Tearin Up the Country

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Stretched out over six minutes, imagine CCR trying to replicate 'No. Still, overlooking that one misstep, this is simply a must own for any s rock fan Have You Ever Seen the Rain? John Fogerty - 5. Rude Awakening, No. While brother Tom's departure wasn't particularly noticeable, the decision to democratize the band's creative process was a major change in operating procedures. Perhaps burned out by the band's blazing four year string of successes, or maybe holding on to material for a forthcoming solo album, the album only reflected three John Fogerty originals, with the rest of the collection showcasing six Stu Cook and Doug Clifford compositions, along with one cover tune.

Most critics argued the changes weren't for the good. Certainly not a major surprise, but Fogerty turned in two of the album's standout performances - the earlier single 'Sweet Hitch-Hiker' and the country-tinged ballad 'Someday Never Comes'. Less impressive was his third contribution - the plodding country ballad 'Looking for a Reason'. And what about the Clifford and Cook contributions. Well, Clifford actually had a likeable Americana-styled voice turning in a surprisingly good performance on 'Need Someone To Hold'.

Cook wasn't quite as appealing, seemingly trying to compensate for his vocal limitations by over-singing everything. Giving credit where due, he didn't sound all that bad on the breezy rocker 'Door To Door'. I'm not a psychiatrist, but I've always wondered if the lyric was an autobiographical reference to the forthcoming CCR breakup.

Not to be snotty, but you can quickly see why it took so long. Did nothing for my ears. One of his overlooked masterpieces.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Fogerty's gone on record as saying the song was a reflection of his parents divorce and the break-up of his first marriage. Still, you had to wonder if it was simply a metaphor for the end of CCR.

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What Are You Gonna Do? Doug Clifford - Easy going, breezy number that would have sounded better if it had appeared on Clifford's solo LP. Unfortunately he handled the vocal. S hame Fogerty didn't sing it Regardless, Fogerty's affection for the tune came roaring out of the bouncy arrangement. One of the album highlights which probably explains why it gets included on so many of the hits sets.

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The album's biggest surprise. Marketing saw it included on the band's final studio set. Regardless, it was a classic CCR tune and one of the best pocket rockers Fogerty ever composed. It was also one of the few tunes on the album where the band actually seemed to being having a good time. Nah, not by a long shot, but perhaps because its largely forgotten amongst all of the earlier mega hits, I find it a modest pleasure - particularly the two Fogerty classics, the Gene Pitney cover and you thought The Everly Brothers wrote it , and the two surprisingly enjoyable Clifford and Cook compositions.

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Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Tearing Up The Country Lyrics - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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