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Unlock all balls and locations. Try 2 game modes.

You need precise timing, good aiming and a bit of luck. Enjoy this thrilling horror game based on DVloper's indie hit "Granny". Try to find a way out of this creepy hospital without making a noise! Put your stealth to test and try to survive,. Try to survive for 99 unique stages in this new version of "Flappy Bird"!

Flap, flap and move your character across the game screen and over the pipes! Discover this unique first-person survival game! You'll be trapped inside a big house -- Granny, a psycho killer, locked you in, but you can't even remember how you got there. Collect all sorts of items as you try to stay safe, and manage to find a way out before she finds you! Look for shelter, stay still and don't make a sound -- she can hear anything and will come for you Manage to escape in under 5 days!

Button's Adventures - Deleted Scene 2

Step on the gas and get ready to feel the adrenaline in your veins on a wonderful bike! Put your skills to test against the obstacles in your way and speed up!

Its those silly dreams that keep us alive…

The closer you get to other vehicles, the more points you'll get. Discover this new version of "Zuma"! Enjoy shooting the rainbow marbles and matching like-colored ones to make them disappear. Don't let them reach the end of the track! Slide down the most amazing water rides ever! Collect coins, dodge obstacles, spot power-ups and unlock new characters as you make progress! Put your archery skills to test with dozens of unique skills. Aim, do the math in your head and try to knock your rivals before their arrows reach you!

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The Adventures of Katie Button – Lizzie Koch

Share this project:. I do like a challenge! The Adventures of Katie Button — eBooks. We often talk of the need to create or write because of an innate desire, what does writing do for you? Writing is a form of relaxation after a long day at work. I find it very therapeutic and satisfying just tapping away at the keys, in my own little world, shutting out the TV the boys are watching, and talking with my characters. By sort, I mean hold conversations in my head between my characters and me.

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Of course, writing for me is not a solitary activity. When you write a piece of flash, you read other submissions, you leave comment. You share and talk about it. Lizzie is an awesome horror writer too, from both HorrorBites and Daily Picspiration. Go Lizzie! Thank you, Lisa. Looks really good. Very proud to be here. Thank you so much for having me.

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