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In non-tournament action Dale Patricks def. SeXXXy Eddy was brought in as a last minute replacement. Note: LuFisto had been announced as taking part, but has withdrew due to flight schedule issues. The winner of Prince of the Deathmatches gets entry into the King of the Deathmatches on May 20, In order to wrestle in this tournament, the wrestler must have won a major deathmatch tournament before. Happened Oct. The tournament was shut down after the fifth match.

In his match, Diehard suffered a severe laceration resulting a spot with light tubes. He was rushed to the hospital where authorities were informed of the tournament's nature and then proceeded to shut it down. Carnage Cup took place on December 3, in Elkmont, Alabama. Spidar Boodrow def. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Online World of Wrestling.


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Bailey 2 Tuff Tony. Trik Davis Tank Deranged Manslaughter. Moore Deranged. Masada Tank Necro Butcher Dysfunction.

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Piranha Death Match. Powerbomb Match. Pyramid Of Hell. Reverse Steel Cage Match Victory is obtained by climbing into the ring from ringside. School Of Hard Knocks Match. Skins Match. This time, there are three huge cells instead of nine small ones, the cage is wrapped in barbed wire and the only way to win is by knock-out. Straight To Hell Matc h Victory is obtained by throwing your opponent over or through the cell roof. Subway Train Brawl by Mike Orser.

Swimming Pool Evening Gown Match.

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Tag Team Ladder Match. Tag Team Table Match. The Asylum. The Block. TLC Match. Triple Cage Match.

Ultimate Mob Hell Match. UltraViolent Arm Wrestling Match. Whipping Match. Backyard Brawl. Bathroom Brawl. Brawl At Titan Tower. Brawl In Hyde Park. Brawl In The Park.

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Building Site Brawl. Car Park Brawl.


Evening Gown Hardcore Match. Evening Gown Match Version 2. Food Fight. Greenwich Streetfight. Hardcore Rules Match Version 2. Hollywood Back lot Brawl. I-Quit Match. Iron Circle Match. Junkyard Invitational Hardcore Match.

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Lion's Den Match. Lion's Den Weapons Match. No Holds Barred Match. Roody-Poo Bridge Match. Scaffold Match Version 2. Smack Down Hotel Match. Special Guest Referee Match. Steel Cage Weapons Match. Ultimate Fighting Championship Match. University Campus Brawl by Mike Orser. Weapons Match. Wembley Stadium Brawl. Women's Hardcore Rules Match. If you have any problems with these files, or you want to send me any of your FCA Cubed match exports so I can post them on this page, th en e-mail me.

Barbed Wire Madness Match. Bra and Panties Match. Deck the Halls Death Match. Devil Wears Prada Deathmatch. Fish Market Street Fight.