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These issues range from job growth in San Joaquin County, an emphasis on education spanning from early childhood to re-entry into adulthood, along with the fiscal responsibilities of colleges. From the flexibility of general psychology degree to clinical and non-clinical areas of study, our psychology programs prepare students for success.

This accelerated format allows you to earn your degree and achieve your goals faster.

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Areas of study include:. UNIV An Affiliate of the National University System. The search for the next president of San Joaquin Delta College is on schedule, according to campus officials. Advertisements for the position, vacated by Dr.

Jonathan Chancellor

Raul Rodriguez last semester, are now up at various websites, including insidehighered. The position is currently filled by Interim President Dr. Susan Cota. Brown said the college is expecting to applicants for the position.

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Brown said the committee would be looking at different applicants likely after the Holiday break. He also said the three finalists for president will speak at forums on campus and answer questions from the public. Cota took over the interim role at Delta on Aug.


Brown said the starting date for the new president will depend on the person being hired. To contact this reporter, E-mail at: DJsean gmail. Members of The Collegian staff asked students and staff what they were most thankful for this holiday season. The responses ranged from the simple to the complex, painting a picture of gratitude on the San Joaquin Delta College campus. The food I eat. My car.

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Collegian Newspaper Policies Advertisements The Collegian offers display and insert advertising at competitive rates. Call or E-mail for more information. Letters to the Editor Letters raising issues and opinions not represented by the newspaper are encouraged and appreciated but should not be taken as a reflection of the opinions of the staff or the advisor. Editorial Unsigned editorials reflect the position of the entire Collegian staff. Comments, letters, editorials, and cartoons with a byline represent the opinion of the writer, solely.

Mission statement The Collegian is a student run first amendment newspaper that prides itself on its commitment to the students of Delta College while maintaining its independence of any outside influence. The Collegian will reinvigorate the credo that the collegian speaks for the students, checks abuses of power, and stands vigilant in the protection of democracy and free speech. Evolving from boredom and a need to channel musical talent, Sledding With Tigers is one part guitarist and vocalist Dan Faughnder and one part violinist Sam Juneman.

Faughnder and Juneman, both 21, are majoring in music management at University of the Pacific. In between school and work, they have fun performing both covers and original songs together. We try to do it once a month. This weekend in local entertainment NOV. For free music and more Visit machinebuiltby friends. Show 8 p. Horton Jr. Gallery, located in the Shima building. Each year the photography exhibition will present photographic images with a specific focus or theme.

The exhibition features 18 photographers and 34 images.

The exhibition is open for viewing to students and the public through Dec. The gallery is not only useful to those. A vocabulary list is even provided to those who are not familiar with art terms and can be used to further educate them.

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Marlese has high hopes that someone curious enough will not only pick up the information, but also take something from it. Throughout the semester, there has been a two-week lapse in between each exhibition, but the pace of the gallery never slows down. Shows are booked up to a year in advance and can attract a hefty crowd. About people attend each exhibition, with an average of per day. Potter so much is because J. Rowling has created a world, People have often compared unlike any other. Those who read the book might J. Melinda Alderson, a Delta College student, has provided The Collegian with recipes she uses for her Thanksgiving meals, with dishes ranging from garlic mashed potatoes and giblet gravy to pumpkin pancakes.

Boil a large pot of water and add 2 teaspoons of salt 2. Peel potatoes and cut into 1-inch cubes. Add potatoes to boiling water and cook for 10—15 minutes 3. Whil potatoes are cooking, heat 8 tablespoons butter in medium skillet. Add garlic when melted. Take pan off heat and set aside to cool 4. When potatoes can be pierced with a fork, drain them and return them to pot. Mash the potatoes with a potato masher. Gradually add the milk and cream until the potatoes are the desired consistency.

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Stir in garlic mixture and add 1 teaspoon salt. Serve warm. Remove and set aside liver 2. Place giblets and neck in saucepan and cover with lightly salted water 3. Add a few celery leaves and onion slices 4. Cover and simmer for 1 hour 5. Add liver and simmer for 20—30 minutes 6.

Remove and chop giblets and discard neck 7. Add water to reserved broth to measure 3 cups 8. Combine 1 cup broth mixture, flour, and pepper in a screw top jar and shake well 9. Combine flour and remaining broth in saucepan Cook and stir for 1—2 minutes Stir in chopped giblets Stir in hard boiled eggs Mix pancake mix with water in a large bowl 2. Add 1 teaspoon cinnamon 5.

Cook on hot griddle or skillet coated with spray oil. For more Thanksgiving recipes and to see our online poll asking readers what their favorite dishes are, visit us online at deltacollegian. Weber Ave, Stockton. Generation4Change is a website, s4s. Africa through the Schools for Schools program.

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Secondary School in Africa. We raise money to The show begins at 6 p. Click here to read a previous post about this. The five-month review of centers and institutes, conducted at the behest of the Republican-led state legislature, looked at centers on the 16 university campuses in the UNC systems. The university system leaders may opt to further evaluate nine marine science centers at various UNC campuses at a later date.

The resolution passed Friday makes clear that the three centers singled out for closure will be shut down by this summer and negates an effort, largely led by UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, to urge Chancellor Carol Folt to keep the poverty center open. Folt told the UNC Board of Governors that many on her campus view their actions as an attempt at suppressing academic freedoms.

Members of the press were allowed into the meeting room, and audio and video of the meeting was streamed to an adjoining room to comply with open meeting laws. All of the members of the UNC Board of Governors have received appointments from a state legislature dominated by Republicans. State Sen. In a statement issued after the vote, Nichol , a tenured law professor, said that he has since been approached by other funders to create a poverty research fund at the law school to continue his work.

Centers will also need an annual review on the campus level, with a more comprehensive evaluation every five years of all centers. It also reiterates existing university system policies on advocacy and political participation limits. Note: Gene Nichol served on the board of the N. Justice Center, an anti-poverty non-profit that N. Policy Watch is a part of, until the end of Nichol had no role in the reporting or writing of this post. No state money involved in the Center for Poverty, Work and Opportunity.

But the BOG still reached down and interfered in the decisions of individual campuses to eliminate these three centers, even though there was no fiscal reason and supposedly no objection to the work being done. The only reason left standing seems to be to discourage the state universities from working on issues the Republicans are hostile to — civil rights, voting rights, the environment and advocacy for people in poverty. I like that, I see you are pre-trolling.

I guess you are having a hard time waiting for my insightful comments. And woohoo! Great posting Smackdown! Stopped you from ranting your normal propaganda nonsense about everyone and everything that threatens the conservative brand is deemed communist, unamerican, or anti-freedom. What is it that scares you so much about this site that you feel it necessary to be our resident trolls? Better watch your step lsd. I never have understood what the poverty center did except give edwards a job for awhile. I have never seen any reports, papers, etc that study poverty.

The bog is right that you do not need a free standing clinic to study. Poverty is everywhere, even in orange county. I am concerned about the bio diversity group-that I think has a legitimate role research possibilities. I am not stepping on anything, just relaying the information. Whether I agree or not…. It was a busy day at the final Spinoff company's bombshell court filings say DuPont used cutthroat methods to dodge costs of c [ The U. Supreme Court last week at least temporarily blocked the Trump Administration from asking a [ Priscilla Ross works to improve financial literacy among her students in Durham.

Priscilla Ross was [ Between his work for Republican redistricting leaders in the N. General Assembly and the Trump adm [ As images of the humanitarian crisis unfolding at the U.