How to Layer Cut Your Own Hair

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The outer edges should fall just on the outside of your eyes. Gather hair between your index and middle finger at the bridge of your nose and point cut below your fingers. If you must go shorter, repeat the process moving your fingers up just a little bit at a time.

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Hair grows, on average, a half an inch per month. Some people more and some people less. The Repeller Store Is Open! X Icon. Follow us. MR Guides. Haley Nahman. Shop Lunch, Anyone? This is not left to right uphill, but rather uphill at a 90 degree angle of the sectioned off piece. As if you are stabbing the hair blockade, pierce the wall, and CHOP. This allows the hairs to blend in and provides a more natural look.

Boys: Young kids squirm a lot, so putting them in front of the TV is a good plan to keep them occupied. A lollypop is also a good idea. I used to give my son a comic book or cellular phone to play with, but the head was too far down, and that can be a problem. It's better let him watch a TV show as a distraction. Girls or Long Hair Trims : I chopped my daughter's hair across the bottom but only after sectioning off the back of her head with a mini ponytail.

Again, trim the ponytail hair "uphill" to get rid of any and all split ends, then trim the back. To tell you the truth, I think it looks every bit as good as when she had it done at the stylist's. A small pony tail sectioned off at the crown works better than simply chopping across. Do it in two levels for a more natural, blended effect in the back.

Ideally about ten hair clasps will do. It takes a little longer, but the result is more subtle, better blended, and looks fuller. Turn on the radio and take your time. Now you know why most stylists have the gift of gab. If you are looking to cut hair with clippers which is probably the easiest, but a little scary at first why not have a look at this guide? Bangs are a little bit scary.

How I Layer Cut My Hair At Home - Step by Step Easy Hair Cut At Home - Long/Medium Hair

I remember my mom cutting mine using Scotch Tape on my forehead. That was pretty weird. Anyway, like everywhere else, you need to part the hair into tiny sections within the front of the face. After the cut, a shampoo is essential to get rid of tiny hairs that will scratch you and irritate later. If you have long hair, bend at the waist to dry the nape first; this adds body.

Dry hair also keeps your clothes from getting damp. Now, straighten up and begin styling. Remember, less is more. Getting a little off the subject, I prefer creme. The gel looks too plastic when it dries. I take about a nickel to a quarter size and style while the hair is just a little moist and not completely dry.

It seems to respond better with a little hydration. I hit the dry ends first, then the scalp, and rub it through my hair as I style it.

Haircuts Are Expensive

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I also cut my hair and my husband's hair too. It is satisfying cutting your own hair and you can get the hair cut you desire as well as save money too. What a great hub. Voted up. I cut my husbands and mine. I love to go to the beauty shop now and then, but it never satisfies me. I imagine I have saved very much. Wish I had it. Hi, idigwebsites, what a clever name!

Thanks for the follow. I have had long hair for awhile now, and just recently I got the nerve to chop-chop. I have to say it turned out pretty good. And best of all, free. You are right about the layers. The expression dazzle them with your footwork applies here. Perhaps it's not for everyone, but if you have too much hair and a little bit of nerve, you may find these tips work well for you.

Look forward to hearing how it turned out. I've known someone whose sister cuts her own hair, often in a layered style that looks so fantastic! I think a layered cut will do the self- trick so that even if it's uneven it will still look good. Thanks for the tips, sometimes I think I want to cut my hair in my own way. Some people are dissatisfied with hairstylists sometimes.

Up and useful and a following. I grew up in West Africa, and my mother cut our hair when we were little. When we got older, we learned to cut each other's hair. In Boarding school grades some of the dorm mothers were great at haircutting and we learned a lot from them. Today I cut my hair most of the time, and about once a year I get a "professional" cut.

It has saved me a lot of money over the years! We also learned to sew our own clothes, decorate cakes, and many other things while in Africa! BC, Canada. Great Hub! I have been cutting my own hair for years. The few times I have gone to a salon I have found them scissor happy and cutting it far shorter than I wanted.

I have also cut hair for my sisters and friends. At one time I considered being a hair dresser, however from the comment above by Pegcole17 about having to wash peoples hair that hadn't been washed in months I am glad I didn't. I would never try one of those precision cuts though. That would need a real hairdresser! One other little point; I once cut my own hair after two or three glassed of wine.

I do not recommend that! This definitely sounds interesting to try. I might start on a smaller section of my hair to see how I do before I move on to the real deal. Great hub, voted up :. Just an hour ago, I cut my son's hair using my own advice, of course - like going slow and I must say he is a dead ringer for Justin Bieber, LOL. Best of all, I now have money in my pocket for something useful. Appreciate the Up Votes - see you online! I'll forward this to my partner, who cuts my hair.

But honestly, I do like to keep my hair very short, so am okay with his running the shaver through my head. Voting this Up and Useful. I love the photo of the kid with the bowl on his head. I guess people really did cut hair using a bowl at some time in history! Great hub with alot of good tips. Im a little confused when everything is backwards in the mirror :0 Great hub, Voted up!!! Hello Ladies!! Sorry for the late response. Yes, cutting hair requires a cool head.

