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This is part two; links to the other parts are here. Skip to content. December 6, Posted on February 11, February 11, Posted on January 30, January 30, A little video on a clip I made to fix my Christmas Tree stand. Posted on November 14, December 3, Posted on October 24, October 24, Technology , Tutorial. The slump of the concrete is measured by measuring the distance from the top of the slumped concrete to the level of the top of the slump cone.

The slumped concrete takes various shapes and according to the profile of slumped concrete, the slump is termed as true slump, shear slump or collapse slump. If a shear or collapse slump is achieved, a fresh sample should be taken and the test repeated. Only a true slump is of any use in the test. A collapse slump will generally mean that the mix is too wet or that it is a high workability mix, for which the slump test is not appropriate. The slump test is referred to in several testing and building codes , with minor differences in the details of performing the test.

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The American standards explicitly state that the slump cone should have a height of in mm , a bottom diameter of 8-in mm and an upper diameter of 4-in mm. The soft SI conversions provided in the standard allow using the same dimension slump cones as those described in other standards. The ASTM standards also regulate the rigidity of the cone. It states in the procedure that when the cone is removed, it should be lifted up vertically, without any rotational movement at all.

The British Standards do not explicitly specify that the cone should only be lifted vertically. There are many tests for evaluating slump in concrete: the flow table test DIN uses similar, but differently-sized, apparatus, but the table on which the slump cone is placed is dropped several times after the slump cone is removed, and the measurement is of the diameter of the sample, not the height. Another way of determining slump is to use an automated slump meter.

Sensors and controls enable the meters to measure and display slump. Their reliability has by now earned them acceptance in various standard codes such as ASTM International. Some automated slump meters, such as the one by Verifi also can add water to the concrete mix in the delivery truck while in transit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the orthopedic test, see slump test.

She doubted a lot of things. He was never one for big displays of affection, it was always little things, little dates, little gifts. He never did anything big for her. It wasn't an issue of money, his Nana owned a huge company and he was spoiled rotten.

[Punk!JakexReader] Mine Alone: Part 1/4 by BexieCain on DeviantArt

She had alw. Marry You Dave x Reader Tonight was the night. Tonight, was, the night! Dave stood in front of the bathroom mirror, retying his black tie for what felt like the thousandth time. An elated laugh erupted from his throat as he grinned at his reflection. He reached for the counter and grabbed a small velvet box, opening it and admiring the ring inside.

After almost three years, he had finally gathered up the courage to propose to the love of his life. Earlier in the week, he had called his girlfriend and set up a date at a restaurant that he had called "sort of fancy". Luckily, she didn't seem to be clued off in the least, even when he had told her to wear something fancy.

A knock on the bathroom door startled Dave, and he closed the lid to the ring box before stuffing it in the inside pocket of his suit jacket. Where are you going, and why are you wearing a suit? View More. More from DeviantArt 2. He knew exactly what she was writing. Except he didn't. She had let him read a couple pages of her story weeks ago. It was a fantasy novel about the most amazing world and every single character that was on those few pages was so full of life! He wanted to read more, but she wouldn't let him, always saying that she didn't wanna spoil it for him.

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But he didn't wanna wait. For a second he got excited, his green eyes taking in each word quickly, but the more he read, the more it felt Jake E. X Reader. The day before Christmas, full of last-minute shoppers, candy, and Santa Clauses. It was too bad Name couldn't enjoy these objects; she was too busy waiting for her boyfriend of two years, Jake English.

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She could remember the day they met with a fuzzy feeling in her heart. On her stroll, she had come across a fight between a few guys her age. One had blonde, spiky hair, triangle anime shades, he was tall, and he was cute. However, his 'partner' blew him completely out of the water. He had thick ebony hair, bright emerald eyes, adorable glasses, and a tattoo or two. Name could easily see the twin pistol tattoo jutting slightly out of his black wife beater, although she was more drawn to the expression on his face as he beat.

Lonely [Punk! Jake x Gender Neutral! Normally, I'd be excited for this kind of day. Half day, no work in any classes, just relaxation and fun times. Except there were only two things on everybody's lips. Christmas and, surprisingly more often, New Years. From what I gathered, a bunch of seniors are throwing their own New Year's parties, and practically everyone who has a name is going to one or the other.

Except for me, of course. It wasn't that I didn't want to go, I really did. I rarely attended parties before, but the few I did, I never wanted to leave. A festive, New Years party made it that much more appealing. But, most were invite-only, and the one.

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Trouble and Stolen Things: Punk! Jake x Reader pt. This has been the longest week of your life, and he is the one to blame. You have not been able to find peace anywhere but the comfort of your home, and even then he keeps messaging you on pesterchum. At school, Jake escorts you everywhere. He teases you, and invades your personal space.

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His flirting is endless. He gets into fights all the time at lunch, and everyone in the school is talking about you. You didn't notice at first, people were quieter. After the first couple of days though, people started talking a little more loudly behind your back. Some of the things being said really piss you off, and you knew it would happen. Avoiding Jake has kept you in the shadows, but he put a spotlight on you that could outdo the sun. Trying to push Jake from your mind, you grab a book from your bedroom bookshelf.

The door is closed, and your parents aren't home anyways. Your computer is safely shu. Did he try to hide it? He simply stared. And it disturbed you. You looked down to your drink, stirring it a tad before taking a slow sip of it. You set the cup down and looked across the cafe.

The shades did nothing to hide it. You could feel his stare practically burning into your person. You growled, lifting a hand in the air as you glared at the blonde. You looked ip, clearly confused. The shades man smirked, giving you a small wave. Okay then.. You stood, approaching his booth on the opposite side of the resteraunt. You gave him a softened version of your glare from earlier. How much do I owe you? You walked through the campus, soaking in the sunshine and watching the other students gather in their respective cliques before morning classes started.

As you made you way towards the math building, where your first class was held, the doors of the building opposite busted wide open: sounds of slamming metal echoed accompanied by loud laughter and cheering. You watched as four boys placed themselves atop of a picnic table, hoards of people gathering around them. You shook your head and rolled your eyes at the rambunctious display; they were always the center of attention. They often caused trouble, but everyone seemed to love them as the boys were all rich and you'd hate to admit it, but they were pretty good looking too.

John Egbert was pretty well know for his over-the-top pranks, and constantly got in trouble for it. Dave Strider was a party-throwing legend and his bro, Dirk, was a total bad ass with crazy athletic skills. Bro x Reader Sick Day Yo. There is some swearing and a little suggestive activity, don't like, don't read.

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With this flirts and smuppet shenanigans. It had only been a few months since you and Haru started dating. He was all you'd expect from a perfect boyfriend: tall, romantic, muscular and a really good kisser. Though you had to admit, it was a bit of a pain taking care of the raven-haired boy. Being quite hard-headed, Haru would only eat a dish cooked in a specific way and spent most of the day dressed in nothing but a pair of swim trunks.

He stressed the importance of cooking mackerel the right way and often scolded you for your clumsy cooking skills. Nevertheless, you would always love Haru either way.