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Music: Nicola Guazzaloca. Cover photo: Gianni Mimmo. Inside photos: Gianni Mimmo, Daniele Brachini. Graphics: Nicola Guazzaloca. Tracklist: Parte terza: First solo album by Nicola Guazzaloca delivers us a fully blossomed pianist. A genuine work of constant inventiveness where simple light figures and deeply textured sketches are driven by the impetus of the instant self-composing material and by a complete investigation of the piano, never losing the narrative control and the force of a fresh suggestion.

Amigxs de la Tierra. At this court date, her lawyer made a formal appearance.

Amelia declined to have her charges publicly read in court. But as of the date of this writing, the charges she is being held under continue to include several major felonies, including two counts of attempted murder of a police officer, a single count of pocession of an explosive device, a single count of arson, and criminal destruction of property. The judge declined a any hearing on reducing her bond, instead scheduling bond arguments for June 9. Denver Anarchist Black Cross has been in contact with Amelia. She has made it clear that she does not want to be bonded out, that she does not want the state or any associated body to profit from her imprisonment.

She has but one clear demand: her immediate release without charge. She has asked that any money being collected for support be directed to Denver ABC to help pay for phone calls and sending her stamps, envelopes, and paper. She does not want any more money placed in her commissary as she does not want to purchase any items from the jail.

She does not want any more money being given to those that now hold her in a cage. Here are some concrete ways you can support Amelia and also support the ongoing struggle against police terror in Denver: 1 Write to Amelia! Denver Cruz Negra Anarquista ha estado en contacto con Amelia.


Ella ha dejado claro que no quiere estar con fianza, no quiere que el Estado o cualquier organismo asociado saque provecho con su encarcelamiento. Etichette: prisoner , repression. Etichette: riot. Etichette: protest , repression. Torino - Danneggiati distributori di benzina agip-eni. Etichette: direct action , solidarity. Against fear, State terrorism, impoverishment and social cannibalism greece. To achieve their plans, the economic, political and religious elites collude with others that share different interests such as stabbers fascists, mass media, cops, racists residents and shopkeepers in poor regions.

All these persons smell the fear and the human blood, and come out of their holes like a pack pinpointing as an enemy our neighbor, the most destitute, the immigrant, the homeless, the weakest one. This happened after the atrocious murder of the year-old Manolis Kantaris who was fatally stabbed for a video camera. In the following days, in the area around the point of the murder up to Omonia Square, a wild chase begins: extreme-rightists groups with knives, helmets and batons stab and beat indiscriminately immigrants, smashing also several shops and homes.

At the same time, the fascists with the aid of cops attacked Skaramaga and Villa Amalias squats which are nearby the site of the assassination of M. From the furious attack of police squads MAT a protester lost his spleen while the co-fighter Yannis K. Furthermore, one of the demonstrators who were arrested, Fotis D. We know that it is difficult for the poor, pauperized and oppressed to live peacefully in the poor neighborhoods of Athens.

The solutions are to be found when we altogether take our lives in our hands, without leaders, with mutual respect, tolerance and humanity. When we communicate our problems and look for solutions through neighborhood assemblies, union bases, self-organized spaces of resistance, collective feeding, and movements of mutual aid. When we get to know each other and fight as equals against the interests of those from above; when immigrants and locals build common class and social struggles against the State and Capital, for a society without repression and exploitation, for the social revolution and liberation.

Etichette: communique , poster , solidarity. Letter from Christoforos Kortesis About the unprecedented juridicial approach of my re imprisonment greece. One year after my cinematographic arrest and my imprisonment with the charge of particiation in the organisation Revolutionary Struggle and of each separate action of it, without extravagances and drum sounds came my release with a unanimous decision of the Council of Judges of appeals of Athens A decision that to me tends to brings my case to its real dimensions complete lack of evidence against me , besides the initial cinematographic police-juridicial production.

The Supreme Court, willingly, and after it rejected my demand to be present at the discussion, with an unprecedented in the legal chronicles move, cancelled with its decision the decision of release and asks the council to re-decide my luck. In other words, when the decisions of their own councils are not good enough for them, so much worse for the… decisions. It is obvious that the decision of the council that released me was for them unexpected as well as annoying, threatening at the same time the structure that was set up for the prosecutions concerning the organization Revolutionary Struggle.

Etichette: letter , prisoner , R. Anarchists imprisoned for up to 8 years after repressive wave Belarus. Belarusian anarchists sentenced — up to 8 years of hard regime, evidence lacking. The young men were accused of a number of political actions, amongst which was the attack against the Russian embassy in Minsk in August of The prosecutor asked for a 9 year sentence in hard regime, eventually he received 8 years of hard regime 1.

The prosecutor demanded a 6 year sentence of hard regime, he received 4. Prosecutor demanded a 5 year sentence, eventually he received 3 years of hard regime. Screenshots of the action are available here. He has been cooperating with the investigation and giving testimony against the others.

