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It seems that political correctness knows no bounds. In other words, what once passed for perfectly acceptable and grammatically correct Spanish is now labeled machista or sexist, with some academics proposing changes to language usage in order to compensate. Assorted universities, unions and autonomous communities have even created style guides with new rules prescribing non-sexist language. Likewise, the parents of three girls and one boy would refer to their children as hijos masculine plural despite the overwhelming female majority. Overall it can be said that English is a more compact, concise language than Spanish; however, in certain cases, Spanish has the upper hand.

Spanish will lose what little advantage it has in this sense if changes are adopted. Ultimately, these changes make the language more unruly and less pleasing to the ear. They also present a problem in terms of space, as these expanded forms of expression take up more room in written documents.

Text expansion is already an issue when translating from English into Spanish; these new rules would only worsen the problem. Supporters of non-sexist language argue that existing Spanish syntax diminishes the importance of women and is tantamount to discrimination, essentially making women invisible within the language.

Milei y el maestro más zurdo del mundo- 24/02/19

Furthermore, by dictating that the masculine gender should take precedence, critics claim that the standard rules of Spanish grammar—under the guise of tradition— constitute a tool of female domination. Without a doubt, language reflects the society from which it emerged. Spanish evolved, over the course of centuries, from Latin, a patriarchal language. While certain languages, such as Chinese, may appear to be less sexist, the women in these societies are no more empowered than those who speak Spanish.

In fact, they are less so.

The bottom line is that language equality is not necessarily reflected in the feminine condition. If Hispanics really want to fight sexism, they should start with concrete measures that guarantee rights like equal pay, reproductive choice, access to education, etc. Equivalent slang terms for curda in the drunkard sense are lush, sot, sponge, wino, and boozer.

Binge, bout of boozing, and binge drinking are acceptable translations for instances where curda is used to describe a drinking session. Curda is often paired with a verb e.

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I love to eat, talk, and write about food and taking photos of it. When I'm not eating, I think about what I'll be eating next. Or which restaurant to visit in the weekend, or maybe already tomorrow. New restaurants keep popping up every day, and I'm working my way through the good ones as fast as I can, always with a camera in hand..!

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If there's a place you think is missing please let me know, because maybe I haven't been there yet. Here you can find my favorite restaurants for brunching, for healthy eating, for tapas and paella, for eating where the locals eat, you name it. I also have a section of my favorite restaurants in different neighborhoods.

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And obviously, I have a blog , with all the latest food-related stories. So what makes a good restaurant in my humble opinion? It's a place where I get friendly service and tasty food that's not too expensive. And it needs to have that little something. Maybe it's the atmosphere. Perhaps it's the obvious love the chef puts in each dish that goes out from the kitchen.

Maybe it's the intimate conversation I am having with my dinner companion. Sometimes it's the healthy options on the menu, and more often than not, it is authenticity that does it for me. One of the best things in my job is transmitting the passion the chef and the owners have for what they do to the readers.