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It is ideally placed third as it acts as a foil to the relative sophistication of the first two waltzes. The fourth number is a lovely 'grazioso,' well-written and again in the 'light' music vein. Waltz No. It pushes the concept of a piano waltz to its limit.

It is much lighter in style and is reminiscent of the kind of music that was popular in the early years of the twentieth century. The first waltz of the second half of this work has been compared to Debussy.

Potter Waltz

This is more to do with the tones and sonorities produced on the keyboard rather than any reference to specific works by the French master. I feel that the Waltz No. The ninth piece is a touch unbalanced. It opens with a vague, meandering feel and then proceeds into a 'middle eight' of plunging romanticism.

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This music is highly charged and very passionate, only to collapse once more into a reprise of the hazy opening music. The whole work concludes with a wonderful finale that is full of style and pizzazz. It is supposedly like the kind of waltz that was popular with the French publishing house of Durand.