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And that sort of experience is better than any muse any day of the week. There is always time to write. Really there is. Cut out that three hour television watching marathon right before bed and write. Get up a little earlier in the mornings and do writing before the day gets started. Stop wasting time surfing the internet and use it to write. Ultimately, sacrifices will have to be made.

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Not at first. Not even ofter a few years at it. Writing takes a long, long time to cultivate. It takes lots of practice. It takes lots of mistakes. It takes time. It takes dedication and a full commitment. Writing is like a muscle in the body. It only gets better with practice. The more practice, the stronger it gets. And writing is never perfect, no matter how many years of working at it, but it does get better. Want to be a writer, a real writer? Find some time to carve out for writing only. Guard that time.

Be jealous of that time and let nothing hedge in on that time. And be a writer with mistakes and all. The next time procrastination rears its ugly head, tell it to shut up and just write. Part one of this series talked about the Muse or magic and how it can slip away on us at the most inopportune times, but here are some ways to get that creativity back. All the asterisks are the things I do on a regular basis to help stimulate the Muse.

As you can see, it usually takes more than one way to keep the Muse strong. Make a playlist and play it. Write to it or simply play it in the background until the Muse decides to speak. It calls to me and something inside blossoms. Find those pictures, remember those pictures and create a scrap book of them either online or an actual book to reference for when the they are needed the most.

Find things you like and things you hate. Know what is out there so that it can be used in future stories or avoided like the plague.

Find Your Muse by Getting Lost in Translation

Mostly just read and you might be surprised when and where the magic might hit. Read blogs, inspiring emails, a good book, short stories, magazines, the backs of cereal boxes, anything and everything is game so dive in and be prepared to be inspired. Check out this site to search for your quote. Go for a walk: Sometimes it is a simple matter of displacing oneself from the normality and routine of the everyday to get in touch with the Muse.

A great way to do this is to go for a walk. It also gets the blood pumping, which is also a good way to get the brain working.

Missing My Muse

Inspiration might just be down the block from your doorway. Meditation is all about clearing the mind of the everyday clutter and junk so that the mind can rest, once rested the mind can then focus better.

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So sit down and take 10 or 15 minutes a day to sweep out the trash and be amazed at what you find in the cobwebbed corners. Check out this website to help learn how to meditate and here is a video as well. Try something new: Sometimes finding the spark of creativity is about stepping out of the normal and trying something new. A sport, learn to dance, learn a new language, learn to scuba dive, be more out-going, ect… Try it and it may even earn a spot in your next story. Get inspired by observing the world around. Sit on a park bench and watch kids play, go to the mall and watch people shop, get outside and observe nature around you, let the world around you bring the Muse back to life.

For me that would be movies like Gladiator or Adaptation. And the TV series Doctor Who. Every time I watch these emotionally charged movies and show, I always leave with a deep sense of profound wonder as it sparks the beauty within. Some times talking to someone who shares your passion of writing can make all the difference in the world. This can be difficult sometimes, especially when the Muse is playing hide and seek, but I find free writing a great way to expel the the clutter from the mind and allow the Muse to flow.

Several ways to free write is using writing prompts or just write for a period of time about anything that might come to mind usually 10 to 15 minutes. Everything looks hyper-modern or old-fashioned. No wonder Bob and Charlotte like it. Any time you start to feel stale or in a creative rut, going somewhere new and disorientating can reawaken your wide-eyed curiosity.

Even their partners seem to speak a different language.

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But I actually prefered it before I understood it. Sometimes an explanation is the last thing you need. It can only lead to trouble.

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But sometimes trouble is just what you need. Trouble can be a good teacher — if you take the trouble to listen. Bob is taking a break from his proper work to make adverts the ultimate in-between media. They keep meeting in corridors, bars, a hotel lobby, and finally on the Tokyo street — quintessential in-between places. Charlotte is having second thoughts about her marriage.

After 25 years, Bob is in marriage counselling. Tokyo will haunt them both as a missed opportunity. They only have a few days together. A few days of stolen moments and mistakes.