Day I noticed it had been a while since the last spotted tributary so I walked over to Mac to see what was up. We quickly found another tributary…but had we missed one…or two? We decided to head North up river to find out. Day This was slow going, we had to row, and it was hot.

Dear Captain Quinston, We have found the missing company of Lt Roth and the situation is much more dire than we knew. He is camped about 19 days south and then 8 days west of the Frostflow trading post, in a swamp that is swarming with demons. It seems a portal to the Abyss has opened up in a nearby ziggurat and the troops, and the local kua toa, are the only thing slowing their spread throughout the continent. We may be able to call on some allies though, as we were able to awaken Tivernima of the Realtra. I also think we could get the help of the hobgoblin tribes, as the ziggurat that the demons have once was a temple to their Bullfather.

Because of the nature of the situation we could not ask Roth to return to Mariners Landing without causing the collapse and loss of the entire camp. The most disturbing news though is about Roth himself. The expedition south was trying but Roths descent into paranoia and instability goes beyond what would be expected.

I fear that Roth is being directly influenced by multiple sources, including a cursed weapon similar to the one that plagued Peren for so long, the local kua toa spell casters, and possibly even the demons he is fighting against. At the very least the kua toa of the swamp were ready and waiting for the men once the company arrived and Roth has been able to speak with them and changed physically since then. Peren and Valen stayed behind to add their strength to the fight and keep an eye on the lieutenant. As soon as possible we should return there with more men and supplies, and do what we can to fix the lieutenant.

The journey to the ruins was for the most part uneventful. Woe and Roy decided to pay for the journey, while Rowan, Khangar and myself worked off our passage for to Seafarers Guild.

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A little bit of sea sickness for the the passengers and I got yanked into the rigging but fortunately no one was serious injured. Once we arrived the crew went right to work on the dock, while the adventurers cleared the nearest building to the dock, a tavern. Woe searched behind the bar as we made our way toward the basement stairs. He did not quite have the fortitude to handle the rather strong bottle of spirits and momentarily passed out. We were able to revive him fairly easily.

He took a bottle for later use. We discovered several more bottles of the rather putrid alcohol in the basement as we were looking around. We found what would later be revealed to be a hidden dumbwaiter that went up to the 2nd floor. Woe discovered it was infested with spiders, but was able to break free and escape one of the larger ones, not before Roy got taken behind all of our backs.

In the fray to save Roy we were able to kill 1 spider. Unfortunately Roy was drug up and over the balcony by 1 spider and the other disappeared through a crack in the ceiling. Our fearless Paladin was able to eventually make it over the balcony, as I dashed to save Roy. It took Khangar slightly longer as dwarves apparently have issues with stairs. Woe gracefully glided up and over the balcony.

Thankfully were able to kill the spider spiders and save Roy. We discovered a amulet of an older unknown god, a symbol of a snake eating itself, several jewels and crystalline shard on a bronze necklace.

Since Woe and I were the stealthiest ones we decided to scout the temple. As we surveilled the outside and eventually looked through a few windows we noticed no one around but that the temple was very well maintained and had had signs of recent occupancy. We rejoined our group and as we were attempting to sneak in through the window a nun invited us to use the front door, so we did. The nun seemed cordial enough and answered all of our questions. She stated that her and 7 other nuns that were not in the temple currently, worshiped a deity called Oblex.

They had re-purposed an older temple and cleaned it up, She had no idea whose temple this was. They had made the journey from an island about half a days voyage out of the bay.

Our Fearless Leader

She did state maybe there were some artifacts from the previous tenants in the basement. We decided to investigate the basement. The basement was empty save for a floor to ceiling crate roughly 10ft x 10ft. Upon opening the crate we see the nun we had spoken with attached to a large glob of goo. Rowan actually believed it and tried to pull the fake me free and proceeded to be stuck to the ooze. After a small battle we discovered the glob was rather powerful as it attacked us mentally as well as physically.

Eventually knocking all of us out on our except Rowan, One by one we woke up the person next to us and found that the creature was gone, we all ran upstairs following the creature. Rowan was somehow under the influence of the creature and tried to attack Roy, luckily missing. The others battled the creature upstairs, as I got upstairs I see Khangar prone on the floor and another Khangar ooze up from the floor and form in front of me. Knowing the creature created a fake me, I attacked the fake Khangar.

After a short fight the creature disappeared and said we are not worth his time. We went back to the docks and warned the sailors. At this point we decided to not return to the temple without adequate reinforcements. We retrieved several bottles of the putrid alcohol and went about fire bombing the whorehouse. We killed several and noticed their viscous fluids seem to be flammable. Between how they reacted and monitoring the town over the next week while repairs were made to the dock, it was obvious the spiders were not territorial and would simply leave if people started occupying the town.

They were simply here because the town was vacant. After a week of repairing the dock, we were able to head home. The voyage was a tumultuous one. It stormed so bad Khangar got knocked over board and almost drowned. Luckily I saw him go over and was able to grab a rope and dive after him.

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Khangar disappeared under the waves and we eventually found each other under quite a bit of water. Rowan snatched us out of the water like a bobber on a fishing line and got us back aboard the ship. The enemy Duke escaped. We had no means to restrain him or stop his casting of a transportation spell. Surrounded by our warriors and the Dragonborn escorts, he had no way out but yet he vanished. Onyxwyrda herself could not stop him. It seems like a hallow victory. What have we won? The Glacial Sheet is decimated.

