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It was later that year that the Red Sox mounted their startling comeback against the Yankees, taking four straight to knock the Yankees out of the playoffs. Excerpts from the interview appeared online at the time, but this is the first time the complete interview has ever appeared online. As you can see in the interview, his enthusiasm for the Clash is almost as great as his enthusiasm for the Ramones! And who else but we here at ChinMusic! And I got into the Ramones , the Dead Boys and everybody else for the same reason that you started playing it.

I had read somewhere that you knew John Wetteland. He brought me over to Dodger Stadium and I got to meet Wetteland. And I was always a big fan. And at that point we were exchanging Roxy Music CDs. So I guess he must have gone through some problems in his life! By the way, you know what I just did, Johnny?

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So I went…and they were terrible! I was so disappointed. I was reading up on them. I guess the biggest thing for me is I first really gotta love the music. And last year, I went to see Green Day too and they were terrific. Blondie: Look, parallel lines - hey wait a minute, that gives us an idea!

I probably took my first picture there since about I went inside for the first time in about 20 years too. And Hilly, who runs the place, was actually nice to me. He was never nice to me before. You were actually a construction worker at first, right? I was a steam-fitter for five years. I bought a guitar when I was 26 years old. Eddie Vedder did two Ramones songs on it. Lars Frederiksen wants to know: "Why'd you trade Ben Grieve?!

He lives in San Francisco. Lars calls me up like once a year and we usually talk about old movies or horror films. And you guys seem to be doing that. And we just started the process a lot earlier than a lot of other clubs. The challenge is to keep reinventing yourself, after losing guys like Giambi , Damon , Isringhausen , and still stay at that payroll and still be good.

Chavez is just 24 years old. I remember last year, with the Yankees having to deal with the Tino Martinez issue, and Tino leaving. Yankee fans were complaining. Just leave him alone. So it sort of gives you the ability not to make decisions that maybe the public may want you to make. And then the way the pitching staff just keeps getting better and better…. You know, the ability to recreate that. Ben was Carl's friend, which Carl himself noted.

Carl had to kill him, when he seemed dangerous to everyone else. Although Carl acts cold about what he did, it is revealed later on that he's still haunted by what happened and cries at night over it. He remembers that when he came in, Ben was more afraid of not having him as a playmate, showing his lack of understanding. He admitted he liked Ben and that he was his friend, but did what he had to do. Even after being shot in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Carl is haunted by what he did in his dreams despite not actually remembering what he did himself.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the Comic Series character. I didn't hurt his brains. Contents [ show ]. Lizzie Samuels 54 messages. I know that little bitch was crazy the moment I saw her naming the walkers. Categories :.

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This relationship section needs a lot of work. You can help the Walking Dead Wiki by expanding it. Grimes Family. Grant County. Jones Family. Atlanta Camp. Tyreese's Group. Greene Farm. The Prison. Michonne's Group. Abraham's Group. The Marauders. Gabriel's Church. The Hunters. Alexandria Safe-Zone. Goss left cotton several years back and now grows soybeans and wheat across his land, but the cotton memories haunt him. I love just to watch it.

As the grain market has grown stronger, Goss has gone with the current, riding beans as his strong horse and feels his current crop is excellent. Timely rains and cool summer temperatures have brought him a bumper crop; acres is irrigated and the rest is dryland.

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Beans and polypipe have made such a difference in my farm life. This polypipe is something that transforms. For related, see bushel soybean barrier broken by Arkansan Nelson Crow or Soybean yields skyrocket in Arkansas fields.

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Billy is a genius on dragging that polypipe out. As Billy tells it, she has been at his side every day of their marriage; not physically in the field, but a partner all the same. We have two children, Sue and Tommy. They both made us proud and we love them to death. In this life, if you bring up your family and live with them right; educate them; and prepare them for their future, then you have genuinely accomplished something. The harvest will end soon for Goss. The fieldwork will end; the planning and waiting will begin. I want to go, go, go. He hunts or fishes, admittedly at a gentle pace.

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Everything Goss loves, everything that drives him, shares a common thread — the outdoors. I am a steward, responsible in that way to take care of the land. I will be doing this as long as the Lord lets me. He puts us on Earth to do something and that may be as a mechanic, teacher, or farmer. You know what?

I found mine. Photos: Legendary combine driver — Jesse Small.

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Photos: Meet one of America's youngest farmers. Photos: Hunting season on, beware the cottonmouth. Billy Goss — living a life well farmed Mississippi farmer Billy Goss is a contented man, grateful for the blessings agriculture has afforded him.