Long Layers: A New Approach

That is very good advice. Cutting your own hair is not so hard. Take a deep breath. The first person who gave me the courage to try was our town hairdresser. I asked her who cut her own hair and she answered "who else but me? It looked great. She gave me suggestions to get started and I began researching it with You Tube videos. Other ladies told me they did their own styling for many years - practically all their lives.

Glad to be of service, and thank you kindly for the Up votes.

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Best to you!!! Great tips! I recently tried cutting my hair and it was a disaster. I now have one section of hair that is way shorter than the rest. Wish I had read this hub before I started. Thanks for a very informative hub. I have cut my sister's and sometimes her friends' hair too and they were very happy with the results. But cutting my own hair? I have thought about it but never felt confident, as I also have a load of long hair.

Your tips are wonderful common sense - and I am sure anyone trying them out will not be disheartened by the results. Voted up and useful. Great, Jennifer, easy does it. Always better to cut too little than too much. Try my tips and tell me how it goes. There are videos on You Tube for inspiration, too. Good luck! I cut my own hair every so often, but never really had the know-how to make it look really good! Thanks for this, very useful! I'm so relieved that you took my comment in the way it was intended. I did not mean to offend in any way and like I said, I've been cutting hair since I was In those early days the haircuts weren't all that great.

You genuinely do have a talent for it or you wouldn't have such good results. My caution was to those other people who cut hair without this talent, that can result in lowered self esteem. I can tell you from experience that many have cried their hearts out in my salon chair from a poor haircut or a bad perm, thankfully it was not from me.

LOL I cried with them as I wished for scissors that could make hair longer again. Again, thanks for the good spirit in which you accepted my comments. Yes, some of the patrons in beauty school were quite poor and did not have access to proper hygiene. Seriously, you have the gift you should use it.

The salon experience can be fun. Getting a new do by a cosmetologist is fun too. Hubs are usually written based on experience and interest, so this was no exception.

How to Cut Your Own Hair in Layers | Bellatory

What I have learned so far I have shared, and hopefully will give someone the confidence to give it a try for themselves. It's not an all or nothing affair. I still go to the stylist once in awhile but I don't go every month - it would blow my budget. I agree with you about hygiene.

Thanks for the great compliments! I have been lucky - talent, who knows for sure. My mom cut our hair when we were kids, so I figured that if she could do it, so could I. Of course a trained cosmetologist would do a better job. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a well thought out and objective comment. Take care, I sincerely appreciate it.

ECAL :. Congratulations on being part of the apprentice hub team and I admire your contribution here in writing this article. I can't stop myself from commenting about the subject matter of the hub, despite your well written and engaging work here. Well done. As a licensed cosmetologist, former hair stylist and salon owner, I will admit that prior to licensing I experimented with cutting my hair and that of my own family members'. What I didn't know about styles and hair cutting techniques and my early mistakes were easy to excuse away by their gratitude in saving the money.

As a professional stylist, I've also been asked to "fix" many a home haircut or hair color that went terribly wrong including some whose hair had fallen out in their sink due to incorrect chemical processes performed at home. This is absolutely true. I completely understand that times are hard and every dime saved is important. That said, I will mention that cutting dirty, dry hair is against the basic principles of cleanliness and sanitation practices that are taught in nearly every beauty school.

Some of the clients who were assigned to me in beauty school were those in desperate need of a bargain who admitted they hadn't shampooed their hair for months! Not a good environment for handling and rehandling hair and using sharp pointed instruments. We were supposed to charge patrons for shampooing, but I would shampoo every patron whether they paid for it or not for my own protection and to enable an optimum haircut. I feel certain that you have a natural talent for this specialized art since you mention your haircuts turn out well. That is great. Not everyone has this talent and can be negatively impacted by a poor self image due to a bad haircut.

A good haircut, in my view, is more important than many other equally priced purchases that are worn once or twice. May I also mention that as a hairdresser, many clients came to me not only for haircuts but to confide personal stories and engage in conversations that were an integral part of the salon experience. I heard things as a stylist that many Moms were not privy to. I admire your bravery in this endeavor and would encourage you to think of taking a class to develop your obvious skills in this profession.

Nice tips! My hair is in desperate need of a cut and coloring, but I've been too lazy to get my butt to the salon. I have had pretty bad experiences with cutting my own hair, but I think I might try again using your advice. Just have to say, I don't know a thing about the buzz cutter, one of these days I will find out. My son gets an annual buzz cut before summer which grows out nicely in time for school. The red color you're shooting for will probably come from experimenting two colors. Use half of one shade - a cherry red probably - and a tomato soup red.

I personally don't have much patience with the swatch test, I just go for it. In college in order to save money I would get a perm my hair got curlier after my kids were born , then a couple weeks later frost my hair using a cap then choose a strawberry blond which made it look really natural reddish blondish curly-ish.