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He has been temporarily released. Yevgeni Silivonchik was sentenced to 1. He has also cooperating with the investigation and giving testimony against the other accused. The accused have to compensate million Belarusian rubles around 20, dollars in criminal damages to the respective institutions. Alinevich, Dziadok and Frantskievich have been denying their involvement, with the exception of the action at the military headquarters.

They are considering appealing their sentences, but the appeal court may hand out even more severe sentences. The Strasbourg court is not an option for the Belarusians, as Belarus is excluded from the Council of Europe. Today they arrest our children.

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People, be aware! Do not let it happen! It is an outrageous violation of human rights, which took place in compliance with the Russian authorities. The sentence is unjust and illegal. Aliaksandr Dziadok made a comparison between the case against the anarchists, and the case brought against those arrested after the 19th of December court cases against the latter, who protested against the falsification of the general elections, which have attracted sizeable international attention.

Anarchist Black Cross of Belarus considers the sentences politically motivated, and the charges unproven. Besides this, all of the actions for which the accused were sentenced, may be considered non-violent. No living being was hurt as a consequence of the actions. Most of the attacks were merely symbolical, and material damage was insignificant. A version with English subtitles will be available in few days. Thank you from ABC-Belarus Today, when the sentence was passed on Belarusian anarchists, Anarchist Black Cross-Belarus considers it a must to say the words of gratitude that had accumulated during the 8.

First of all we would like to express gratitude to all the people, groups, collectives and organisations which responded to our calls for solidarity with Belarusian anarchists. We got support from Moscow, St. In whole, within 8 months 74 solidarity actions of all kinds took place, from info-meetings and leaflets spread to radical actions the blockade of the Moscow-Minsk road, attacks on KGB, police stations and detention facilities.

On the whole, within 8 months 74 solidarity actions of all kinds took place, from info-meetings and leaflets spread to radical actions the blockade of the Moscow-Minsk road, attacks on KGB, police stations and detention facilities. After some actions our comrades got sentenced to 7 arson of KGB in Bobruisk and 8 years of prison Ihar Alinevich — the attack on the detention facility with the demand to set free the arrested anarchists. Just imagine how important was EVERY action, any news from outside that nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgiven, for the guys behind the bars.

We took every opportunity to pass all the information about your concern to them. The same words of gratitude we want to say to those who helped us financially gathered money in the concerts, organised benefit-gigs and info-meetings, passed money from collectives and individuals. We also grateful to any person that helped in spreading information about the repression in Belarus by all means, to every journalist that took interest in our case and was unbiased covering the events.

But still the warmest greetings go to the law-enforcement authorities. We know that you read out web-sites so this message is especially for you. Now each of them is less free than any o the guys who sentenced to prison terms because of them. Thanx for opening our eyes of to them and we saw who is who. Thanx for teaching us how to behave in your presence and under pressure and for reminding us the importance of legal education. Thanx for changing the outlook of our parents who were so vehemently standing for us, that we were shocked ourselves. Now they are angry with you, not with us.

Thanx for putting all kinds of pressure on us, that helped to finally figure out the most important things in life and practice the will power. We are grateful for this lesson. But we will mend our ways. For we have just started our struggle. A problem with this case has been that although media perceived the three as anarchists, none of them had any connections to the existing anarchist movement and thus attempts to contact someone close to them and provide them with support prior to the court dates failed.

Hopefully, support may be provided during their lengthy prison sentences. Box 13 Moscow Russia. Iscriviti a: Post Atom. Italy: Claim of responsibility for the armed attack against Roberto Adinolfi of Ansaldo Nuclear en it. Summary of day 18 Wednesday, May 16 of 2nd Halandri Case trial en it. Text from anarchist Rami Syrianos announcing the start of his hunger strike Greece Rami Syrianos inizia lo sciopero della fame. Breve relato ficcionado desde Carcel de Maxima Seguridad.

Marcelo Villarroel. Eurorepressione - Sulla conferenza a Den Haag sul tema "Anarchia" [corretto]. EuroGendFor - La gendarmeria europea contro sommosse e guerriglia urbana. Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras — El poder festeja, nosotrxs no callamos. New from Act For Freedom Now! Released during their current trial and intended to be one more nail in the coffin of the legitimacy of the State and the capitalist system. Since then, following a hunger strike by the prisoners, as well as countless solidarity actions from around the world, the charges against nine of the accused have been dropped one of these people is facing other charges in a separate trial , but charges against five comrades remain.

The trial started on November 28, Prisoners kidnapped by the State to the street!

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After nearly three weeks Yiannis Kafkas, the demon Ittre — Five cars of guards burned down in front o Cuento escrito por el Against fear, State terrorism, impoverishment and Letter from Christoforos Kortesis About the unprec Anarchists imprisoned for up to 8 years after repr Aggiornamento su Luca Piemonte - Perquisizioni ed arresti in merito agli Costa Silvia Billy - Fissata data del processo e i Some thoughts by an anarchist who was at Syntagma Berlin, Germany - Text of communique claiming sabo Balances y desafios a partir de las movilizaciones Just select your click then download button, and complete an offer to start downloading the ebook.

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