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Please Swipe Again, NYC

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My theory of "hook phrases". Lessons Can you please swipe your card and en Enlarge Image. Christopher Sadowski.

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You will not be charged another fare even if you swipe several more times or move to another turnstile. If you move to a different turnstile, you may be charged another fare with Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard or be prevented from entering the subway for 18 minutes with Unlimited Ride MetroCard.

Swipe API: MercuryPay

This message tells you there's probably something wrong with your card and that you should see the station agent. You can check how much money or time is left on your MetroCard whenever you like at a MetroCard or Station Booth Reader in any station. The reader also tells you the card's expiration date.

  1. Please Swipe Again.
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  6. After inserting your card, choose the Get Card info screen. At the Turnstile Every time you use Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard to pay your subway fare, the turnstile displays the amount you've paid and the balance.