Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24

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Now you can install your newly purchased Light-O-Rama sequence. The Light-O-Rama installation program will find the downloaded music associated with the new sequence and link everything together. See the 'Installation' tab for more information.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo (Timeless Version) [Official Video]

Can't purchase music at Amazon. Locate the music in your country and purchase a license. Make sure the music is the same duration as we require for this sequence. Download the music file to your computer. Now install this newly purchased Light-O-Rama sequence. Use this same sequence to expand in the future by simply adding more Light-O-Rama controllers. Here is a typical layout showing how multiple groupings of channels can be used on a venue.

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Christmas Eve/sarajevo 12/24

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Forum Topics. Worship Leading. Christian Music. Amps and Accessories. Life Issues. Many decades later, he returned to Sarajevo as an elderly man—at the height of the Bosnian War , only to find his city in complete ruins. I think what most broke this man's heart was that the destruction was not done by some outside invader or natural disaster—it was done by his own people.

At that time, Serbs were shelling Sarajevo every night. Rather than head for the bomb shelters like his family and neighbors, this man went to the town square, climbed onto a pile of rubble that had once been the fountain, took out his cello, and played Mozart and Beethoven as the city was bombed.

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He came every night and began playing Christmas Carols from that same spot. It was just such a powerful image—a white-haired man silhouetted against the cannon fire, playing timeless melodies to both sides of the conflict amid the rubble and devastation of the city he loves. Some time later, a reporter traced him down to ask why he did this insanely stupid thing. The old man said that it was his way of proving that despite all evidence to the contrary, the spirit of humanity was still alive in that place.

The song basically wrapped itself around him. We used some of the oldest Christmas melodies we could find, like "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and "Carol of the Bells" part of the medley which is from Ukraine, near that region. The orchestra represents one side, the rock band the other, and single cello represents that single individual, that spark of hope.

Smailovic was in reality 36 years old during his day vigil, during which he played Remo Giazotto 's Adagio in G minor each day among the bombed ruins of Sarajevo in honor of each person killed in the bombing.

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He was not the only cellist who played through the siege; the Sarajevo String Quartet, which did have elderly members, were also noted for their continuous performances throughout the siege. With the artist name changed to Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the song charted on the Billboard Hot again in the first weeks of January and January , peaking at No. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.