Routed by intense fire from the Ghouls at the last pitch of the battle. My attempts to withdraw them in order failed. It all started to go wrong when I saw the Devilspawn walking with us to the top of the cliffs. Where did it even come from to join such an operation? I had no time to interrogate it and hoped it did not sabotage the mission into the caves. Now the chess match is renewed. White against black. My side is clear. But for the rest…there is no telling. Peren, Merpip, Azoth, Valen, and Aiden performed well. Azoth brought special fungal weapons which distracted Ghoul scouts after our crash landing into the lower level of Dorak.

During descent a meteor glanced off of Onyxwyrda but damaged quite a few of us. The ground fire was heavy. It was clear the Ghouls were ready. Warned by the necromancer, I would discover after the battle. We evaded several cavalry scouts and approached the giant door. Utilizing two spells, the door opened to reveal a pit of black emptiness. Confused we marched forward to the wall but decided not to engage until near the gatehouse.

Just as we were to surprise a unit of heavy cavalry a fog cloud enveloped the wall. Aiden persuaded a group of human infantry to abandon an armament tower and we snuck inside. Unfortunately Peren missed a step and was observed by a Ghoul officer. The fight was on, of which the details are not important. Casualties: Killed in Action: 2, Azoth and a floating creature. Wounded: 5. They brought down that Lexa woman, which seems to be a theme. Her skull gotta look like a pumice stone by now. Riding that chariot, boy…I need to get me one. Khangar gulps down some of the local ale… This stuffs a bit watery, Windrinse.

Khangar finishes the rest of the ale in one go, belches loudly, and wipes the foam from his face with his forearm. Time for a story! We were just leaving some Druidic caves when we saw a signalling flare go off in the distance. Kau, Caeladyn, and I mounted are war horses.

I did so with some difficulty seeing as the beast is close the three times my height, hoof to head. Someone brings Khangar another pint while he picks the tread of the story back up. The three of us were on horseback. Brennus took the reigns of his chariot and Windrinse hopped aboard. Caeladyn and I were exhausted from the continuous slog of battle but we had a friend in need and when a friend is in need, you help! We turned towards the flare and sprinted with all haste.

The luck was with us and we all managed to stay a horse. Off in the distance we saw the pack of hounds. They struggled from the snow and picked out a track. My eyes traced the track of footprints in the snow. Just then, Tahli popped out of nowhere! She had dropped her invisibility. She looked ragged and gore covered. You see…. Windrinse cuts him off.

One story at a time, Khangar! Khangar finishes another pint. She was looking bad. Chest pumping as rapid breaths froze in the cold air. She managed to will herself forward and kept running. Brennus and I charged ahead shouldering through a snow drift like it was nothing. Kau and Caeladyn picked up two smaller packs but they slowed the dogs down with vines and other Druidic magics.

Brennus smacked right into it. He started to fly out of the chariot but Windrinse grabbed him and pulled him back in. As we approached Tahli, I pulled Muffin to a stop and braced my shield and lance. Tahli broke past me as Caeladyn and Kau closed the line. We formed a defensive wall of horse, rider, and steel. We stared down those mutts with a furious glare, a determination that can only be summoned by the need to protect a friend! Khangar is definitely feeling the effects of the cheap ale and slams his tankard down to punctuation his last statement. Windrinse stretched out further than any dwarf has right and plucked Tahli from the snow.

We wheeled our horses around and booked it for our main force and a medical tent. The smaller packs merged into the main group and continued the chase. We found Thalia a bed. Then Caeladyn and I promptly collapsed from exhaustion. Khangar pockets an apple off the table to give to Muffin later. One a you tell it! Three of us seem to make quite the death dealers. Four, with the wolf. From the collected notes of Gilvaldellin, wizard: I did not attend the siege of Dorak for several reasons, mostly I feared it would not be a successful campaign.

I am glad I was wrong.

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This was not the only place my wisdom had its shortcomings in foresight. How could I expect betrayal of this magnitude though? Wherever Tahli ended up, I hope she figures out what she wants from life, and how to live with the decisions she has made. Transcript of an interview with Rowan Oak So I just talk and this thing writes stuff down? Whoa, its real fast.

Ok, ok, little elf, what do you want to know? The Dragon Queen was big. Huge, like bigger than this house, she blew up the mountain top and gave us this shiny exploding gem. You know a lot of things have changed in the last year. And you know what, if that Dragon Queen ever starts to treat my people at all like the ghouls then things can change again if you know what I mean. There was the cleric Asmund, this old guy who was all shouting and shaking a stick at the city for some reason, and there were two others, Delphi and Rust, who split off from the rest army and came with us.

We made our way into the cave and Delphi was so quiet I swear I could hear every creak and clank in my armor. Get this, we were squeezing our way through a narrow part when all of a sudden this angry robe falls onto my head. I get one off just as another one hits me and then the tunnel shakes and they fall from everywhere.

I did not like the angry robes. We took them out but had to keep moving. We eventually found the mining tunnels we were looking for and some carts, so we loaded them up and pushed them along. They went real fast which was great, but we saw this other cart nearby full of oil. Rust and I are strong guys so we tried getting the cart moving but it was just impossible.

The ooze got ron and his armor started smoking so we threw things at it from a distance until it exploded. We had to leap out of the cart a ways after that, which was fun too. We came to this temple and I was all tingly so I new it was something special. Sticker price is in place never utilized. It is one month old! Purchasers need to lift it up. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase please contact me. A melataun christmas. Seahag in great condition, with just few extremely minor indications of past utilization with few scratches on the spread, yet these don't impact the path in which it functions as it is in fantastic working request.

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