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The basic components of my presentation included the advantages of humor better physical and psychological health, improved job satisfaction, increased productivity and creativity, improved relationships with others , negative versus positive humor, and the differing senses of humor among persons. The following are samples from my toolkit that helped pique interest and encourage audience involvement:. Although humor is much more than telling jokes, I learned to tell jokes, making myself the target of the joke when needed.

I encourage audience members to contribute their own humorous stories. Another effective technique to encourage laughter is to interject surprise onto a slide. I use props such as Groucho glasses and moustache and randomly hand out amusing items such as blowing bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and silly straws. I ask audience members to write a complimentary statement to a co-worker and then give it to that person.

I project negative and depressing words that all read out loud; then I project positive and joyful words that all read aloud. It is a marvel to see the change in facial expressions and body language. Healthy laughter is an effective coping mechanism, as many anecdotes and personal experiences tell us. Development of a humor program is a fun way to help others cope with the stress of the nursing profession or cope with life in general. I guarantee that you will have a good time along the way as you devise your own presentation.

You will find that your creative juices will be stimulated, and you just may relish discovering your silly side. I use to have students bring in an appropriate to the class topic day and not too vulgar cartoon of the day and I would add them into the lecture content. It helped to have a laughing break.

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Judge each situation carefully. The rule of three works in all areas of presentation.

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It can be three examples to illustrate a point. It could three repetitions of the same word or phrase for emphasis, a device often used in oratory or three characters in an anecdotal story. An Irishman, Australian and an American!

September 6, 2016

Three in storytelling is a naturally believable number whether it be words to describe people and their actions or the events themselves. The first usage sets whatever it is up in the audience's mind as possibly believable. The second, reinforces it and by the time the third instance comes along, the audience has accepted it as truth. Three, works! It is better to have several strong anecdotes in your presentation rather than a string of weak ones. Always rehearse and test the humor you plan to use.

To test have several people listen and give you honest feedback. Listen to the feedback. It maybe that the subject is wrong for the situation, or perhaps your delivery needs work, or your language choice needs altering. Any of those could cause a joke to fall flat.

If you're thinking of telling the joke because you think it's a good one and bound to get you laughs but it has nothing to do with your speech topic, leave it out. It might be hilarious, but it is not relevant. Unless you find a plausible, believable way to link the humor into your subject, forget it.

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And if you do want to tell a joke or add humor and IT IS relevant make sure it is not introduced along the lines of:. You're going to howl with laughter. None of these openings show the humor is blended with your own material and the second one is particularly nasty if your audience sits poker faced! Unless you were briefed to be a comedian, don't attempt it.

This doesn't mean don't use humor. It means stick to your speech purpose and find the humor from within that subject matter. The audience is not expecting a stand-up comedy routine from you. Giggle, Chortle and Smile.

How to add humor to your speech—without being a comedian

Read content suggestions with examples about what what makes great funny speeches and Choose yourself a fun speech topic from this light-hearted list of 60 ideas. Live into the story you are telling to make it seem as if it were happening again in the 'here and now'.

This gives the audience the 'feel' of the situation.

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They will grasp it and the emotional content more quickly. If you need a hand, you'll find it here: How to develop and use an expressive voice These simple vocal variety exercises will help you identify where you need to place your effort. The less complicated the set-up and story, the more direct it is and the less chance your audience has of misunderstanding. For help with how to enter or set up a story check this page on story-telling step-ups.

You'll find examples of what not, and what to do to. Practice telling your story in as many ways as you can, and listen. What happens if you speed up here, and slow down there? What happens if you emphasize this word instead of that word? As a general rule comedians point up the punch line. They give a cue to the audience that it is coming, preparing them to listen and laugh using a combination of slowing down, pausing and emphasis. It's called finding 'the beat'.

It is humanizing. It puts others at ease. Humor is a way to break through the tension barrier, she says. Taylor agrees. It helps build trust. He explains that numerous studies suggest that people who share a healthy, positive sense of humor tend be more likable and are viewed as being more trustworthy. It boosts morale. Humor boosts morale and retention while reducing turnover because employees look forward to coming to work, Taylor says.

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We all prefer to have fun at work. It should not feel like an indentured servitude environment. People who use humor tend to be more approachable.