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The consultancy consisted in working out the rules for auctioning off the rights to licences and the required frequencies for the operation of a paging network according to the ERMES European Radio MEssaging System Standard. It addresses those readers who are interested in the economic features of paging services on the basis of ERMES.

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The technical properties of the standard as well as the initial market conditions for the deployment of such a service are discussed in detail. It is expected that ERMES will be deployed not only in Europe but also in many countries throughout the world within the next few years.

The second and main part of the study is on auction design.

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We provide an overview over the various possible types of auctions and compare them in respect of their economic implications. Following this, we summarize the experiences gained with auctions in the telecommunications sector in various countries and analyze them for the purpose of identifying successful auction designs.

There being no alternative sources of employment in the area, people drifted away. The entire 1. After the mine closed two brothers had purchased the site in and there was talk of investing in the settlement to benefit from its inherent village charms, but since then one of the two brothers has died.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Location of Alwine.

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Aber jetzt. Denn ihr Dorf soll versteigert werden. Retrieved 9 December Was halten die Bewohner davon?